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June 18 2010

SFX Magazine's most exciting names working in science fiction today. This month's SFX has this year's Top Hot 50 and their website now has the top 20 names from that list. Joss comes 20th and Seth Green is 15th.

If you buy the magazine, you'll see that Felicia Day came 25th.

Not a bad grouping. I was hoping for more rising stars - perhaps they're in the bottom 30? - but lots of great names on this last.
Summer Glau anywhere? :-/
Christopher Nolan in the #1 position is an interesting choice, can't find much to argue about there - except that maybe James Cameron or Ridley Scott deserved it more.
And what can you say about JJ Abrams at #2? He doesn't stick with his TV creations for long enough to deserve this, IMO. Although I loved the Star Trek re-boot, it's just not enough.

Of course I think Joss should have been rated much higher, but this is a UK site and I've never heard of a lot of the people on the list.

The most intriguing thing I read is that Ridley Scott is working on adaptations of both Brave New World and The Forever War.
Just .... wow, it's going to take some time to just absorb that!
Last year Joss wasn't on the list so it's nice to see him on it this time round.
Even though Cabin seemingly won't be out next January and we don't know for sure he's directing 'The Avengers' it's still good to see Big Dub on there.

Other than that, good to see them paying attention to non film creators (including a few comics types). And Moffat, obviously ;).
Tickled pink with this selection, yay Joss!

So happy to see Ridley Scott tossing his hat in the ring again, been way too long. And Seth, gosh, he's so good! Always looking forward to his work.

Not too keen on Cameron at the moment, he's just acting plain silly. Hope he gets over his grandness and returns to art!

Oh, if I may add, another one to watch is Ron Moore.

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