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June 21 2010

Edgar Wright talks about that meeting with Joss Whedon. Remember this tweet from ages ago? Well Edgar reveals a bit more to MTV's Splash Page and thinks "it's exciting" that Joss is directing The Avengers.

Just beat me to it.Was about to post
And they will have many adorable babies.
Just to clarify - this whole project is still in existence purgatory, yes?
I hope he announces this before or at Comic Con. Otherwise I will die of impatience.
It has never been officially announced that he's directing.

(He is, though).

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I understand that Joss may not be able to divulge all the details of his creative involvement with the Avengers, but there's no reason he can't tell us about the sex.
(He is, though).

How do you know these things, gossi. Did you hear the words from Joss' mouth? The circles you run in while working for a tuna company... are mighty fine circles. Maybe I should go into the fish business.

Absolutely, Pointy. Sex details would be great. And maybe what type of coffee they drank together. Kind of like the pizza that Eliza bought for Joss. ;)
@korkster: Yeah it is essential whedonite knowledge that it was a gouda pizza. what does that say about us? I'm not sure.

(insert pun about gouda and cheesyness)

One interesting thing is that once again a person who *could* know (I assume?) what's really going on does not confirm the rumor. But he does talk like it's a done deal:

"...I think he's doing stuff on the script as well..."
"...I think it's exciting that he's doing that..."

Or he's such a big fan that he has the same happy delusion as the rest of us. Oh well.
I wasn't sure about your question brinderwalt. I'm pretty sure the Avengers movie is pretty much as destined as a James Bond sequel, (which is to say... erm...) we just don't know about whether Joss is involved.

If you mean Wright's Ant Man movie though, that one is actually pretty up in the air from what I've heard. Like Stan Lee backs him in public and he's shown interest for quite some time but this may somewhat depend on how an Avengers movie does or how bankable Wright (hopefully) becomes after Scott Pilgrim wins versus the world.
Scott Pilgrim looks fun and every one of my friends say they think it looks "retarded", "lame", or "stupid" when the trailer plays in front of whatever theatrical release we're seeing. I have Michael Cera fatigue too (although the film he did with Charlene Yi, Paper Heart, turned that around some, even if he was essentially playing himself), but c'mon, it looks like potentially sharply-written, funny, zany fun. Never read the comic, though I remember getting closer to buying it during an Oni Press phase several years back. Wright's scribe credits on Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (actually, not sure if the latter did well in theatres), in addition to Scott Pilgrim potentially doing well, should buy him enough cred for Ant Man.

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