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November 25 2003

New AtS cast photos courtesy of fraz at

So similar to the ones before but always good to see Andy Hallet in the flesh so to speak.

Very nice, but...where's Angel?
'Eve' gets a cast photo?
I had a chance to see these pics on The WB press site about a week or two ago, and they appear to be the final approved shots for this season.
Y'know, despite the fact that she only weighs about a pound-and-a-half, the latest series of Amy Acker pics have all been pretty darned hot!

And hallelujah that Andy Hallet gets a shot out from under all the green.
They've already released a TON of DB pictures. Nice to see the others get more. :P
Eve yes, Harmony yes, Knoxy no. And Spike no, but he definitely falls into the "not underexposed" category.
And Spike no

Really? Spike looks pretty well represented here and here. (BTW, these links were previously posted.)
Well yeah. Being that it's called "SpikeOnAngel" I did figure he might be found somewhere else on the site. :-

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Wow...take that airbrush away before someone gets hurt!!!
really like these pics specially with Lorne

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