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June 16 2010

io9 lists "18 honor roll-worthy science fiction academies". Guess which two Whedonverse institutions make the list? The first one is obvious... the second, less so.

Umm... the screenshot they show from Serenity is not on Sihnon. We never saw Sihnon, nor the academy, so it definitely is an odd choice.
It was probably the best shot they could come up with.
I was kind of expecting River's academy, but then I guess that's less a school and more a front for horrible experiments.
They seemed pretty good at it though, surely they still deserve to be on the honour-roll ? ;)

Battle school reference FTW. Read a lot of books and many of them pass through the old grey leaving barely a ripple but one thing i'll always, always remember - the enemy's gate is down ! ;)

Some interesting choices and a fairly original idea for a list, as these things go. Surprised the Jedi Academy didn't make it on there but then we don't see much of it in the films.
Uh...colour me picky, Saje, but I don't think we ever see a Jedi ACADEMY on-screen at all in the Star Wars sexology. We see a TEMPLE in the prequels and the Yavin 4 base is only converted to the Jedi Praxeum/Academy in the Expanded Universe novels. Though the Battle School from the Ender Wiggins novels being included means the Jedi Academy was still a contender though....
This may be an odd and picky point, but how are Hogwarts and Sunnydale HS sci-fi? Well, maybe Sunnydale could qualify as the trio and the one Frankenstein episode did deal with scientific gizmos, but generally I'd consider them both more fantasy than sci-fi (esp. Hogwarts, around which nothing electronic can even function).
It's not that odd since i've made it a few times (though it's probably picky ;), Buffy isn't sci-fi. Frankenstein, robots, jet-packs, whatever. Fripperies, icing, Hundreds and Thousands if you will - the core of the BtVS cake is fantasy. As is Potter, natch.

We see a TEMPLE in the prequels and the Yavin 4 base is only converted to the Jedi Praxeum/Academy in the Expanded Universe novels.

Wow, you really emphasised those words (is that bold, caps AND underlined !!! ;). Yeah, fair enough BlueEyedBrigadier, we see younglings (man I hate that word) training but it's at the temple. I sit corrected. That'll be why it didn't appear, good catch.
I'm guessing they couldn't find enough scifi examples so it's better to add some fantasy like buffy and harry potter. which is better,cause I think everyone who's read the books has wished to go to Hogwarts at some point. and while the battle school was rather cruel and mean, it's awesome that they added it. Ender FTW.
A Slayer School spinoff with Willow was mooted around the end of Buffy season 7 (Link:).
What can I say...I like to make sure certain things are made clear, Saje


Really, when I look at Whedonesque, the text sorta blends together unless it's bolded, italicized or underlined if there's a large block of text. So I tend to make sure that things like poster's names or titles of things are emphasized for better viewing amongst the black....probably also a leftover quirk from studying English Lit. and History in university...
Well, some Whedonverse coverage is always nice but ... what's with all these lists nowadays? Bored now.
Nice to see Battle School and Sky High included. It's a rare "top" list where I agree with the top 5, but I especially like the fact that Battle School edged out Starfleet Academy.

Yeah, Hogwarts is the wrong genre, and both the Whedon references in there were marginal (though not the *most* marginal... Colonial Fleet academy? Really?) but the list got so much more right than most such lists do.
I didn't see any way to flip to Page 2 so I missed the relevance.

I think they were using just "sci-fi" to mean the whole s-f-/fantasy-horror supergenre, a very common usage. (Heckfire, to me Star Wars is more fantasy than it is s-f-.)

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Is it geeky of me that when I saw the header I thought of Slayage?

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