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June 17 2010

Neil Patrick Harris presents The Smurfs teaser trailer. The movie will be out next year.

They were annoying enough as animated cartoons. Now in CGI? And 3-D?

Grr, Argh.
The cg looks good. But I don't think I'd have as so much as a dislike of this if it was set in smurfland instead of modern times. Everything does not have to be modern-fied.
Yeah, boo to them not being in smurfland! That would have been really fun.
I like the scale of the Smurfs surfing the taxi cab. I was worried when that Times Square production still made the rounds and they looked entirely too big. (Don't think this is my kind of movie though, despite fond Smurf memories from my childhood...)
That is smurfed-up. It even has the mandatory "Wild Thing" playing in the background, lol.
I hated that show. But the marketing worked--it was NPH and so I watched the trailer anyways. And now I can't get that frickin' song out of my head! *face palm* I am so dumb.

*voice of doom* BEWARE THE SONG!
I used to think this would be a fun romp in one of my favorite childhood movies, whether or not I ever saw it.

Then I found out it's Smurfs in NYC.

Whoever put that teaser together needs to be fired. Abysmal.

That said, the Smurf's are incredibly adorable. I don't see this being any better than the terrible Alvin and the Chipmunks though.
Why in NYC? And why don't the Smurfs look right? Gah, CGI makes me cringe. And yet, NPH means I will probably see this and pay good money for it too. That's smurf'd up.
Woo-hoo, ninjapigeon, that's my phrase de semaine. ; >

"That is all kinds of smurfed up."

Oh, Hooooooray! A classic from my childhood - And in 3-f**king-D! And in Times Square, the most vibrant, culturally significant place in the world!! (at least, according to modern crap cinema)

I'm sorry, I love Neil. I think he's lovely and is on my list of "monogamy with exceptions," but this so far looks as bad as Marmaduke. And we all know how that turned out.

Is there a single original idea in Hollywood? Honestly, I hope I'm completly wrong for NPH's sake...but I just got done watching a season of Breaking Bad and my standards are way too high right now.
Sigh. Brace yourselves for another round of Avatar jokes.
The idea of placing the movie in NY remebers me of the opening of "The 10th Kingdom".

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