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June 18 2010

Captain Malcolm Reynolds Tonner doll available for pre-order. That'll set you back $154.99, you can also get Mal's Browncoat as an accessory for $39.99. Also available for pre-ordering are QMx's Serenity Flying Mule and River Tam Animated Maquette. TFAW are offering the Mule for $314.95 and QMx are offering the Maquette for $69.95.

As far as I can tell, the only way to get the Browncoat accessory is through TONNERdirect.

Well, he's kind of... terrifying.
Yep, sorry Mal but your doll looks like a slightly camp Action Man. If he told me to GET IN THE VAULT ! I totally wouldn't even bother.
His waist seems very narrow (insert joke about Capt Tightpants here). The clothes seem pretty much spot on though.
They are but then clothes are pretty easy to get spot on (my Granny used to make great Action Man outfits, as good as these anyway - if she were a character in a WWII POW film she'd have been "The Tailor").
For that kind of money! it should look more like Nathan
The face looks more like Captain Jack Harkness...
I added austinglobe's news to this entry. I'm wondering if Tonner got the rights to the character but not Nathan's face.
Uh, helmet hair and ill-fitting waders for boots. Really? :/
Simon, they probably have full rights, It's just that Tonner have a bad rep when it comes to the likenesses on these things. The clothes are usual good, but facial sculpts are often truly awful, even for a doll.
Disappointing! But that's probably a good thing because I couldn't afford it anyway! And it looks like he's wearing make-up!

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I love the River maquette, shame I don't have the money to spend on something like that. As for Mal, those are very tight pants.
I'm all for 'Verse swag, but that doll is brutal. The Mule is awesome though!
Having seen their Doctor Who line, I presume Tonner just don't bother trying for likenesses.
The River one is pretty cool although a) it doesn't look much like Summer and b) it's really pretty inanimate. False advertising !
QMxInsider: Actually, it looks nothing like Summer, @Sereniity. It's not supposed to. It's an animated interpretation of the character, not the actor.

Hence the motionless animation bit.
Tonner is really hit-or-miss when it comes to their TV/movie dolls. Some of their work is good, like their work on Professor Snape, Luna Lovegood, et al. Most of the time, their work is horribly off, such as the Harry Potter trio and their entire "Pirates of the Caribbean" line.

Captain Mal deserves better. I'm surprised Nathan Fillion isn't tweeting about it.
I'm wondering if Tonner got the rights to the character but not Nathan's face.

Maybe. Some of the Tonner dolls come with the official precluding note: "Authorized likeness of [insert actor/actress name]" or "Sculpted in the likeness of..."

Still, even those with that disclaimer don't resemble their real-life counterpart. The Jack Harness "authorized likeness" doll doesn't come close to looking like John Barrowman.
Whoa. Nice galoshes and toupee. Bonus points for the pouty bottom lip and serious face. Because this is serious business.
From what little we've seen of him, Jayne is going to be amazing.

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