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June 18 2010

Cute video of Nicholas Brendon and a very young fan at his Los Angeles Meet and Greet. This is devastatingly adorable.

freakin' adorable!!!
Cuteness Overload. -spontaneously combusts-
Ohhhh I want to hold him and pinch his cute little cheek! The baby's pretty adorable also.
yay! that's my pseudo-nephew! isn't he adorable? can you just hear all the biological clocks ticking right now? LOL what a great afternoon and way to celebrate. :)
Awww, that's so cute! *cue gushy schmoopiness*

Does he have his own children? I can't remember.
This here now clock needs a re-wind, since it's been on snooze for so long, but that good ol' baby fever kicks right in when one sees Nick or Nathan with little ones. Awwwww!
He's so cute!!! And the little boy is cute, too.
If he doesn't have kids yet, it looks like it's time! Cute.
It's too bad Xander and Anya never had any children, that would have been fun to see on the show.
I second that. Xander and a child would be so adorable.
Cute interaction, but I'm a little confused as to why the baby's parents would choose to hijack a Nicholas Brendon meet-and-greet to celebrate their baby's birthday, complete with cake.
Actually, the parents didn't know there would be cake.

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