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June 18 2010

Eliza says "Don't Hold Your Breath for a Dollhouse Movie". Nothing new. But we Australians don't get a lot of news.

Nothing new, (especially seeing as Joss has said that there will be no more Dollhouse), but she's in Australia at the moment for Supanova and as Australians, we feel the urge to ask questions that the rest of the world knows the answers to.

She does discuss her penchant for leather, however.

haha. When I read the title, I thought, "huh? People have been hoping for Dollhouse movie?" Very, very far-fetched.
Now she tells me [/disembodied voice from beyond the grave].

(anyone else notice that despite being part of the title and in quotes, Eliza actually doesn't say "Don't Hold Your Breath for a Dollhouse Movie" ?)

And I have a penchant for her penchant for leather. Our penchants should do lunch, they seem to have a lot in common.
For those going to Supanova to see Eliza, be advised that her talk for the general public is on Sunday along with Dichen lachman. Those interested in Summer Glau and Charisma Carpenter should go Saturday. If you paid for the ($400!) Wedonverse tick you get an exclusive panel with Eliza and Dichen on the Saturday and an exclusive panel with Summer and Charisma on the Sunday. I believe you can get Autographs and photos with all four on both days.

Originally I was going Saturday (booked my ticket from Melbourne and everything), but the main reason I was going was to hear Eliza speak, so I ended up changing my travel plans so I would be there on the Sunday. Disappointed that I won't get to see Summer's talk, but Iím determined to get a photo with her and an autograph. Sunday is usually better for photos and autographs (little or no queues).
Have fun, Zoic Fan!
In related news, analysts are predicting that the abacus will not make a comeback and replace the calculator in everyday use within the next 36 months...
The abacus went out of style and is no longer in daily use? Huh. I should probably let our accounts department know.

On a topic related topic, Supanova was great. The Melbourne Browncoats joined up with the CSTS Sydney crew and had a great time at our Artist Alley booth, selling merch for charity, and spruking the CSTS Sydney event next Saturday (26 June). Lots of Whedonverse goodies were available at the con(including some I hadn't seen before) and there were some great Whedon inspired costumes. The Whedon cast were all wonderful and were delighted to have so many fans supporting them. Overall, a great reason to spend the weekend in Sydney! I'm sure this weekend's Perth event will be great too, though they're expecting smaller numbers so fans may end up with more time with the stars (lucky ducks!).

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"Spruking" sounds like the kind of word I have to start using immediately and everywhere, never heard it before but I already love it ;).

Glad folk had a good time too.
It's a great word. Though I spelled it wrong and it's actually "spruiking". It's a term often used to describe the promotional methods used by food sellers at markets, who yell out their prices and engage people who walk by.

spruik [ sprook ] (past and past participle spruiked, present participle spruik∑ing, 3rd person present singular spruiks), intransitive verb, Australian
Definition: to promote goods, services, or a cause by addressing people in a public place ( humorous )

Speaking of awesome Australian words, Dichen mentioned in her Supanova panel that the Dollhouse writers ended up making Priya Australian because Dichen would use all these words and phrases that are really common in Australia, but were unfamiliar to Americans. They thought she was hilarious, so they decided that they needed to include that in the show. Phrases like "taking the piss" (to make fun of something) etc. They also used lines from some of her poetry in the scenes where Priya is in the mental facility and is rambling/ranting.

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Yeah, we Brits take the piss too but as far as i'm aware we never "spruik" so that has extra novelty value, ta ;).

And i'm glad they made her Australian BTW, particularly since she came across as an Aussie. Sometimes on US shows other nationalities are basically Americans with funny voices but Priya (and as another example Jesse as played by Stephanie Jacobsen from 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles') felt properly Australian. Jesse Spencer has also had a few nice bits on 'House' that highlight it without going mental (no cork hats so far ;).

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