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June 19 2010

Whedonverse stars Down Under. Photos of Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau, Charisma Carpenter and Dichen Lachman at the Supanova Expo Australia.

Title links to all photos, including those of fans/attendees in costume. For photos linking to specific individuals only:

Eliza Dushku
Summer Glau
Charisma Carpenter
Dichen Lachman

Note: Mark Lutz is missing from this collection. Hopefully some photos of him will surface soon.

Le sigh. That's it, I'm definitely going next year. Here's hoping many more Whedonverse stars will come/return to Australia. Everyone looks stunning!
I need more money. That would be so friggin' awesome to go to.
It was a great day! Mark was hilarious, Eliza was very gracious despite being highly in demand, Charisma was magnificently snarky (and her shoes were AMAZING!) and Summer is just completely, utterly adorable.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow, especially as Summer and Charisma have a panel together and Eliza and Dichen are both doing their individual panels.
I sure did pick a year to stop organising CSTS. Supanova are usually happy to provide us with a poster signed by a bunch of the guests, and this year woulda have been a nice collection of whedony autographs to auction off. Oh well. Sounds like Daniel did an amazing job of bringing some great Whedon (and other) people downunder for the cons this year.
The ladies look beautiful, and Eliza is such a knock out.
Is it me or is Summer looking scarily skinny?
Sydney may have gotten all those Whedon-verse stars, but! Did Sydney SupaNova have someone arrive for the Cosplay as the TARDIS? From these pictures, I say not. So.. ner ner ner :P to Sydney.

... God I hope Brissy gets a bigger line-up next year. LoL.

The ladies look awesome, as per usual. Maybe they'll come back and do Brisbane and Melbourne next year?
Is it me or is Summer looking scarily skinny?

She always looks that way. Besides - she evidently knows her stuff.
I agree the line-up is amazing but I had friends at the convention today and they said the lines for the photos and autographs were ridiculous. In that sense, I prefer when I only have one or two names on the ticket that I'm dead-keen on seeing, so I don't feel like spending my entire day waiting around and missing out on Q&As.

Also, it seems like you'd have to go to both days to see all the Whedon Q&As unless you had the VIP tickets.

Still, I stew in the jealousy. haha
Holy crap, does Charisma age?

Sidenote: The classic Harley Quinn costume is awesome!
I'm wondering what these ladies have against Dragon*Con? :( I know Charisma came last year but we don't have anyone from Dollhouse AGAIN (except Mark Sheppard) and I'd like a Dollhouse panel that's more than just fan speculation.
They might not have been invited. I know the majority of the Dollhouse mob aren't at Comic-Con officially, for example, as they don't have anything to promote.
From what I understand, a list is made of each Whedon show and most everyone of interest is invited. I don't know why they would invite Luke Perry and not any of the lovely ladies of Dollhouse.
Summer Glau.

Rhymes with Wed Her Now.
Over on Twitter, @AndrewThorpe has posted several nice pics of all of our ladies and a few cool costumes too.
we really need a Supernova in Adelaide... I keep asking, but still no luck. I mean Perth gets one now, come on..
@AndrewThorpe's 'Joss and @ActuallyNPH's child' is uncanny. He really does look like a hybrid between the two.

I'm going to the Perth one next week.

*dance of joy*
Oh, did I ever mention the eye of the women? What's the count, 432 times? Well, chalk another hash mark on the ole' board!

catalyst2, I done thought you fell off the planet. So glad you're still with us.
Thanks Brinderwalt, I was wondering where all the views were coming from lol. I'll post up some more photo's later tonight I have photos of them all at their respective panels.
Lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing the pics!
I've just arrived back in Melbourne after a fantastic weekend at Sydney Supanova. Perth folk, you have a real treat coming up next weekend! Remember to ask Dichen about her "special talent" for blowing bubbles out of her armpit in the shower. :) Also, does Charisma really hate Angel season 4? Why yes, she does, and is pretty scathing about it too (but in a funny/snarky way).
Here are some more of my photos from Supanova, including some from Mark Lutz's Panel.
Flick through to number 35 for the cutest geeky kid pic ever.
Supanova was indeed amazing. Thanks again for the promotion, cabri.

To top it all off, Charisma was on my flight on the way home, the one person I didn't already have a photo with. I thought I'd say hi as I'd missed most of her Q&A (the lines were extremely long) and she offered a photo (though I was holding my phone as I'd been texting everyone about whether or not I should bother her). Her mum actually took it for us.

I'll have more pictures to upload in the next few days when I can get them off my girlfriend's camera, including better ones of the Q&A sessions and some with Mark Lutz.
I'd like to know what was said at Supanova, are there any transcripts of the panels?

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