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June 16 2010

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for September. Angel #37, Spike: The Devil You Know #4 and the Angel: Barbary Coast tpb all come out in that month.

Will be picking up both Angel #37 and Spike:TDYK #4.
September will make a big hole in my pocket (can't resist Urru & Chen's covers + Barbary Coast TPB)
Angel: Barbary Coast is a knockout story. Will probably buy the TPB so I can carry the whole thing with me as "light reading". :P
Just picked up the Spike:TDYK...I am usually happy with anything to do with Spike, but IMHO Spike doesn't look like Spike at all. I haven't read it yet, just purused the pictures and I must say I am very disappointed.

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