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November 25 2003

"No One Wants Angel's Car"

From the San Francisco Chronicle's online gossip page
"Angel" star David Boreanaz has discovered he's not as popular as he thinks he is, after failing to find a buyer for his Mercedes car on auction Website eBay.

The one-time "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star thought he'd sell his top-of-the-range Mercedes on the Internet last month, but no one is interested in the $78,000 asking price.

Boreanaz even offered to personally deliver the car, and spend a day with the buyer.

I'd certainly buy the car if I needed one AND if I had 80 grand to spare....

Articles a touch snotty but that seems to be the point. I mean $80,000 is $80,000, I don't care who drove the car. Not like it's Jon Voight or anything (for all you Seinfeld fans).
Wow, talk about timely reporting by the Chronicle, since the original auction happened back in August, and is still viewable here.
Ouch..poor David. Yeah, selling the car for that price was sort of presumptous but no one buying it is pathetic. :(
Eh, it was his assistant's idea anyway - I emailed with her about it back in August.
Maybe if he'd marketed it as a *Julie* Benz he might have mangaged to drum up more interest...(sorry!)

A *Mercedes McNab*?...

cris unfortunately I had to delete your most recent item as it was only posted here a few days ago so sorry about that.

And Chris in Virginia you gave good reason to duck :P.
"*Julie* Benz " ........"Mercedes *McNab*" bad as those puns are, all I can think is: "Why didn't *I* come up with those!!?!" lmao

On the article, well people who can afford those cars are usually not the type of people to go to Ebay I think.

But that "even offered to deliver it himself and spend the day" bit, is that true?
Yep, according to the auction page, it is:

"Successful high bidder will also spend the day with David Boreanaz (day and time of visit subject to Davidís availability)."

So think of it this way: You get an $80,000.00 Angel set visit and a free Mercedes (not McNab) to boot.
Yep, I saw it too! Man this is kinda sad.....awww....

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