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June 15 2010

Literary Angel: Essays on Influences and Traditions Reflected in the Joss Whedon Series. A new book of essays "provides opportunities for readers to examine a wide variety of characters, tropes, and literary nuances and influences throughout all five televised seasons of the series and in the currently running continuation of the series in comic book form".

I saw this by chance on Amazon - it sounds very interesting. Also very cool that it is the 1st book to deal with the continuation in comics.

I met these two editors at the recent SLAYAGE conference - based on those conversations, I recommend this book for any ANGEL fans who want to look a bit more deeply into the show. ANGEL often seems to get overlooked - much less is written about ANGEL than Whedon's other shows and this book is moving towards some parity in that area. As an ANGEL fan, I'll be getting my copy!
That sounds very interesting, 'Angel' (along with the other Whedon shows) has so many allusions both obvious and less so that it's a great topic for an essay collection. Bit pricey but I may well check it out if the opportunity arises, thanks for the heads up !
Griping about their choosing an early S-5 pic for the cover. Done now.
I've been waiting for this to be published since they linked the Jasmine arc-A Brave New World essay in April. I'm always looking for more Angel analysis, so I will buy this as soon as possible.
I'm glad to see another book specifically on Angel. Not that I dislike books on Buffy, but more analysis on this show is always a good thing. That and I'll take any excuse to buy another Whedon-related book. ;)
I've heard a few of the essays in here at conferences, and they've been wonderful. Both of the editors are very astute as well. I look forward to getting my copy!
"Everything is a text." -- Derrida

And I find that statement to be no more true than with Angel - my favorite Whedon series. It's so very, very rich and deserves to be academically explored like this. I'll be ordering this.

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