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June 19 2010

Once More With Feeling in Today's IMDB Poll. Today's IMDB poll asks what musical most deserves a big screen karaoke edition.

Heh. While "None of the above" is winning by a large margin, we're currently in 4th. Not bad for a genre show.
Mamma Mia! was already released that way.
Well, we already had a big-screen karaoke edition, until the suits shut us down...

I find it hard to believe there has never been a sing-a-long version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
No horrible doctor around? What a bummer!
I voted for Buffy of course, but I think the most realistic answer would be Rocky Horror.
Sorry - gotta go with the doctor in the house.
Mamma Mia? Seriously?
I don't understand the "none" answer. What the hell do people care if someone else does a sing-along? Damn intolerant country. Seriously bugs me.
Actually, I thinking this poll is showing a wide berth of tolerance of individual taste, just what swings your fancy so to speak. And, we have it here.

Must admit, I was so torn between OMWF and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Buffy's "Walk thru the Fire" finally made me decide. Still breaks my heart just listening to her story.
Folks already get together in theaters to throw hot dogs at the screen or whatnot for RHPS. (Or, more correctly, "The Rocky Horror Show - they only added the "picture" when it became a movie.)

At the time I was planning Carpe Noctem, we were talking about prop bags we could hand out when we aired OMWF. There'd be little foam cheese wedges for Xander & Anya's song, stuffed bunnies, glitter that could be thrown in the air during "Under Your Spell," that sort of thing.
The clerks at the theatres might want to kill you after throwing glitter. I know my colleagues who get very angry when they have to clean up after The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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