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June 14 2010

Vampire Paper Dolls. Dover released a set of Vampire Paper Dolls which includes Buffy, Angel and Spike (as well as True Blood and Twilight figures). I got mine in the grocery store children's books section.

I bought the booklet. But after reading it found that there are no credits or copyright permission or what ever one should have when using characters from another's work on the booklet.
And, Buffy's image isn't one that I would have expected SMG to have approved. Has anyone else seen these or heard anything about them (in terms of having permission to make them since they are for sale and a for profit item)?

Oh my gosh, how awesome! I love paper dolls - I used to collect them when I was younger. Tom Tierney has been drawing paper dolls for over 20 years. I think it's something like public domain - I heard an interview with him on NPR this last year and he said that he's never gotten any requests to stop making them.

I'm going to get this!
Ok, I'm a bit confused. How can you only have two dolls if you're going to cover vampire history? Do you slap a blonde "wig" on the female to make her Buffy, and a brunette (?) to make her Bella? Lame.

If they were actually Buffy, Angel & Spike I might look for this, just for a novelty.

And...Buffy's ankle is seriously twisted. That's rather disturbing.
Hmm, ShadowQuest...I didn't see that before. It seems weird to me that he would have only two dolls - when he does his actor theme paper dolls he usually has many more than that. I wonder if that is a misprint? Sagewoman, you've seen the dolls, are there only two?
I think I have a whole bunch of Tom Tierney paper dolls from my childhood. I know that I have the family of Abraham Lincoln and the eight wives of Henry VIII. And I definitely remember looking at books of Elvis Presley (with Priscilla), Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland (at least at the store) with all their outfits. He also did a bunch of historical clothing ones, too--I remember those.

ShadowQuest: Each character is a separate doll with a few outfits (IE. Abe, Mary, Robert, Tad and Willie are all separate dolls). And sometimes there are several of the same person (in cases where they looked particularly different later in life).

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NileQT87 But this says two dolls, not a doll for each famous vampire or hunter:

"Two paper dolls and 29 costumes portray the history of vampires, from earliest myth and literature to the new blood of television and movies. Starting with Lilith and Cain, characters portray Bela Lugosi in the 1931 classic Dracula, the heroine of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bill from True Blood, and Edward from Twilight. Contains mature content."

So I'm way baffled. "Characters portray"? Methinks there's much in the way of typos.
But after reading it found that there are no credits or copyright permission or what ever one should have when using characters from another's work on the booklet.

I'll go out on a limb and say that 20th Century Fox wasn't approached for permission.
Sounds like there's two models wearing the costumes of the characters.

I want one. Though Buffy, Bella and Sookie aren't vampires.
Yes this definitely felt uncopyrighted. And even if it doesn't have proper right to use, you'd think the people writing this advertisement would have spent 9 seconds googling "the heroine of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" name.
Dolls who don't resemble any character in particular might be an effort to get around the copyright laws. I presume that character costumes are not copyrighted.
I'm mostly distracted by the... girth of Buffy's stake.

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