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June 20 2010

If It Gives You Joy - a fanvid. A really fun, playful Whedonverse video that has it all - BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse.

It really puts a smile on my face, so I figured I'd pass the joy along. :)

Definitely gave me joy.
SO who does that song?
I love stuff like this. Giles fighting the skeleton always gives me joy.
I love this so much I hate it. Because now I have to watch them all again.
"Song by David Poe" according to the description.
That really did give me joy. And I didn't know David Poe's music before, but the title of the song is "Joy," and it appears one can download it from his website for a buck.
I've loved this video forever! It's so much fun. Hmm, it'd be so cool to have one of my videos linked on here someday. If anyone cares to see them ( I mostly vid BTVS and Angel) my Youtube channel is
Joy was had. Thank you for linking it!
That was fun. Anybody recognize the clip with Boreanaz with some kind of stuffed bear puppet?
That was in 'Dad', Season 3. Angel was trying to get baby Connor to stop crying. Very cute scene.

Fun video. It did give me joy :)
So funny, I'd just watched that video right before I checked in. Guess it's true, birds of a feather flock together.

Well, I'd also took a peek at Dio, Pink, and Sarah Mac. Hey, just making the rounds! Someone has to do it.
Joy was had. Very nice video.
That was great, thanks! I totally needed it today.
Today has been kind of sucky, but that video made it sooo much better!
Ohh, superduper. Excellent work!
I'm really pleased you all got some 'joy' :)
It surely does give me joy.
Loved this.
Great! I loved how in the beginning Faith was channel surfing then Angel took the remote and changed the channel to ANGEL.
@The Do That Girl - Thanks, that was great!
Awesome! I loved the dance montage :)
Fantastic vid! Quite well done and gave me joy indeed. Much appreciated! :D
What a beautiful ode to television. :)
Thanks for posting this.
Thanks so much for this. I almost skipped it, because YouTube brings out my obsessive, "who needs sleep?" side, so I mostly avoid it.
But this was well worth it. Very well done vid, and a reminder, to me at least, of the truly extraordinary nature, look and feel of Joss/ME's body of work.
Good stuff and starting the day with a goofy grin on my face, loved seeing Joss doing his dance. Check out the rest of her videos, there is a very good one called FREE - Angelus.
That was awesome. Put a smile on my face. Thanks. :)
I couldn't help smile as I watch this while my eyes teared up and for the 4+ min run of the vid I was confused at the weird melancholy joy I was feeling.

It's the right about time for a Whedon marathon.
We had some smile-time going on here. There was all manner of joy.
Lovely. Very well done video. Thanks.
I was a bit cynical at first but by the time they were all dancing I had a big grin on my face. Also, SMG just has the best smile ever - she is beautiful laughing in that clip from 'Real Me'. Stunning.
Mirage, that was my weird and wonderful mix of feelings as well. Joy and tears at the same time. Just like Jossir's shows themselves.
This is exactly what I needed after 3 hours studying. MAT program be damned!

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