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June 14 2010

Those top 30 Buffy episodes as voted for by you. Remember last month when Logo TV were looking for the best Buffy episodes? Well the fans have spoken and the results are in.

Where's Restless? That one's at the top of my list.
Why is The Initiative on the list? Just strange.
I am a Spike fan, but it feels like that is a lot of what's driven this particular list.
I think Hush should have been first, and where was Smashed?
Where's Passion? And really - The Initiative beats Becoming, Pt. 2 and Graduation Day, Pt. 2?

Top 30 list fail.
how on earth did "conversations with dead people" get left off? for that matter, "becoming part one" and "angel?"
Heh, strange list. Some that wouldn't be anywhere near my top 50 (not that I've made that list...), and missing 'Dead Things' which is in my top 5.

Still, I like it. It's great that you can always find someone who loves a particular episode, even if you hate it.
But Something Blue IS my favourite episode. :(

Could people vote more than once? I didn't but if it were possible that could skew the results. If not, then that's what the voters liked.
Does look like the shippers piled on in the voting. Something Blue was amusing on the first go-'round, but it's definitely in the bottom half of Buffy episodes for me. And any top 30 that doesn't have Conversations with Dead People is just . . . wrong.

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No Restless (my #1) or Conversations with Dead People? I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya! I thought the same thing, AthenaMuze, that the list is *Spike-heavy*. Though, if that's the case, why is Smashed missing? Hmmmmm...

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That is a truly bizarre list. Passion FTW, where the devil is it? I Only Have Eyes For You? Amends? Clearly not with the Angel love, there. Shame!
Glad I stayed out of this :-).
Personally, I don't understand how "I Only Have Eyes for You" didn't make that list. It's a really beautiful episode.

Oh and yeah... Something Blue does NOT deserve to be up that high, and The Body should be much higher. Maybe Whedonesque should do its own poll!

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Ehm, no. That's just not how this fan voted. Thank you Spike fans, next...THE BUFFY LIST! please!
With the exception of a few episodes I can see why people love these episodes so much even though my Top 30 looks drastically different. It's still a shame that a lot of much stronger episodes are oddly missing. But the only episode that really sticks out to me is "Gone" @ #12. I mean, what!?

While I agree that "Something Blue" isn't one of the best episodes in the series (and shouldn't be anywhere near #3), the person who wrote the article clearly doesn't get what the episode's actually about. He said, "It's mostly a throw away episode to those of us who aren't Buffy/Spike 'shippers."

Although I understand why Buffy/Spike shippers are obsessed with it, it's a very good episode mostly because of how it blends solid comedy while saying something incredibly important about Willow. Between what Willow almost did in "Wild at Heart" combined with her follow-up actions in "Something Blue," it (among other episodes) moves Willow further along the road that leads to Dark Willow in S6. Without the building blocks to those actions it would have never been remotely credible to take Willow where they did.
Well, I know when I voted for this, I was going for the eps that I thought would be most fun to watch onn Logo. I didn't pick the serious ones, cause those are the ones I watch on my computer of off the DVDs on my own when I'm set for a cry session. On Logo, though, with all the commercials, it's hard to get into a serious ep like The Gift or The Body or Innocence. So I voted for the silly ones.

So I think a lot of the episodes make sense. The cute, LOL-worthy ones. Something Blue, for example. Although I agree that The Initiative and those such episodes are a little baffling.
I had Logo on all day yesterday and was very surprised by the results, and how weird it is to watch so many episdoes so out of order.
Restless is my choice for "best" episode but Tabula Rasa is almost always my favorite.
?? That the strangest list I've ever seen. Can we have a do over?
:( No Passion, my personal favorite episode of television ever. Bummer.
I equally surprised that Restless isn't on the list, but it's somewhat refreshing to see opinions so different from my own!
Yes, people were allowed to vote more than once. Entertainment Weekly had a blurb about this on their website and a lot of commenters voted once for their favorites and once for other episodes they liked, and many seemed to want to vote for episodes they like but they thought might not have made it. That might have skewed the list - I think a lot of people assumed certain episodes would be voted on by everyone and so wanted some of the less popular but personal favorite episodes to make the list.
Um. That's insane.
Someone who has more time than me should do a breakdown of which season got how many episodes on the list.
Been corrected by William the B!! Silly mistake!!

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Ha, so the author asks where the episode "Innocense" is. Yes, where is that damn "Innocense!" Of course, there was no episode called "Innocense" in the show, and the episode "Innocence" is on the list at number 18.

I kind of think it's awesome that that many people seem to love "Gone." No, really. Like, it's not at all a great episode. Probably bottom 25. But some people love it! Love it top 15 much! Buffy fandom is a place where people love episodes like "Gone."

The author of this is also pretty unfair to Something Blue--not that I'd put it on my top three or anything. Has anyone read Spring Summers' review? Not only does it foreshadow Spike/Buffy and Willow's encroaching darkness, but Giles' growing distance from the gang and Xander/Anya's relationship troubles. It's (intentionally or not) the ultimate blueprint episode. Also, funny.

The extreme Spuffiness of the poll does make things seem a little skewed.


Season 1: 0
Season 2: 5
Season 3: 6
Season 4: 5
Season 5: 7
Season 6: 4
Season 7: 3
I admit I did leave out some episodes that I thought were certain to be included when I voted, but I think it was only Once More With Feeling and Hush. I also didn't realise the votes were weighted... Still, very odd about Restless, most of all.
Where's Bad Eggs??! For shame! That episode should be on EVERY list, even my shopping list!
What a bizarre list. "Something Blue" is not a bad episode, but it was less funny on a rewatch, given the events of season six. I wouldn't begrudge it a spot on the top 30, but certainly not that high. But...there are a lot of great episodes missing from that list. And episodes whose inclusion I cannot fathom at all, especially at the exclusion of others.
No frickin' Earshot? That's a bizarre list indeed!

But really, it's not exactly what I would have picked, but then again it (almost) never is. The "Something Blue" bashing seems a bit harsh. IMO it was quite fun the first time around. (though I wouldn't put it in my top 10).
How the hell is "Innocence" #18? It's Joss' favorite episode, and for good reason - it's probably the best episode about the devastating feeling of losing the first person you love. It's astonishing that it got outvoted by unremarkable episodes like "Gone," "Intervention," and "Beneath You."

Further, how come there's no "School Hard?" You'd think the bunch of Spike fans who clearly dominated the voting would have picked his introductory episode, which also (in my view) is the one that moved Buffy from the kind of campy Season 1 to the subtle brilliance of Season 2.
Heh. I thought I liked "Buffy vs Dracula" more than the average fan, but I still wouldn't let it near a top 30 spot.
catherine said:
Where's Bad Eggs??! For shame! That episode should be on EVERY list, even my shopping list!

Don't you would like good eggs from your grocery?
There is "Band Candy", in my shopping list.
Are these episodes airing on Logo in this order? and if so when?
They aired this past weekend.
I know people on here bash season 1 often, but if you go back and consider how quickly and how thoroughly they set up the plot, how quickly they established the relationship between the characters, and how they set the tone for the rest of the series, it deserves a little more respect. There is no right or wrong in a best of list, and it is kind of cool to hear why different people like different episodes.
"The Body" isn't even in the Top 10...that's all I needed to know to realize this list had zero credibility.
That's the worst list of top Buffy episodes I've ever seen. Some of those selections are ridiculous - I've added where I've ranked these episode:

3. Something Blue - 65.
8. Crush - 112.
9. Beneath You - 130.
12. Gone - 137.
16. Out Of My Mind - 116.
19. Touched - 94.

I'll give you Something Blue if you're a Spike/Buffy fan, but what about the rest? They're mediocre Buffy episodes at best and Gone and Beneath You are pretty awful. Differing opinions are great, but at a certain point people are trying to tell you that up is down.

Ok, I've just looked up the episodes above that I'd forgotten (because some of those really aren't very memorable to me) and I see that it is all about Spike. I find it strange when people's opinion of a show can be so warped due to their love of any one character. Hopefully this list was created by a very small number of multiple voters.
I'm with you, NotaViking, with one caveat/question - why is it that Spuffy fans would like "Something Blue" so much? The obvious answer is that it shows Spike and Buffy being luvy-duvy, but please - the episode depicts that love as being ludicrous and stupid, a consequence of a spell as ridiculous as Giles going blind or Xander being a demon magnet. Indeed, Buffy and Spike are repulsed when the spell wears off, if I remember correctly.

Everything one might like about the Buffy/Spike relationship really gets going in Season 5, and none of it is apparent in the fake spell-induced love in that episode. Is it really as simple as "Squee!!!!! They make love talk!!!"?

I doubt it, for most fans of the show (including most Spuffy fans, though I can't speak for them). That's why I'm inclined towards your "very small number of multiple voters" theory.
NotaViking and goingtowork: I'd like to think we can carry out a civil conversation here without laying into subsections of the fandom. I'd rather this didn't turn into fan bashing.
Unusual list, yes, but no less valid than any other of its kind. Perhaps it was a small number of people who took the trouble to vote - if so, lucky them - they get to see what they voted for. That's the way these things work. The squeeky hinge gets the oil afterall... More power to 'em.

"why is it that Spuffy fans would like "Something Blue" so much?"
umm...because it's funny.
I'm just disappointed that Halloween was so low. That's my personal fave. It's got Ethan Rayne, Take-Charge Willow, Evil Spike, Soldier Xander beating up Larry, and the priceless scene of Willow walking through the library wall and startling Giles. The only bad thing about the episode was Buffy's horrendous where-the-heck-is-she-supposed-to-be-from accent.
'Something Blue' is a funny episode, though not one that would be in my top ten (if I could ever narrow down my favorites to such a list).

These results seem odder than most. I can't say there's ever been a list that I've totally agreed with, however. It is what it is.
Well, goingtowork, I think Something Blue is a pretty good episode anyway and if I was a Spike/Buffy fan, I think I would enjoy it even more, purely for the fun of those scenes. You could well be right that some fans would be put off because they're coming at it from a more serious perspective, but I don't want to speculate too much either. I certainly can't believe that this list represents the views of a majority of Spike fans.

I know this is dangerous waters and we're a bit close to the line. Sorry to anyone who feels I've gone over it. I definitely want to keep it civil.

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Touched at 19. Beneath You at 9. I like Season 7 more than the average fan, but those episodes shouldn't be anywhere near a best of list, especially with Passion and Earshot missing.
Passion has some of the best dialogue ever!! And Joyce is awesome in that episode...I think she was totally underused...Band Candy, Passions, Gingerbread, Ted, these all need to be considered either higher or at all!! Let's get some Joyce love over here!!

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Differing opinions are great, but at a certain point people are trying to tell you that up is down.

I have to say, unless I'm seriously misunderstanding the word "opinion," that there's nothing illogical or invalid about a fan rating "Something Blue" higher than "Restless." It's that thing called personal taste.

I happen to like both "Gone" and "Beneath You" quite a bit (respectively: loopy, out-to-lunch, life-negating Buffy; incomparable Spike tour de force soliliquy), even though neither would break my personal Top 30.
I think this list is very...I'm not sure how to put it.

To be frank, when episodes like "Gone", "Out of My Mind" and "Touched" take the place of some far better and more acclaimed examples, its clear that one particular element of fandom is being a little trigger happy. I can't take it seriously.
Spuffy shippers had their way on this one. I don't count myself as one, but if I swung that way, Something Blue wouldn't be my top pick. Curious outcome.

Here's a post from another blog on the subject that I found interesting:

"Such a clear preference for tricksy episodes over emotional ones. I hope it's not a sign that Buffy is starting to be remembered more as a wacky show than as an occasionally heartbreaking one."

I think this point has some validity, and the outcome of the vote is cause for some concern, but the real truth of the post hints at, and supports, pathsunbeaten's astute comment: that perhaps people just voted for episodes that they wanted to watch. "The Body" is an absolute masterpiece, as is "Innocence" and "Becoming pt. 2". They are powerful BtVS centerpieces. They are also emotionally draining to watch. They aren't the kind of episodes that you can just plop down on your couch and casually catch before dinner. I know if I'm looking to catch an ep before bed, "Something Blue" is the type/caliber of episode can satisfy my fix. I think this mentality was the unspoken/subconscious/unintentional source of these results.

Wackiness of the outcome notwithstanding, I absolutely loved catching BtVS at all hours of the day over the weekend.

It made me really, really miss the show.
Woohoo! Another list and another batch of upset people; its almost a bi-monthly tradition around here.

For me, I love the fact that we are debating which specific episodes are the best for a television show that has been off the air for over 7 years now. It wouldn't surprise me if 25 years from now we're still discussing and debating plot points, shipping and which season is best! Did I mention that I love it?!! (And just to help clarify, season 3 is probably the best...)
But wouldn't it be boring if it was the same old list of top episodes? At least this is interesting! :-D

And, c'mon...Crush is awesome! "Is this a date? A d— please! A date! You are completely off your bird! I mean— (he changes tone) Do you want it to be?" Classic.
Spike fan or not this is, quite frankly, the worst list ever. It makes the kind of sense that's not.

LOGO should issue some sort of apology. Ha! No seriously, they should be sued.
"Completely off your bird!" Ah, another great example of Spikespeak that I'd forgotten. A British slang usage never heard before or since. :-)
I love "Gone." We get to see what Buffy would do if there were no consequences, and she stops wanting to die. Plus Detective Willow and nerds.
SNT (if i may abbreviate) it's pretty regularly heard here and i'm practically next door to you!! maybe we just stole it from you or Angel taught it to him!!
Interesting. Thanks for that, BlueSkies. Had no idea the expression has currency in Ireland - and I'd honestly never heard (or read) an English/Scottish/Welsh person using it (I'm not omniscient, but I do fancy myself a keen student of language use). And the Angel-passing-it-on explanation works well enough for me. Cheers!
Honestly, I'm just happy Buffy is on tv again every night! Sure, the list was a bit wacky--but isn't "Something Blue" better than nothing at all?
Had no idea the expression has currency in Ireland - and I'd honestly never heard (or read) an English/Scottish/Welsh person using it...

Nope, me neither. "Off your rocker" obviously ('completely' or otherwise) but "off your bird" never, nor is "bird" used over here in any sense that really fits AFAIK (OK maybe "[I've gone] completely off your bird [since I found out she's a gooner]"* ;). Spike's been around though, he could've picked it up from anywhere/one (Angel's as good a fan-wank as any).

* Note to any potential visitors: in many/most situations this would be considered sexist and therefore offensive.

Even Spuffy fans have to agree there are way better episodes than these. I don't know if Spike/Spuffy fans voted for these or just general crackheads.

Besides the cliche top 2 (sorry! Just imho),
it's a simple fact that this is inconsistent with every other "best of" list that was ever listed.
SNT, if one person said to me that The Godfather is the best film ever made and another said that Transformers 2 is the best movie ever made, I cannot view those two opinions as equally valid.

But I wouldn't call someone's opinion of a Buffy episode invalid, unless they hadn't seen it. That's a very harsh criticism to use.
Well I hate to draw the hatred of the massess but I think this list is great from the perspective of episodes I would like to watch, and episodes that would be fun to watch if you weren't a Buffy fan.
There are six episodes with no Spike. And plenty of the episodes are not Spuffy-ish in the slightest.
I don't remember voting on this so I'm not sure of the voting procedures but we always disagree on the best episodes. I never re-watch Restless, The Body, Passion, or Innocence. Maybe it was multiple voting, or maybe these are just episodes that a lot of people who voted wanted to re-watch. Whatever. You can't tell me that people who voted for this list have less taste than the people who enjoyed the space fucking issue! Fandom is pretty diverse.

[ edited by Xane on 2010-06-15 01:29 ]
I don't know if Spike/Spuffy fans voted for these or just general crackheads.

Let's steer clear of name calling because we disagree with someone's opinion.
That's right! We general crackheads are quick to take offense. We were way too busy with our, um, crack, to vote on this list anyway.
Don't you would like good eggs from your grocery?
There is "Band Candy", in my shopping list.

Good point Brasilian Choas Man. I should rethink some of my lists ;).
There's a big difference between my best of Buffy list and my list of favorite Buffy episodes. The Body would be on the first one but not on the latter. Hush would probably be on both. Halloween is probably my favorite episode. I am always in the mood to watch it.
So, has anyone actually made a list of EVERY episode in order of preference? I wouldn't mind reading.
Meth addict, crack is for losers
Whaaat? You probably think Buffy and Riley were made for each other too. You meth heads are all Biley shippers! (Ruffy? Biley? No wonder that's not a very popular ship).
manreaction, it would be interesting - IF someone with some Whedon cred wrote it... say a certain z or SNT mod would write one, or a Matt Heitzer or a David Fury. I'd want to read Jewel Staite's favorite Buffys, but not Tom Lenk's. And What about ASH's?? All flavors of awesome, there. Gimme Simon Pegg's list, I'd frame it, and Nathan Fillion's would be golden. Jane E's rankings would rock the house, as would Jonathan Woodward's.

What about characters? What if Glory rated HER favorite Buffys? or Sunday or Whistler or The Master? I'd read Mr. Trick's favorites, and The Mayor's would be OFF the hook, if a little Faith-centric. Harmony's would all be misspelled, and Illyria's would all be in cuniform. Holtz? Wesley? Lilah? I'm there.

Heh. Cool.
Haha, someone's had some coffee :p

Hell, I'd read anyone's, any Whedonesquers done it?

(I've started watching all of Buffy again so that I can do one properly... on The Harvest now. Will be done sometime this century)
I personally like most of the episodes listed but I have to agree with a lot of you guys. It is Buffy/Spike heavy. :(
Herbal tea actually. That ginseng always makes me so gabby.

Didn't mean to infer that any of our choices would be boring, just thought it would be cool to read some show-people's picks, and why. To my knowledge that's never been compiled anywhere (except for maybe a 'one fave ep' list here or there), and though the character's favorites is a little precious, it could still come off hilarious and telling. You'd have to be a fan to get their references, though. Oh yeah, we are. ;)
AMCSoldier, haha, thanks. I'm "astute." :D
Does not have "Passion"? For shame. For shame. That's on my top five. That episode is just brilliant.
@Willowy: compiling a list of favourite episodes (complete with little synopses a couple sentences long) from the perspective of a character would be possible the ultimate geekery. And, of course, it'd be awesome. I can see Spike's brand of humour lending itself to that kinda thing very easily.

*moves on to 'Witch' after having decided that 'The Harvest' was just marginally better than 'Welcome To The Hellmouth'... this shall take some freaking time*
Hey, it could be worse. At least "Where the Wild Things Are" isn't up there.
Huh. I believe twenty of the thirty episodes for which I cast a vote (one time each, only) made the final list. And nine of my top ten, on that particular day... with the one missing being Restless, so I would also opine that the final list has some glaring omissions. And obviously, some of the rankings of the episodes are out-of-whack, if one were making a list of the greatest, most significant BtVS episodes of all time.

OTOH, I did put Something Blue in my top ten list of that particular day - right between Band Candy and Tabula Rasa, I see, so it looks like I was going for the funny to round out my ten that day. (Though, of course, Tabula also brings the pain...) But, beyond my top four, my list of favorite eps tends to fluctuate somewhat, anyway; today, I might move Pangs up into the top ten, Something Blue down to the teens; or Becoming pt. 2, or Lessons - which I forgot about entirely the day I voted in this survey... But, I still personally would have "Blue" pretty high - it's, imho, one of the funniest episodes of Buffy ever, which makes it one of the funnier things I've ever seen. I certainly have high drama, creative innovation, and emotional truth and power represented strongly on my personal tops list; but, for me, the best of Buffy must also include the funny, and Something Blue falls among my favorite examples of that. (Yeah, okay, never at number three episode ever; but the Post writer, at least, makes it seem like there are dozens and dozens of better eps out there, with which my humble opinion disagrees.)

(As far as doing a 1-144 ranking: it is an idea which has some appeal to me; but, beyond an obvious top four, and a probable bottom three or four or so, I don't know that I could really tiebreak between every one of my next several dozen most favorite episodes, then all the next not quite as distinguished ones... I don't know that I'd be able to rate that many as "not among the best 100 BtVS eps". Although... another in-order, full series rewatch would be nice....)
this shall take some freaking time...

Indeed. You got somewhere else to be? Who needs family/work/hobbies/the outdoors when there's Buffy to be had?
Terrible insomia at the moment, am in the UK... 5am now. Just sat through Witch... considering moving on to Teacher's Pet.
Was it a best list? I thought it was a favourites list - which isn't the same thing. Something Blue was the episode that got me to finally watch the show - loved the Sarah/James chemistry. AND it's written by a Canadian.

Best episode? Hardly. I think that's The Body.
Ack. Well how about skipping to Prophecy Girl? Why torture yourself with MOW when you already know what's the what? Then the excellence that is season 2 and 3 is yours for the taking.

Blueberry/Pomegranate Lipton tea is great for the dozing (ignore the dollop of ADHESIVE on the pyramid teabag). Drugs too, are effective, I guess, but not nearly as good for you.
Because skipping would freak me out :p
I figure the only feasible way to do a list of the best episodes that includes all 144 is if I rate each episode 1-10 (or to be honest, 6-10), and then within each group, sort the episodes. Then I'll put them in a table on Word... happy days.

When I have insomnia I set myself mindless tasks that take months.

For instance a few months ago I played with iTunes so that I could give my songs half-star ratings, and since then have been rating all my songs out of 10 instead of 5.

*realises this sounds crazy...*

And I actually LOVE season one. My Facebook status is now:

Matthew Duncan {i'm always here if you need a hug, but not a real hug, there is no touching in this school, we're sensitive to wrong touching} watching all of Buffy again from the start. I'd forgotten how awesomely lame season 1 was :3

Principal Flutie was fantastic.
Season One was so cheesily fantastic at times.

Also, Teacher's Pet > Witch (because at least Teacher's Pet progresses the Buffy/Angel story one tiny bit, with him giving her his jacket)
zeitgeist & catherine my sincere apologies as that is not what I meant at all! I just feel that there are just way better Spike/Spuffy-centric eps than these so it's easier for me to blame crack-cocaine than simply Spike fans, like myself.

That list makes my eyes hurt.
You're drunk, English. And the iTunes thing suggests not so much crazy as bored. Go outside.
Haha - alas, if I was drunk I'd be having a far better evening! Slash morning. It's nearly 6am now, and I'm far too lazy to go outside. I'm too exhausted to LEAVE bed, but I'm incapable of falling asleep. I'm sure I'll pass out eventually.

Watching the entire series from the beginning was an excellent plan.

Edit: and the iTunes thing for some reason helps me unwind.

[ edited by manreaction on 2010-06-15 05:51 ]
Also, Teacher's Pet > Witch (because at least Teacher's Pet progresses the Buffy/Angel story one tiny bit, with him giving her his jacket)


And "Teacher's Pet" because it has one of the funniest scenes in Season 1:

Buffy: Remember Dr. Gregory? You scarfed his head? Yeah, well, he
taught me, you do your homework, you learn stuff. Like what happens to
your nervous system when you hear this!

She plays the tape. It's Giles' voice. Buffy stares at the machine in

Tape: ...extremely important to file not simply alphabetically...
Haha yes - unfortunately the episode is let down by the terrible horror cliché ending, with an egg hatching. Dun dun dunnnn...

I did like Dr. Gregory, though.
So the theme of the list would be "Spike and Buffy. Destroyer of Worlds," then?

I think the key here is "favorite". This isn't a list of the best episodes, but a list of "fan favorite" episodes. "Beneath You" is a bit high on the list, but that's because the ending is one of the best scenes ever--brilliant acting by Marsters, understated emotion by Gellar, brilliant directing, lighting, the final imagery of Spike lying on the cross, incredible writing for that scene (in which Joss re-wrote it and made it shine). There's great episodes to love as a whole, but that scene itself is golden. It's art at its best.

I agree it's surprising that Passion and Restless aren't on the list and while I've never been a big fan of Gone, it's still a very fun episode. But the list still has some great choices.

I can't remember exactly what I voted as my top ten but off the top of my head and in no particular order: Innocence, Becoming Pt 2, Fool For Love, Once More With Feeling, Passion, Intervention (it's both hilarious and moving), Who Are You, Prophecy Girl, Helpless, and The Gift.

I think Season 7 as a whole is too uneven to say an entire episode is flawless, but if I were to pick 3 episodes (like what's on this Logo list), it'd be Selfless, Storyteller and Dirty Girls. Drew Goddard really brought amazing talent and new energy to that season. But I'd take Spike's Beneath You soliloquy over all of three of those episodes in terms of quality. It's not merely one of the best scenes of the series, it's one of the best scenes I've ever watched on television. So it's not surprising to me that people voted Beneath You as a "fan favorite"--and I disagree that it's a sign of bad taste. That scene is stellar and to those who love that episode... Well, I applaud their taste.
Obviously I really WOULD say this as I just finished watching it, but I was always a fan of 'Never Kill A Boy On The First Date'. The ending of it, anyway. It's the first real touching moment in the series, when Giles tells Buffy that he wanted to be a fighter pilot.
This isn't a list of the best episodes, but a list of "fan favorite" episodes.

I think you're right. As a Spike fan I would put on this list also School Hard, Harsh Light of Day, Pangs, The Yoko Factor, Life Serial, Smashed.
Having just completed my own marathon of sorts recently, I actually skipped, yes skipped, both The Body and Hush. Not because I have a problem with them. Those are two of the best-evers, in my personal Top Ten or whatever. I skipped them because I had viewed them both a few times in the last couple years, but couldn't say the same for some of the lighter episodes. And with The Body, I completely concur with ... scrolling several times ... so sorry, but now I can't find it. I agree The Body can be taxing to watch, and this last time around I was looking for fun. The best episodes aren't always sheer fun.

But Restless not on the last? Completely mystified by that one.
eitgeist & catherine my sincere apologies as that is not what I meant at all! I just feel that there are just way better Spike/Spuffy-centric eps than these so it's easier for me to blame crack-cocaine than simply Spike fans, like myself.

Oh I was just being silly DeathIsYourGift, no worries. I'm not actually a crackhead ;).
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just cos AlanD said meth was cooler ...


...the final imagery of Spike lying on the cross...

Did we ever find out if that was a deliberate homage to Daredevil (possibly added by massive comics nerd Mr Joss Whedon esq.) ?

As to the list, not another one that absolutely everyone doesn't agree on, surely ? The very idea seems preposterous ;).
Allowing people to vote more than once was the problem. You end up getting a skewed list, which this most certainly is. Though of course, any list would be skewed because the vast majority of those 5 million Buffy viewers out there wouldn't be voting. "Something Blue" is fun, certainly. So are a hundred other Buffy episodes. Something Blue is not #3 fun. I don't even think it's top 30 fun. The top ten is casually dismissive of Buffy's earlier, better years (except for when they pertain to Spike), and shows a terrible lack of perspective about the show generally. Too bad the Spuffy people essentially hijacked this list and made it meaningless to anyone but them, but so it goes; when people are allowed multiple votes, those who shout loudest drown the rest of us out.
The whole list seems to be based more on entertainment than anything else. The Body being number 13 is a shocker to many because it's a perfect episode... but not for entertainment value. When I watch that episode I get pulled into mourning and an uncomfortable state throughout the entire episode. It's wonderful in the fact that Joss was able to make you feel exactly as he wanted, but it's not an episode I like to revisit alot. No one shows up at a funeral to be entertained.
How come we hardly ever get one of these for Angel? Watching one of my favourite episodes on SyFy right now got me wondering...
Hellmouthguy who is this "rest of us?" Just because you have a different opinion doesn't mean this list was "hijacked" by Spuffies. Geez. I'm starting to get a little irritated.

Have you guys ever thought, and I'm not saying it's true, but maybe the list is different than what you think it should be because of the LOGO connection? Maybe there are a lot of LGBT who are more inclined to connect with these episodes or the marginalized, often disdained by some, relationship of Buffy and Spike? Think about it.
The top ten is casually dismissive of Buffy's earlier, better years (except for when they pertain to Spike), and shows a terrible lack of perspective about the show generally.

Yes, because heaven forbid that people should vote episodes that they like in a poll like this rather than episodes that you have decided are good and correct.
Right that's enough argy-bargy. I did ask that this be kept civil. If you have a problem with the people who voted for the episodes then take it elsewhere. And no having a go at other posters either. Otherwise buckets will be taken away.
Ahm, Just saw the list and was quite ok with it.

I don't really get where this notion that you're only a true Buffy fan if you like the earlier seasons better comes from. S5 is my favorite Season, S4 has some of the best one shot episodes ever and so does S6.
Xane, the rest of us is those who voted only once. Ruger, in discussing the pros and cons of a "best Buffy episodes" listing, everyone is going to have their own opinion. Does that mean anyone who states their opinion is therefore trying to impose their will upon everyone else? Yes, I do think the top ten is casually dismissive of Buffy's best years. If you don't, great. Do we all really need to start adding "imo" after every single statement of opinion in order to avoid ruffling feathers? Really? If you don't agree with me I'd welcome the debate. But getting pointlessly personal does no one any good.

I said the list was hijacked by Spuffy people--or at least, fans of Spike--because the evidence is overwhelming. Episodes that have no place on that list, whose common denominator is Spike; and lots and lots of Spike episodes generally. Something Blue at #3 is simply indefensible, so is Crush at 8, Beneath You at 9, and especially Gone at 12. This isn't a balanced appraisal of the show; it's the show through the eyes of a Spike fan. Someone really should do a well-thought out episode ranking that isn't weighted toward Spike but rather takes the entire show, the good and the bad, on its merits.
Thing is, Spike fans are fans of the show too. People voted for the episodes they found funny/touching/intense/well crafted/enjoyable and such a list is by it's very nature subjective.

Just because it seems a lot of people disagreed with your subjective assesment of what were the best episodes of the show, doesn't mean they are somhow subjective, while your ranking is objective or more "balanced".
I doubt if there are any two people in the fandom that would have the same list. Your list is not more valid than mine, except to you. Nothing on this list is indefensible to me. Except maybe the fact that School Hard is missing.
I really don't know WHAT my favourite season is.

s1 has a cute, cheesey charm to a lot of it, probably because it is almost entirely stand-alone episodes, and because it's set before anything majorly emotionally traumatic happens.

s2 is amazing, but has some real shit ones (IMO, having 'Go Fish' placed just before the finale is awful), but still, the latter half of the season is amazing televison.

s3 is an odd one. It has fantastic, fantastic episodes ('Amends'), the hilariousness of 'The Zeppo', and of course the Mayor is fantastic.

s4 is GOOD, but might be my least favourite after s7. There were great episodes but the story arc didn't grab me as much.

s5 is utterly fantastic, probably my favourite.

s6, the mid-few episodes and the end are amazing ('OMWF' through to 'Wrecked', those four episodes... then the end four from 'Seeing Red' to 'Grave').

s7 I just wasn't a big fan of, really. Not after the heights of the previous two seasons.
I don't know, Changeling, maybe it's just my tone when I post? Because nowhere in my posts did I say that my opinion is objective while everyone else's is subjective. Yes, I do tend not to bother adding "in my opinion" when I post, because it seems redundant, and I admit I can be rather blunt. But I don't begrudge anyone their opinion. In fact, I don't even dislike Spike. I simply disagree with the people out there who seem to think there is no Buffy without Spike. When I say something like "Something Blue at #3 is simply indefensible", that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to come right back at me and defend it. Like I said, I welcome debate. I just don't understand why some people take it personally.

Xane: you have your opinions and I have mine, and they're both equally valid. I honestly don't see the problem here.

Maybe I should just post my own top ten and let everyone go to town on it.
Ruger, in discussing the pros and cons of a "best Buffy episodes" listing, everyone is going to have their own opinion.

Problem is that you're stating an opinion ("Episodes that have no place on that list") as a proof for something that you claim is a fact ("the list was hijacked by Spuffy people"). Have you even concidered that maybe, just maybe the reason why there are so many Spike-heavy episodes on that list is because he's the character who was in the most episodes after the core four?

but rather takes the entire show, the good and the bad, on its merits.

You mean things like the bad acting in early S1 episodes and the offensive gypsy-curse plot in S2?
So, has anyone actually made a list of EVERY episode in order of preference? I wouldn't mind reading.

manreaction | June 15, 02:06 CET

Yep. I think someone else here has as well, as I remember reading their comment and thinking "thank goodness I'm not the only nutter to have done this".

I just ranked them all on my last re-watching. I did it because I have the SFX special issue on Buffy, where they ranked all the episodes as they summarised them and inevitably I had a few issues with their rankings. It's tricky to start with as you're trying to place episodes on an empty list, but it gets easier. It also made me watch the episodes with more of an analytical eye, rather than just relaxing and enjoying the episodes in the same way that I had before. Obviously it's not for everyone, but if the idea appeals to you, then you'll probably enjoy it - good luck with it. (I recommend excel rather than word.)

I was going to say that I'd email the list to you, but I don't think this thread is going to last much longer and it's not like we're limited on space, so with apologies to everyone who isn't manreaction, here's my full list.

1. 5.16 The Body
2. 6.07 Once More, With Feeling
3. 4.22 Restless
4. 2.22 Becoming Part Two
5. 4.10 Hush
6. 2.17 Passion
7. 2.14 Innocence
8. 6.20 Villains
9. 6.21 Two To Go
10. 2.13 Surprise
11. 6.19 Seeing Red
12. 2.21 Becoming Part One
13. 3.09 The Wish
14. 7.05 Selfless
15. 5.06 Family
16. 1.12 Prophecy Girl
17. 4.16 Who Are You?
18. 3.19 Choices
19. 7.07 Conversations With Dead People
20. 5.07 Fool For Love
21. 4.19 New Moon Rising
22. 3.18 Earshot
23. 7.22 Chosen
24. 3.16 Doppelgangland
25. 2.15 Phases
26. 2.16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
27. 2.06 Halloween
28. 5.22 The Gift
29. 3.22 Graduation Day Part Two
30. 7.04 Help
31. 5.18 Intervention
32. 4.17 Superstar
33. 2.10 What's My Line? Part Two
34. 6.22 Grave
35. 5.01 Buffy vs Dracula
36. 4.01 The Freshman
37. 3.13 The Zeppo
38. 3.14 Bad Girls
39. 3.08 Lover's Walk
40. 4.06 Wild At Heart
41. 1.09 The Puppet Show
42. 4.12 A New Man
43. 1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth
44. 3.21 Graduation Day Part One
45. 3.17 Enemies
46. 6.08 Tabula Rasa
47. 4.03 The Harsh Light of Day
48. 6.01 Bargaining Part One
49. 6.02 Bargaining Part Two
50. 7.18 Dirty Girls
51. 4.08 Pangs
52. 4.07 The Initiative
53. 6.17 Normal Again
54. 7.15 Get It Done
55. 5.13 Blood Ties
56. 6.04 Flooded
57. 1.07 Angel
58. 2.03 School Hard
59. 3.03 Faith, Hope & Trick
60. 3.07 Revelations
61. 3.05 Homecoming
62. 2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You
63. 3.06 Band Candy
64. 7.21 End Of Days
65. 4.09 Something Blue
66. 2.08 The Dark Age
67. 3.01 Anne
68. 7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me
69. 3.02 Dead Man's Party
70. 1.02 The Harvest
71. 3.10 Amends
72. 1.06 The Pack
73. 6.10 Wrecked
74. 3.04 Beauty and the Beasts
75. 4.21 Primeval
76. 2.09 What's My Line? Part One
77. 4.13 The I In Team
78. 5.02 Real Me
79. 3.15 Consequences
80. 4.02 Living Conditions
81. 3.11 Gingerbread
82. 7.03 Same Time, Same Place
83. 5.05 No Place Like Home
84. 5.03 The Replacement
85. 6.18 Entropy
86. 3.20 The Prom
87. 7.16 Storyteller
88. 2.07 Lie To Me
89. 2.01 When She Was Bad
90. 7.13 The Killer In Me
91. 3.12 Helpless
92. 5.19 Tough Love
93. 1.03 Witch
94. 7.20 Touched
95. 7.19 Empty Places
96. 5.08 Shadow
97. 4.15 This Year's Girl
98. 6.03 Afterlife
99. 4.04 Fear, Itself
100. 5.15 I Was Made To Love You
101. 6.09 Smashed
102. 1.10 Nightmares
103. 5.21 The Weight of the World
104. 4.20 The Yoko Factor
105. 1.11 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
106. 5.20 Spiral
107. 5.10 Into The Woods
108. 5.17 Forever
109. 7.01 Lessons
110. 2.04 Inca Mummy Girl
111. 6.13 Dead Things
112. 5.14 Crush
113. 7.08 Sleeper
114. 7.11 Showtime
115. 4.18 Where The Wild Things Are
116. 5.04 Out of My Mind
117. 7.06 Him
118. 6.05 Life Serial
119. 2.12 Bad Eggs
120. 6.15 As You Were
121. 2.18 Killed By Death
122. 2.11 Ted
123. 6.06 All The Way
124. 4.11 Doomed
125. 7.12 Potential
126. 7.09 Never Leave Me
127. 5.11 Triangle
128. 7.10 Bring On The Night
129. 1.04 Teacher's Pet
130. 7.02 Beneath You
131. 4.14 Goodbye, Iowa
132. 7.14 First Date
133. 1.05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
134. 5.12 Checkpoint
135. 6.14 Older and Far Away
136. 1.08 I, Robot... You, Jane
137. 6.11 Gone
138. 4.05 Beer Bad
139. 2.20 Go Fish
140. 2.05 Reptile Boy
141. 2.02 Some Assembly Required
142. 6.16 Hell's Bells
143. 5.09 Listening To Fear
144. 6.12 Doublemeat Palace

Yes, it's subjective and yes, you're free to go to town on it. ;)

We have previously discussed this list. I think it's a much better attempt at reflecting the views of the fandom than the one under discussion here.
Surprised that The Gift is so low and that Pupper SHow is so high! But I'm pleased at the 'Go Fish' hate :p

I think I mentioned earlier, I'm just rating them out of 10 and then sorting each grouping out. That way when I'm on the later seasons I don't really have to retain my impresssions of s1 episodes, I can just rate out of 10 and worry about sorting it out when I've finished 'Chosen'.

I've actually decided 'Never Kill A Boy On The First Date' is the best episode from the first half of s1, for me at least.

These lists are always interesting 'cos there's just so many damn episodes, and because it's a show with such variety.
Various posters who disregarded my warning will find that they will be able to log on back in tomorrow. If we could actually talk about the listings then that would be lovely.
I suppose there's something to rejoice about in a fandom that produces such passionate reactions so many years after the show finished. I wonder if Original Star Trek fans bicker in the same way? (Bet they do.)

The list is certainly Spike-heavy, though the guy was in a lot of episodes and Marsters has superb comic timing - if you're going for episodes to relax with it's just possible you won't be all about the angst. The episodes chosen are reasonably evenly distributed, with a slight bias, as you might expect, to the three seasons, 2,3 and 5 which a lot of people tend to say are the best/their favourites.

A top 30, like a top any number, was always going to be tricky to select. I'd happily rewatch any on that list. Mind you, I'd happily rewatch Bad Eggs, Beer Bad or As You Were which are the episodes I'd probably put somewhere in the 140s of my favourite 144.
And therein lies the beauty of it notaviking. Only three episodes from your top 20 would go into my top 20. Only OMWF, Fool for Love, and Becoming Part 2.
*checks I am still logged in*

I enjoy these lists because they show how the fans are just as varied as the episodes are. I will someday finish my 144 :p Currently watching 'The Pack'. Old Buffy episodes >>> The awful, awful World Cup this year.
That's an impressive list, NotaViking; kudos for having the patience to devote the time it took to make it. I can see where my choices wouldn't be the same as yours, just as I can see where they would have.

Thanks for sharing!
Yep, the list itself is just a list but the doing of it is bloody impressive, kudos indeed Notaviking. You nutter ;).

(FWIW a lot of your top 20 would be in mine too though a lot of your 60-90 ish eps would be higher in mine. As you'd expect, the top and bottom of your list isn't a million miles from mine - or many others' i'd wager - but we disagree a fair bit on the mid-range)
Surprised that The Gift is so low and that Pupper SHow is so high! But I'm pleased at the 'Go Fish' hate :p

Well, I've always loved The Puppet Show - for me it's a near perfect first season stand-alone episode. Great twists and one of the best one-off characters. The Gift on the other hand, just doesn't really connect with me. Not until the shot of the headstone anyway. Usually self-sacrifice chokes me up, but whether it's the script or the acting, something doesn't click for me in that crucial scene. And without that moment hitting home, it's a good episode, rather than a great one.

And therein lies the beauty of it notaviking. Only three episodes from your top 20 would go into my top 20. Only OMWF, Fool for Love, and Becoming Part 2.

There's a few that I'm surprised that you'd leave out, but overall that's not all that unusual. What floors me, is people putting episodes from my bottom twenty, in their top twenty.

Old Buffy episodes >>> The awful, awful World Cup this year.

Agreed. Pretty disappointing so far. Hopefully Brazil vs North Korea will be entertaining.
Nice list. I'm in the process of ranking the episodes within each season, but getting to the full ranking will be extremely difficult. I still tweak my lists after watching episodes. Even though we all will have radically different lists (probably from #5 - #140 mostly), it's great to scroll down the list and see fantastic episodes well past #120. There are really only a couple episodes that I dislike. And go "Choices" and "The Puppet Show" - love those ones!

[ edited by BethS on 2010-06-15 19:58 ]
"Usually self-sacrifice chokes me up, but whether it's the script or the acting, something doesn't click for me in that crucial scene. And without that moment hitting home, it's a good episode, rather than a great one."
It's probably Buffy's dive wedgie. It's a bit distracting.
Thanks, menomegirl and Saje, but it wasn't too hard really. The most difficult thing was remembering to do it straight after watching the episode. There was some agonising over where to put an episode, but it's much harder if it's a week since you watched it. The mid-range is certainly the trickiest section - on my next re-watch I could well disagree with some of my own rankings in that area by 30 places.

Oh, and I made a graph of the results too.

There's nowhere else in the world that I'd admit to doing any of this. ;)
A graph!

I worship at the altar of your nerdiness.
There's nowhere else in the world that I'd admit to doing any of this. ;)

Well, this is one of the only places where people would also be overwhelmingly impressed ;). I actually have developed a real fondness on rewatching for some of the commonly derided episodes, like Bad Eggs (wasn't joking, I really like that one, it's so goofy and I love Buffy hauling herself out of the pit all slime-covered), Go Fish, and Doublemeat Palace.
I don't get the dislike of Puppet show and Bad Eggs...I loved both and they're defo in my top 20!!
Oh, and I made a graph of the results too.

"Doublemeat Palace" solid last? Argghhhh . . . I love that episode. But, seriously, NotaViking, that is yeoman work. Very well done. I will do mine, if I can eke out a spare hour or so in the near future . . .
I won't have finished my Buffy one until I've watched every episode again (7 down, 137 to go...), but then I'll do an Angel one. Every time I watch 'Hole In The World' I want to die. :'(
You could intermingle the Buffy and Angel episode viewing. I used to do that. It really worked for the crossovers.
254? :p

Then I'd end up shoving Dollhouse and Firefly in and making a Whedonverse list... I think it might kill me.

I'm liking the discussion of the lesser-liked episodes... I'm a 'Bad Eggs' fan too :) and a 'Teacher's Pet' fan, but not a fan of 'Witch' or 'Doublemeat Palace'. It's these ones that really provoke interesting discussion.

Shipper debates aside, the episodes that mean the most to me personally are the ones with touching Buffy/Giles moments.
Guffy? hmmm...but yeah they have such amazing moments! Like the one where he gave her the cheque after she threw up in Life Serial, so cute!
I've never delved into Shipperdom (and am terrified of doing so, there be dragons!), but I once read an essay on the Willow/Giles romantic subtext throughout the entire show (from the early seasons through to and including Dark Willow)... and it actually made an awful lot of sense.

Here you go, Sunfire. What it really showed to me, was how inconsistent Buffy was episode to episode, but how I consider season 3 to be significantly different from the other seasons, in that no episode drops much below average.

[ edited by NotaViking on 2010-06-15 21:52 ]
On episode... 9 now... Puppet Show.

I Robot, You Jane was almost as bad as Witch. Puppet Show shall be excellent though. Snyder :D

edit: graph working now :) I think I love you for doing it. Also, it shows how a lot of the time, fantastic episodes are bookended by relatively mediocre ones (most notable example being s2 Angelus). Thankyou! It's interesting to look at :)

[ edited by manreaction on 2010-06-15 21:45 ]
"graph working now :) I think I love you for doing it."

With your user name, that's a little worrying. ;)
Hahahahaha - I usually only lurk on here. Posting is fun :)
Uh oh...I'm no good at graphs, but it does look really, really thorough! Fair play to you!
I will say I am a Spike fan. Spuffy fan to a lesser degree, but only cause Spike is. And that? Not my list. :( My top five would have 'Hush' and 'OMWF' but also Conversations, Storyteller, Intervention, and Restless. Earshot, Dead Things, LMPTM, Passion, The Zeppo etc, would all be near the top too. If it was a list of funny episodes, Something Blue might make it, but not...yeah.

[ edited by Nos on 2010-06-15 23:06 ]
No NMR, sad to say. My fave!
What would be really fun would be if we made a Google Documents spreadsheet and allowed anyone/everyone to input their top list (you could input 10, 144, or somewhere in between). I'd be very curious to see the averaged-out top 20. We could actually make a thing of this. Seems like more than a few people enjoy the act of ranking.

Edit: not surprisingly, looks like it's been done ( But, maybe we could gather a "Whedonesque" list.

[ edited by AMCsoldier on 2010-06-15 23:16 ]

Edit: removed potentially offensive descriptor

[ edited by AMCsoldier on 2010-06-16 00:24 ]
Seems like more than a few people enjoy the act of ranking.

Oh, for sure. I'd go so far as to say that many of us rank on a daily basis.
/pythonesque humo(u)r . . .

It would indeed be interesting, is what I meant to say. ;-)
Yay a graph! Thanks NotaViking, that was very un-Norse of you.

I was thinking something like a Whedonesque version of the other survey would be fun to do but there's so many episodes, I feel form fatigue just thinking about it. Basically you need data from something like Netflix's 5 stars, where you can collect as people watch and the sample size is decently large. I could design and even do data analysis on an all-Buffy ranking survey but I couldn't ever finish ranking them myself. I doubt I'd make it through a whole season even.
"and more illuminating than Logo's ballot-stuffed results"
For the record, I didn't stuff the ballot and haven't talked to anyone who did.
You might want to accept the possibility that the LOGO crowd has different taste than the Whedonesque crowd.
Edit: not surprisingly, looks like it's been done ( But, maybe we could gather a "Whedonesque" list.

I love that website! It hasn't been updated in forever, and it admittedly is only as good as its sources - many of which are only top 10 or top 20 lists, but I refer to it a lot just for fun. There's also one for Angel (just change the address ending from "Buffy" to "Angel"). I think it is a great idea to do an updated listing. I can imagine the thread on that would go on for miles. :-D
[A]nd more illuminating than Logo's ballot-stuffed results

Maybe you didn't see Simon's repeated cautions above. Let's drop the whole accusation/sniping at other fans part of this thread, or more time-outs will follow. Cheers.
I'm in agreement with SoddingNancyTribe, there's nothing quite like a good rank.
I do have trouble ranking things. I just pretty much love it all. Except maybe As You Were, but James is so good in that last scene...

Nope, not big with the ranking.
I thought it would be ok to discuss/theorize/hypothessize the reasons behind a poll's results in a thread about a poll's results. This is apparently not possible here, so I will immediately cease. Apologies to all. I don't mean to step out of line. No offense was intended in my categorization of said results. It's a hypothesis, not an accusation. I thoroughly enjoyed the marathon; I didn't (and don't) care about the ultimate results. I love em all.

In fact, it is the very nature of the results that prompted me to suggest a Whedonesque poll. I find the motivations behind personal rankings fascinating, and have long hypothesized that the season that you started watching ultimately influences your rankings. Maybe we could incorporate that as a pre-poll question, to test for a correlation.

[ edited by AMCsoldier on 2010-06-16 00:29 ]
"I'm in agreement with SoddingNancyTribe, there's nothing quite like a good rank."

Forgive me - something is being lost in translation... though I suspect it means something dirty... ?
Couldn't we just do something fairly simple, like having a thread here where everyone posts their top twenty, then we compile the results and get a combined top twenty?

If you got people to post, for example, "The Body - 20" (points), rather than "1. The Body" then you could quickly copy and sort the results into alphabetical order, and then point order, in a spreadsheet. From there, adding all the points up wouldn't take long. Could you get the points to copy into a separate cell from the episode name? If so, it would be really quick. Or perhaps there's another better way. Even if not, as long as it wouldn't be ridiculously time consuming, I'd be happy to add it all up.
AMCsoldier: I confess to nothing!

Seen 10 now... in order of preference so far: Angel; The Puppet Show; Never Kill A Boy On The First Date; Welcome To The Hellmouth; The Harvest; Nightmares; The Pack; Teacher's Pet; I Robot, You Jane; Witch.

This is fun. And pleasantly time-consuming.
Maybe the simplest thing to do would be like Kitten War. Two episodes enter, only one gets my vote for awesome!
AMCsoldier, a bit of bad schoolboy humour, really. It was sort of an inverse Pilate ("He wanks as high as any in Wome!") from Life of Brian . . . ahem.

As for polling members - feel free to set something up on our Library or pages. Though I have a feeling it's been asked before.
Late to this party and haven't read any comments, but this is one of the strangest "favorites" lists I've read. I've never seen Something Blue anywhere in a top ten before, much less #3. Even as a die-hard Spuffy, this one isn't even on my radar, as a "best" ep.

OMWF and Hush in the top two spots are predictable, and it's great to see Fool for Love at #4 because it really belongs in any top five, IMO.
My personal top five has one ep (Dead Things) that I don't even expect to see on too many lists, but no Restless? No Passion, and The Body down at #13?
Very strange.
Ehm, no. That's just not how this fan voted. Thank you Spike fans, next...THE BUFFY LIST! please!

Easy to say, but if that's the case, why no Dead Things, Smashed, LMPTM and a personal favorite of mine that should finally get some recognition, if the list is a Spike fan list, "Sleeper".

[ edited by Shey on 2010-06-16 12:03 ]
See? Varied we are indeed! I liked Doublemeat Palace! No doubt it's from all those years working in the food industry.
Watching the entire series from the beginning was an excellent plan.
manreaction | June 15, 05:51 CET

I've done a complete re-watch this year, and I highly recommend it. Sadly, I'm almost finished - last night was Conversations with Dead People and Sleeper. I say sadly because I really do love season 7, some problems with execution aside.

This is probably my forth complete DVD re-watch and not much has changed. My favorite seasons remain as they were after my first DVD marathon: 6,4,5,7,2,3 and 1.
I still think that season 4 is the most underrated. It still surprises me that so much of season 1 was so endearingly cheesy, although I still give it props for setup.

Happy re-watching. ;-)

[ edited by Shey on 2010-06-16 12:30 ]
Yep. Shey is absolutely correct. From a Spike fans' perspective, there should be Sleeper, Smashed, LMPTM, Dead Things, and let's not forget, School Hard!

Someone else reminded me that they used to run this kind of thing every year on Thanksgiving over at FX, and these same kind of episodes used to wind up in the list every time. These may not be everyone's "best" episodes, but they seem to be the ones that people want to watch!

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