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June 16 2010

Comic Con panel details for Steven DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Panel guests announced for Friday 7/23, as well as a "Wrath of Con" party with cast in attendance.

Sidenote: congratulations to show star Andy Whitfield for successfully completing his cancer treatments! Hoorah!

Other sidenote: I HEART LUCY LAWLESS ;)

I was wondering why this hadn't been posted all day. I was at work and couldn't get to it.

ETA that FWIW, the Wrath of Con party is a regular thing during SDCC. I think this is Starz' first year as a sponsor.

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Hrm. I assume Wrath of Con will be happening at the same time as the Geek Girls & Friends tweetup, then.
I think there's a lot of subtle stuff going on in Spartacus. Beneath all the unsubtle stuff. Character-based carnage.
This is fantastic news! Can't wait to see them.
Hm, SDCC parties. I should get on that, huh? (Also, excited for the Spartacus panel, but want the schedule now!)
I never get to go to the parties. Apparently I don't know the right people, and I'm the wrong personality for party crashing.
I go to sdcc with a major studio and I can't manage to get into the parties. It isn't just you, bix.
Oh, I know it isnt just me. I just can't speak for anyone else. ;)
That's fantastic news about Andy Whitfield being cancer free, good on 'im (not sure whether to shout "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ..." or burst into a verse of "Men of Harlech" ;).

Plenty of room for a Batiatus/Lucretia prequel, i've been into that since it was first mooted. Do we know if any of the Whedon peeps (apart from Steven DeKnight I mean) will be involved in writing it or are they all sticking to the main series ?
Jed W and Maurissa T are working on the prequel, Saje.
Cool, ta.
Also, Andy is sked to be in two of the prequel 'sodes. Exciting!
It'll be great to hear JMo's words come out of Batiatus & Lucretia's mouth. The husband/wife banter always cracks me up, and after hearing JMo's commentary of E1, I can't think of a more perfect match.
I love this series and I'm so pleased to hear Andy Whitfield is on the road to recovery. For anyone who hasn't watched Spartacus yet, let me say that while it takes several episodes to find its footing, once it gets there it keeps getting stronger with every show. The last six episodes of season one were absolutely phenomenal, with so many delicious and/or shocking twists. So hang in there and you will become a convert.

Can't wait to see the prequel. Batiatus and Lucretia are terrific characters, real scene stealers.
Everything Saturn Girl just said.
Episode three was when I first was all Holy Crap. Episode five was when I went Holy Effing Crap, and never looked back.

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Agree with the above. Watched the first episode back when they were online but didn't like it much. Gave it another chance when it was on TV and loved it. The finale was brilliant, can't wait for the next season. And the prequel :)

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