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June 18 2010

Dollhouse Composer Rob Simonsen Uploaded Another Score Piece To His Myspace Profile. It's called "Taking Down Rossum". In related news, Jed tweeted that he aims to release an album next month, which is supposed to include his song "Drones" from the Dollhouse season two episode "Belonging".

I hope Rob Simonsen continues to upload music from Dollhouse to his Myspace profile. If we can't get an official soundtrack, this is the next best thing.

Also looking forward to Jed's album. Wonder how much of the vocals will be Jed's or Maurissa's. Also wonder whether they'll include a version of "Freedom", the song which Eliza sang in season one. Definitely excited for "Drones", I have been waiting for it to be released since the episode aired.
I want Topher and Bennett's theme badly. It was adorable.
Must admit, the 'Dollhouse' score doesn't leap out as a keeper in the same way e.g. Buffy or 'Firefly' did (both of which are rarely off my MP3 player in some capacity). May have to re-listen, sometimes a bit of time can make all the difference and the real test of a cue for me is whether it works as well outside of the show (or even better, as with a lot of Murray Gold's Who stuff).

Also been meaning to check out some of Jed's stuff.
I actually really enjoyed Dollhouse's score, and I'm really hoping a soundtrack gets released. I'd love to be able to listen and own the music.

Also, very glad to hear about Drones! I was sad when Maurissa said it would be released soon and never was.
I was surprised with how quickly Jed responded to my question. Really a great guy and I'm very excited for the album.

@Donnie - Presumably, the album will consist of Jed's music and songs, so I don't see "Freedom" being included.

Seeing as how Rob has been putting tracks up on his MySpace page, I would imagine he could just as easily make an album for release on iTunes. Unless, Fox won't allow him to make money from it, in which case I suppose it could just be free on iTunes. :)

ETA: Never mind. I just saw the "Buy" option in the music player. Sweet!

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@ kungfubear

I was considering "Freedom" as a song of Jed's and thought that Maurissa and him might have recorded their own version of it for it to be included on the album. Since it's a great song they have written, it would be a shame to just have it appear on Dollhouse, but you're probably right. It probably won't be included. I'm curious though to see whether it's an album that only has Jed singing or whether it actually is an album where Maurissa sings as well.

I didn't see a BUY option there. Now I've got to look it up again. I really hope Rob Simonsen uploads more tracks to his Myspace or puts together a soundtrack for an I-Tunes-release. I believe he put together I-Tunes-soundtracks for his "500 Days Of Summer" and "Burden"-scores, so I believe the only thing that speaks against it is FOX. I once emailed to his website and asked for a score release and he (or his webmaster) replied and said that they were considering it.

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