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June 21 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #34. Courtesy of CBR.

Ok, Illyria is posetively painful to read.

And what exactly is it with the read haired woman and getting Spike out of her room? Is she from the middleages?
Disregarding Illyria's scientific approach to procreation with Connor (ugh), I'm not sure about the art. Or is that just the way the site makes it look? It seems a little smudgy and none too fresh. I felt like my contacts were messed up.
I found Illyria's seduction creepy.I do love Connor's reaction.
So the art is kinda weak. "Smudgy" indeed, and it just looks really rough around the edges. The coloring doesn't help either... it's like clashes of solid color with no real dimension against very pallid neutral tones.
I was curious so I did a little digging. The artist, Elena Casagrande, also did work on Angel #33, A Hole in the World #3, and A Hole in the World #5. I went back and looked at them, and it seems like over time the definition and shading of the characters themselves has become muted. If you look at A Hole in the World, for example, the characters are much more clearly outlined and the colors are more vibrant.
Actually I thought the art looked better than the art of The Devil You Know. Of course admittedly I'm seeing it through my how-does-Spike-look lenses.
I don't think Connor and sex with anyone are palatable to me anymore because it never fails to bring me back to the Connor/Cordy scene. Shudder. Just no getting over that. Plus looking at the way Connor's body is drawn in comparison to Vincent K.'s actual body just kinda makes me giggle.
And by the end of the Spike/watcher scene I just wanted to slap someone. Someone not Spike. Just shut up already and listen for a minute!
Yes, I agree with you Xane, the art is better than TDYK...At least this looks like Spike, which is always a good thing. I must admit I have no idea what is going on as I haven't kept up with the story, but I am going to jump back in.
Perhaps its because in "A Hole in the World" Ella Cassagrande did the art, but the colours were done by Ilaria Traversi, while on the Angel #33 and #34, Ella Cassagrande has been doing both art and colours. (David Messina who did #28-#32 had someone else on colours too.) Maybe doing both art and colours just increases the workload too much?
That would make sense, since from what I saw of "A Hole in the World", Elena's work looked quite nice. And I guess just because you're a good penciller doesn't mean that you're a good inker and/or colorist.
Incredibly, I found this hilarious, even farcical. I think I should be worried.
Allycat- Nope. Ilaria Traversi colored #33. What made you think Elena did that as well?
Wait, so did person A or person B color the last issue, and this one? Because the style looks identical, and is kind of a break from the previous issues in Willingham's run.
And I have no idea why I'm suddenly so invested in fail!art.
No real way to know yet. Strange thing is, after Fabio Mantovani and Jason Jensen, Ilaria was my favorite colorist. I don't know why her coloring here looks so blegch.
For what it's worth, I think the artwork posted has been sourced from files of not-great-quality. There are a lot of compression artifacts going on. Should look better in real life.
Still confused about the Illyria being an actual woman part. I thought 1.) that all her organs were liquified during the transformation and that her body was just a shell, this would imply that Fred's reproductive organs were lost as well. 2.) that Illyria was actually a dude? I know Knox called it a king, and Illyria once said of itself, "I am Illyria, god-king of the primordium, shaper of things!"

Now I realize that they didn't exactly go into it, and they kind of implied that it was a being without sex by refering to it as an "it", but this just seems like a giant plot hole. Just because she is using a human form does that mean that it should take on the gender identity of it's form? IDK.
Yeahhh, "You're an ancient goddess, or demoness--depending on whose account you read" is not a line I'm liking. You can easily fanwank around it by saying that Connor's read passages about Illyria that contradict or inform differently than what we experienced in Angel Season 5 (or he's been told this info about Illyria's gender/creature-of-origin by someone else who's read up on her/him/it), but why would Willingham deliberately ignore the references to maleness that were established early on about the character ? (even if the "king" label and any other masculine pronouns that may've been thrown Illyria's way were maybe more in the tradition of the same way the Bible refers to God as a "Him"--even if there's really no determined gender for that character and the "Father" imagery is more to complete the Mary/Jesus family model, not to mention probably predominantly a relic of patriarchy--and the demon/Old One that Illyria apparently was was maybe not specifically male).

A missed opportunity to give Connor a cause for pause (maybe not though, given his rearing in Quor'Toth and thinking Jasmine's true face was beautiful) and further, or maybe just reinforce, the otherworldly feel of Illyria.

Heh, Xane, I was kinda thinking that about actual real life Kartheiser vs. Angel comics Connor as well (just got done watching the first season of Mad Men). Eh, after Angel Season 4, maybe Connor grew out/buffed up a bit (and continues to do so). Kartheiser and his former character's paths diverge big-time.

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