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June 17 2010

Neil Patrick Harris to receive star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Neil is among the star recipients in 2011.

This is *awesome* for NPH - getting your star must give you a few shivers down the spine when you find out, don't ya think? It's so... iconic.

On the other hand, that made me think of this.
Fun! I was on the Walk of Fame with my son last Sunday (we were attending the L.A. Times "Hero Complex" Movie Festival Ridley Scott-double feature of Alien and Bladerunner at the Chinese - brill) and he asked whether David Tennant had a star. "Maybe one day," I said, not too convincingly . . . but, as doctors go, NPH is almost the next best thing. :-)
Congrats and an extra awesome YAY to Mr NPH :D

QuoterGal Me too! :( And by the by what ever happened with that?
Cool that Tina Fey is getting one too! That's two awesome people getting a WOF star!
Damned if I know, property of Mr Gordo, though I'd certainly be interested to hear.

I do love this Very Special Star made by our own mcookies_actual.

(And I noticed that, um, Donald Sutherland is getting one, too. Well, there's M*A*S*H, anyway.)

ETF: wrongness

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That brings up the question: How many Whedon alumni have stars? Are there any?
I visited the walk of fame for the first time in January. I was amazed at the number of wig stores on Hollywood blvd. Is there really that much demand for wigs?
I'd always thought the wig stores on the Boulevard were for costuming (there used to be more costume shops along there) and cross-dressing, but I've got nothing solid on that.
Congrats, NPH.

I'm kind of in shock that some of those people don't already have stars. I mean how is Ridley Scott just getting one now?
More to the point, NotaViking, how are The Muppets only getting one now?! (Also, looking forward to seeing how they imprint muppet paws/hooves!)

And - Congrats to NPH - that's awesome!
The Star ceremonies and the footprint ceremonies are different things. :) Getting a star doesn't mean getting to imprint your hand/foot, sadly!
Yep thanks RachVG, just figured this out, my bad.
What happened to the money for the Joss Star? Does anyone know?
I'm also curious about what happened to the money for the Joss Star, as I donated but never heard anything about where the money went after it was announced that he didn't make the cut for the 3 years the application was eligible. IIFC the $26k raised was supposed to go to charity if the application wasn't accepted. Wasn't RavenU organising that?
I am SO thrilled for NPH but once again Weird Al does not make the cut! The injustice! Unbelievable! ;)

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Hmmm. The unveiling sounds like a perfect opportunity for the ELE to mount an attack. Look for freeze rays.

Tell your friends.
The Joss star money question gets asked in these parts around every six months or so. I do not recall if there's ever been a definitive answer.
Congrats NPH! What a wonderful honour!
: )
Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - awesome. Having it be in the same year as the Muppets - priceless.

What wonderful news! Well deserved Mr. Harris! :)
Happy for NPH and all the other deserving talent that are getting their stars. Hope that $26K didn't go to pay off someone's bills. Anyone know how to find out the truth? Very disconcerting.
It's not terribly definitive, but last I heard, the funds raised were supposed to rollover into a Walk O' Fame Star campaign for the following year (this as of late '08, if I recall) but then the site and its forum went down, and I personally know of no later info/updates since then.

As I recall, any additional/extra funds raised after paying for the star (which cost had reportedly been upped from $15K to 25K in February of '07) were supposed to be split between Equality Now and the Sam Loeb Scholarship Fund. One hopes that either all the Star donations have been donated thusly -- or that a new Star campaign is ongoing? I see no signs of the latter, with the domain being let go and the site being down, and no way currently of knowing about any charitable donations.

Aww, Muppety Neil. First smurfs and now muppets. I hope one or the other mob appears in Dr. Horrible Too, and they also get to join the Evil League of Evil with the Doc.
Neil has previously performed with muppets, of course. :-)
"Performed with muppets" sounds vaguely euphemistic... and that's so wrong... of me.

Yay Neil. :)

Edit: Never you mind! (Ok. Spelling. As usual.)

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I love Neil and don't discount his body of work, understand how arbitrary a thing this star business is, know that Joss is already well-respected by his peers in the industry, and am cognizant of the love most of us, his admirers bear him, and already think of him as a shining star in the firmament of quality entertainment. But what happened to the venture which I also contributed money to that could have gotten Joss the recognition we would like to see him receive raises my hackles to my hairline.
I contributed too, Tonya J. Pretty sure (and more sure the longer it takes anyone to 'fess up) the fandom has been ripped off once again. This is why I am extremely reluctant to chip in on any fandom causes/activities anymore. Tired of getting taken for a ride.
There's some discussion of it on with some information that has been collected. It might be a good idea to follow this issue up on the .org thread so it doesn't get buried.
Thanks for the reminder. I posted over there for all the good it will do. Sometimes the good is venting b/c I get sour every time this comes up again.

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