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June 15 2010

Buffy Summers - The Song. Just heard a song by a band called "Up!" on and the song is called "Buffy Summers." I must say it is mighty catchy.


Turn on the tube and press play. I see your image and it blows me away. You make me higher than I've ever been. So make me smile and make me new. WB is where I found her. She's got blond highlights with a rainbow around. A superhero in a Vampire's land...Stake through the heart and then you begin. (Chorus) Again, again she's the latest trend. Can, can we be more than friends. When, when will this ever end? She's my TV super star. (2nd verse) Is this reality or just TV? Are you the Queen of Sunnydale for me? A superhero in a Vampire's land...Stake through the heart and then you begin. (Chorus)

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There's nothing like a rock band singing about my favourite Slayer :)
How cool! Is this a new tune? Where'd it come from?
Looks like it's from 2002. But I can't see that it's been posted here before . . .
Yeah I was a little surprised that is hasn't been posted ANYWHERE! Can't find any details of it on the web other than on (played on there quite a bit) and that website I linked to. Strange.

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Sounds like it's from 2002, too. Don't particularly care for the guy's voice. And I like the tag that says it sounds like John Mayer and U2. It doesn't sound like either. LOL

Amusing, if nothing else...
To be fair, the tag box saying "e.g. John Mayer, U2" is where you are supposed to add "sounds like" tags, they are only examples.
They also have it posted on their Facebook
Appears we missed that one. Quite a catchy tune too.
Sorta reminds me of the "David Duchovny" song by Bree Sharp. Pretty cool!
I actually have the EP with this song on it! I can't remember how I found them, but it was back in 2002. If it wasn't Whedonesque it must've been Myspace or maybe a fellow Buffy fan pointed me in their direction. The rest of the EP isn't bad, but "Buffy Summers" is the only song of theirs that made it onto my iPod :)
As this was really slow to load on my computer, it lends a whole new meaning to the term "buffering."

To my ear, Nerf Herder doesn't have to worry.

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