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June 16 2010

Nathan Fillion to be on ALA READ poster! Kids Need to Read (KNTR) has arranged for actor Nathan Fillion to appear on an upcoming American Library Association (ALA) celebrity READ poster.

Apart from his co-founding/work for KNTR, I'm happy that NF is famous enough to be recognizable to a wide public to help promote reading. The poster is a nice one, and the cause is so important.
Oooh, I hope they have these at Comic Con.

I will buy two: one to put in whatever library I end up working in, and one for my home office.

Did they ever get Tony Head on one of those? Because I'd be all over that, too.

ETA: Looks like in 1998 they did one with the Buffy cast. But I would love one with just Giles.

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...TV series, movies, streamy web series, stage, audio podcasts, magazine interviews, and now posters? This guy can do anything!

Seriously, I hope and expect this will have some measure of impact on the ALA READ mission.
Kiba I thought Tony Head had done one but all I found this link.
If there's no Tony Head ALA poster than that is a real opportunity lost.
Rats! Doesn't look like these will be out in time for ALA Annual which is next week in DC. Cause I could've been one of the first kids on the block to have one....grumble...typical ALA timing.....grumble.

As for the Tony Head poster? I'd go out on a not so big limb here, and say that there wasn't one because:

1) ALA is generally behind the curve with these things - although they are getting better.

2) Because he is a librarian, and they don't want libriarians per se - they want readers.

3) Believe it or not, there are librarians out there that didn't/don't like the character - reinforces a stereotype blah...blah...blah...

Also, you can make suggestions at the ALA store as well. I know many people did for Giles.

BTW - ALA Graphics has a product for sale to allow you to make your own READ posters, in case anyone wants to take it up that way.
where can we purchase this poster?
I feel like Oscar Madison when he's complaining about Felix's note to him about being out of cereal - It took me forever to figure out that ALA meant American Library Association.

For those who don't get the reference, Oscar was complaining about the notes Felix left all over the house - "We're out of cereal, FU. It took me two hours to figure out FU meant Felix Unger."

My local tech college has oodles of READ posters w/instructors on them. Kinda cool, because you can learn to recognize instructors you don't have classes with.
Rivergirl - you can purchase the poster - when available - online from the ALA Store
In the FAQ section there is an email address given so that anyone can suggest any celebrity to do a poster, so if everyone wants an ASH poster, perhaps a few people sending in polite emails and requesting it would make it happen. Of course, he would have to say yes as well.

What book would everyone like him holding?
NYPinTA I think it'd be sweet if he was holding his partner's first book, "Know Your Horse Inside Out." Their horse Otto (The horse Giles rode in the beginning of "Lessons") is a featured case study.

Otherwise, if we want something that'd tie to the show, maybe Barb & JC Hendee's "Dhampir," the first of the Noble Dead series. Or he could be pulling The Vampire Book, Encyclopedia of the Undead (Completely Revamped edition) off a shelf. (That's a pretty darn big book, so I can't see him posing with it.) When he was doing "True Horror" that was one of the books featured in the vampire episode. (In fact, there's a picture of him @a table with that book; I kinda squeed when I saw that, because I have the same book.) Or one of the scholarly Buffy books.

As for him agreeing, I've got a feeling he totally would. He's that kinda guy.

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