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June 21 2010

Umpteenth 'Firefly to return?' rumour hits the Internet. A site called Nerdles claims that the SyFy network are always looking to bring the 'Verse back. An 'inside source' says "options on whether it will be a continuation of the series or another movie that takes over from the end of Serenity has been discussed". In response, SyFy tweeted "FYI, the rumor going around today that Syfy is continuing Firefly is false".

In a follow-up to that tweet, someone asked them
Are you guys ever going to pick up something Joss Whedon-related? As in any interest?".

SyFy's response
We'd LOVE to work with Joss and talk w/him from time to time about it. It's really up to him. He has many options, we're just one.

Syfy already tweeted the denial today.

Though - we could pretend they didn't.

So: Yay! Cool! Hooray!

*wipes a little tear*
Credit where credit is due, they're better at dealing with social media than Fox.
Despite their denial, I will be starring in a new Firefly series on Syfy, and every episode will raise money for Equality Now via CSTS.*

*This is a lie.
Another rumor, must be Tuesday...
I remember in my Firefly fan infancy, it felt like an inevitability that more would come, it was just a matter of when. I miss those days.
They've cloned Nathan Fillion? That must be a little weird for him.
Nah - I'm sure he's used to it by now.

In only vaguely related news I see that QMX has something particularly awesome looking in the works...

[ edited by brinderwalt on 2010-06-21 21:37 ]
Brinderwalt, that looks awesome! And i don't really want a SyFy production of Serenity, it may look similar to octo-mutant-shark vs tyranna-puppy or what ever they're peddling these days...

[ edited by BlueSkies on 2010-06-21 21:44 ]
i don't really want a SyFy production of Serenity

I do really want to see fake episode descriptions of SyFireFly. Mal fighting a giant lizard to recapture stolen cargo sounds about right.
Someone start the rumour that Nathan Fillion is to guest star in new Torchwood.
One can dream!!
What I find B.S. is the umpteenth defacto response by all of these networks guys..."we would love to work with Joss". I am sick of hearing that. Especially, after one of these network rumor responses are made only to hear Joss in another interview say nobody ever contacted him. It's just a default response so that these networks don't alienate his fans. It's disingenuous IMO.

[ edited by DarenG on 2010-06-21 22:19 ]
Sci-Fi are really boxing clever with their "No, we're not making it" so-called "fact"*. Yeah, sure you're not, Sci-Fi, sure you're not. Very believable.

*sets DVR for tomorrow night's double episode "Out of Giant Sharks With Frikkin' Lasers !" followed by "War Stories of the Golden Hearted Space Mothmen (also Gryphons ... of FIRE !)"*

Put Summer in them and i'd actually watch these BTW.

* it's what I call it anyway
In fairness, DarenG, the network may truly want to work with Joss, but it's not entirely on them even if they want to. They can't guarantee that they're going to get a good project from him, so it makes a certain amount of sense to wait for him to come to them with a pitch that sounds good, rather than coming to him and possibly wasting a couple months coaxing out of him some idea that's just not that good.

Plus, "we've had talks with him" seems like a little too bold a lie to make if it weren't the case.
DarenG, why do you think @syfy's response was disingenuous? Sounded like the truth to me. Of course they would love to do one of his shows. If the price was right and he was willing. It would be a no-brainer on their part. I don't think Craig Engler was blowing smoke on that response at all. It all makes perfect sense.
Jobo and TamaraC, the only reason I am saying what I am is because in the past I have bought network statements hook line and sinker only to hear Joss give an interview later where is his story differs. I just take all of these statements with a grain of salt.
A continuation? Ha. Before they could even consider this, they'd have to cancel Chuck, Castle, V and The Cape which hasn't even aired yet. If another movie is a delirious dream, I don't have a clue what a new season would be.

[ edited by iwearthecheese on 2010-06-21 23:11 ]
That is probably safe, DarenG, but then I don't ever think something is going to actually be produced out of "wishes", "talk" or "conversations" because that's all it is: talk.

I don't think we are going to see any Joss TV for a good 5-10 years anyway. Think he will go the movie and web route for a while and eventually he will be back on cable. Hopefully premium pay cable.
Please forgive me for asking, but how does this qualify as post-worthy, front page material, especially since we know for a fact that it's complete B.S.?
I'd surmise that if nothing else, it allows there to be a place to clearly debunk the rumor. Without w'esque weighing in, these rumors are a lot harder to tamp down.
Good surmisition. Surmission. Surmonizing. A not so wild surmise, b!x. Also, sometimes it gets a bit old and tiresome to have to repeatedly delete the same "story" from the front page. And, thirdly, Simon posted it. Q.E.D. :-)
I'm sure Syfy would love to do a Joss series. I also doubt they could ever afford it. Joss isn't exactly begging for work.
I would be fine with a Joss show on Syfy. It might even last for a while on cable. Maybe even *gasp* 5 seasons! I mean BSG was on Syfy, can't be that bad. But ya, he isn't exactly begging for work. Just me wanting him back on my TV,
Dang, I go out to get some sun and Firefly is and isn't revived in an evening. It's efficient, I'll give it that.
Where's that Ace Underhill when we need him.
Saving the world's pets of course. It's his calling.
So, can we believe them, or are they only denying for, like, publicity reasons?*

One can dream.

*Just in case: I'm being ironic here.
A few thoughts

1) I gave up hope for further Firefly content a long time ago out of self preservation.
2) I wouldn't believe they were bringing back Firefly on any network unless Joss himself came on here and announced it - and even then I'd make sure it wasn't April 1st...
3)I would prefer, at this point, for Joss to move forward in his career, creatively speaking.
Similar but expanded statement here from A SyFy Exec when asked about Firefly in an "Ask Me Anything" thread from Reddit
Same executive, in fact.

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