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June 16 2010

When folks look back at Aly Hannigan's past performances, which role will she be best known for?

How could anyone HATE Willow?
The leading option right now is her FHM photo shoot?

My thoughts exactly, Nicole.
I guessing most people will know Alyson from her role in "How I met your Mother" or the film "American Pie". However, forever in my mind, she will always be Willow. Didn't realize there was a FHM photo shoot. Oh goodness gracious!
She'll always be Willow to me.
The Whedon folk must have jumped in cause Willow is way out in front now.
Can they not both (Lily and Willow) but equally memorable?

With Trina to a lesser extent. And then Michelle. (or at least that's my order)
When I watch Buffy she's Willow, but when I watch HIMYM she's Lily. I don't love HIMYM the way I do Buffy but both characters have become very real to me.

Never watched Veronica Mars or American Pie and didn't buy the FHM.
Well, Willow was epic. Seven years of that tasty Willow epic-ness can hardly compare to three episodes on Veronica Mars. And Willow was groundbreaking.

Lily on HIMYM isn't really that interesting of a character to me, IMHO. She can be kind of annoying and she's gotten a lot less likeable over time. Which, no, doesn't make her any less memorable, but makes that role less significant to me.

I would say the only real competition is American Pie, and only because that was hugely popular and everyone remembers her line. But again, I refer you back to the epic-ness of Willow.
I've never seen American Pie. I've seen some episodes of HIMYM and I liked it, though not enough to keep up with it on a regular basis (I'm not much of a sitcom watcher). I also thought that the character of Lily did not really make full use of Alyson Hannigan's talent.

For me, Willow is definitely the most memorable character.
Never was that much of an Alyson Hannigan fan myself.
I always thought her most memorable role was keeping Alexis Denisof at home.
I just can't like HIMYM, though I kind of keep trying. I'm not sure why, as I think all the actors are just fine, or better than fine. Must be the writing I guess. Particularly considering that plot-wise,- unlike most sit-coms- it is supposed to be going somewhere (meeting the mother), the episodes are exceptionally interchangeable.
Susan Hayward in the made-for-AMC biopic, followed by Cousin Miriam in the Hush Hush sweet Charlotte remake.
Willow is way ahead of the photo shoot now. Deservedly.
I always thought her most memorable role was keeping Alexis Denisof at home.

If you don't like her acting that's fine to state but that was an unnecessarily nasty comment.
It is strange that some people do not like Willow. She's so..loveable! Especially in the first 3 seasons. I challenge anyone to watch Doppelgangland and not smile at least once.

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I think as far as complexity of character, Willow. As far as public perception, the American Pie chick.

I know quite a few people who don't like Willow, though. I'm not one of them.
I am in the middle of watching BtVS for the first time right now. Haven't seen HIMYM or American Pie but... Willow is just one of the most memorable AND lovable characters ever, Alyson Hannigan or otherwise! I love her!
How does someone hate Willow and like Lily?
Is it opposite day?
I'll always see her as Willow but I think the majority of the public will probably always think of her as Michelle from American Pie. The line “this one time at band camp...” is pretty much the first thing that’d come into people’s heads when thinking of those movies. I think its awesome Allyson played such an iconic character, even if I think Willow’s the better character.
Lily hasn't gotten annoying to me yet, then again I'ven't seen S-5 yet, but thenthen againagain, I've heard S-5 was basically The Barney Show.

But I voted Willow anyway; something tells me we haven't seen the last of her, hopefully in my lifetime too.
Hate to burst the bubbles, but Willow is barely holding the lead to the FHM photo shoot. I'm baffled.
I'm not sure what disappoints me more, that the FHM shoot has again edged out Willow, or that the poll doesn't even mention the sensitive, groundbreaking performance that Alyson gave in her Mylanta ad.

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