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June 15 2010

Three cities holding CSTS Charity Screenings this week. Have fun in Lawrence, KS 6/16, Boston, MA 6/18 & 6/19 and Albuquerque, NM 6/19.

First year for Lawrence, KS! Whoo-hoo! Lawrence is screening Serenity and Browncoats: Redemption.

Boston is having a Dr. Horrible with Shadowcast and Commentary! on Friday and screening Serenity on Saturday. There is a Costume Contest sometime...

Albuquerque is having a Costume Contest too and showing Serenity twice in one day.

Lawrence! Hey, didn't some sort of apocalypse just happen there or something?

Oh wait. Wrong show.

Never mind.

Carry on.

That was my first thought too.
Meanwhile, Virginia press incorrectly reported these charity screenings as being scheduled by Joss. Sigh.

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Lmao. Virginia, get your act together! D:<

I went to the Norfolk, VA CSTS screening as a first-timer to CSTS and while I missed out on seeing Dr. Horrible on the big screen (pesky graduation ceremony, hah), I did have the pleasure of watching Serenity.
What an amazing time - it was perfect and the only bad thing is that it's over now and I'm too impatient to wait a year.
What happened to the original Serenity film reels? There was some fuss about them a while back and people weren't sure if that they had all been destroyed. Did local Browncoat groups managed to keep then?
Hey, San Diego BC, how come I can't give you money? When will the site be up for purchasing tickets on July 17th?
Simon, the fuss was that most of them were destroyed, against explicit instructions at Universal. One (although not the only) of the reasons CSTS screenings are now spread out around the calendar a bit more is to allow for the remaining prints to be moved around. They are all still owned by Universal.

I think of it like this. Movie studios have a limited amount of storage space. So when a movie is out for several years, they have a standard practice of keeping only a small number of reels and destroying the rest. Universal, as B!x said, had set up explicit instructions to keep enough reels for the charity screenings. Somebody ignored those explicit instructions and went through the normal destroying reels now there are only a few reels in every country. For example, Canada shared film reels with USA last year.

So DVD screenings are happening and remaining film reels are being shipped to one theater and then to the next theater etc and then returned to Universal.

B!x's idea in the beginning was to have mass screenings all on the same day. That is harder especially with so few film reels.

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Although the event had already begun drifting away from more-or-less same day screenings anyway, by then, for many different reasons.
b!X - Norfolk doesn't count anyway. ;)

Only Northern VA (NoVA) does -- because we get TWO days in a row of CSTS - Friday night & Saturday afternoon. Next weekend. I'll be there.
BTW, happy anniversary. On this day in 2006, Ann Arbor, Michigan, held the first-ever CSTS screening.

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