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June 14 2010

1st Celebrity Cruise Convention. Guests include Clare Kramer, Julie Benz, Keith Szarabajka and Jewel Staite.

This is a keen idea and I'm glad they are doing it (had mucho fun on the Browncoat Cruise) but it's way too expensive for someone like me. You have to fly to Florida on top of paying for the cruise. Dang. If the lottery hits or my fortunes change...
Cut to:

Me walking around aimlessly asking all the good looking women "where the weight room is."
Waaaaaaaaaay too expensive!!!
Would love to go but need to rob a train or something to get the cashy money. We had the (fantastic) Browncoat Cruise out on the West coast so here's a great chance for those on the East coast to hang with the celebs!

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