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June 18 2010

Max Perlich guest stars on Burn Notice. Whistler meets Weston. The link will direct US residents to the season four episode, "Made Man" on Hulu.

Thank you! I was trying to remember who that actor was, he was so familiar but I just couldn't think where I knew him from (from where I knew him).
I happened to catch this, and it also stars Coby Bell, who was credited in Reptile Boy as "Young Man". Can't say I remember him, but I can certainly picture him as one of the frat boys.

I'd never seen a Burn Notice episode before. It felt kinda implausible, but it was entertaining enough to keep me watching until the end.

Side note: one of my first impressions of Nicholas Brendon on Buffy was that he reminded me a little of a young Bruce Campbell.

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