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June 15 2010

Happy Birthday Neil Patrick Harris! Our favorite Doctor turns 37 today.

Wondering what to get Neil for his B-day? He has been tweeting a humorous wish list over the past few days,

Happy birthday Neil!! Have a day full of pure awesome! :o)

Here's hoping you get Disneyland... We'd get to visit right?
Happy Birthday, Neil!!
Point of contention: I'm still partial to Simon. And Dr. Saunders. And I'm sure there were probably doctors on Angel and Buffy but yeah, I'd suppose Dr. Horrible probably has them well beat. ^_^

(And hey, I just realized that NPH himself from those Old Spice commercials as a "doctor for pretend" cumulatively probably bumps him to near the top but I really did love Saunders.)
Nope, the title of 'Favorite Doctor'goes to Simon Tam, actually :)...that said hope you have a very happy b-day Neil! Can't believe you're 37! (you don't look it)
Happy Birthday Neil!
Oddly enough, my mind went back to Doogie Howser when I read 'doctor' in the title.
Happy Birthday, Neil Patrick Harris! Your gifts amaze.
Happy Birthday Neil! :)
I love how any and every time somebody says "Our favorite [blank]" there's always a point of contention.

Oh and happy birthday, Neil!
Personally, my favorite Doctor is the tenth... oh. ;)

Happy Birthday Neil! Here's to more Whedonverse appearances in the future.
Oh, damn, Rachelkachel, was gonna say the same thing. Tennant for President, and all that. But NPH is rather brilliant too. :-)
I'd like to bid a most gratuitous and awesome birthday to NPH!
Happy birthday, Neil! You're an amazing actor.
Dr. Doogie Horrible, hmmm. Has a nice ring to it, doncha think?
My favorite doctor is actually David Tennant.

But happy birthday anyway, NPH!
Much as I love NPH and Mr. Tennant, my favorite Doctor is officially Matt Smith! Many happy returns, NPH!

Matt Smith is definitely growing on me! I was very skeptical about a 26 year old playing the Doctor, but he is very charming and very cool.
Well MY Favorite doctor is The Doctor (10th) actually - but certainly Neil Patrick Harris is my favorite doctor of EVIL.....
I guess I'm putting at least a small part of the bad things of the past behind me; I didn't realize until last night he has the misfortune to share my ex-wife's birthday, but I won't hold it against him.

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