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June 21 2010

Six genre-tripping gunfighters Jonah Hex must duel FTW! Wired piece on crossover gunfighters, our fav Capt. Mal is listed.

But an objective analysis would take into account that Jonah Hex is riding a Hollywood blockbuster

Yeah. That went well.
Seriously, aren't Hollywood blockbusters supposed to make money.

In addition Megan Fox trying to have a southern accent really just puts this in the good Captain's favor. Whoever wrote this needs some education.
FYI post link is to the mobile friendly version of Wired. You might want to change it to this.
I think they're pretty evenly matched. Both ruthless, both fairly quick but also aware that quick ain't everything, both accurate, both take "stubborn die hard" to ridiculous extremes. But even as a straight male I can say with some certainty that Mal is prettier (possibly too pretty to die ;) and Mal has a crew that'd die helping him, Hex not so much. Mal might just edge it.

The Man with No Name would probably win overall though (assuming Josey Wales wasn't in the running ;).
So Hex vs. Vash the Stampede... A Draw.

Hex would fire first and pursue Vash relentlessly (but only because he mistakenly believes Vash's bad press.) But... Vash would manage to dodge almost all of the bullets. Of course Vash would be horribly injured, but given that he is not human, he would manage to survive and take out Hex with a crippling shot at the last second. This would not of course, be a killing shot and Vash would then patch up Hex's wound (just before passing out himself) thereby leaving Hex to fight another day.

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Whenever I hear the Jonah Hex commercial, I think Adam Baldwin is the guy who says "What happened to your face" and gets shot out the window/door.
Darn, no Darla ? :-) (-: She'd easily lose the draw itself but unless he had some very special bullets that wouldn't matter *grin.

The problem with WEstworld's the Black Gunslinger comapred to anyone is that his losses were pre-programmed. Once he killed james Brolin (who, as a friend put it looked "so--- surprised") Bnejamin wasn't dumb enough to draw down with him. So we don't know his, err, its limits.

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So where's the Saint of Killers, eh?
I think Raylan Givens just might take him out.
Well, the author did say Firefly fans would have one answer, and it would be different from everyone else in the world. What does Nathan Fillion's work on Castle have to do with Hex having an advantage? The author seems to mention that show with some disdain. I admit I'm smirking a bit that the author's guess at "Jonah Hex's" box office success was a gross overestimation (I'm no Megan Fox fan, but I disdain how Hollywood exploits her sex appeal to sell tickets to movies that would have a much smaller audience otherwise, and how she keeps consenting to that exploitation. Sorry, still coming off some Dollhouse vibes, I guess).

Btw, Ms. Fox spent her early childhood in East Tennessee, so her accent is probably not fake, just perhaps a different flavor that the typical Hollywood versions. I haven't seen the movie though, only previews, so I can't say if it sounds like the variety of Tennessee accents I have heard. Maybe the character isn't from there though? :P

...I do think this is an interesting write-up, but aren't many people either a Firefly fan or else someone who hasn't actually watched Firefly yet?

[ETA: clarified my post above per Saje's reply]

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Err, why are you happy 'Jonah Hex' failed at the box office ? Not only is he a great character that deserves a good film (and if the film's good it deserves success) but any re-ignition of interest in Westerns can only improve the (extreeeeeemely slight - in fact ship in more 'e's, stat ;) chance of anything new on the 'Firefly'/'Serenity' front.

And revelling in any creative endeavour's failure just leaves a bad taste in my mouth full stop.

I think Raylan Givens just might take him out.

Nah, Raylan's too good a man, he doesn't want to kill in the same way Hex and e.g. Josey Wales do (he might take Mal though, if pushed to it - he's a pretty quick draw even without a quick-draw holster and more importantly, he's cool-headed and practically never misses).
Saje, you're most likely right about Raylan, but I still jump so often while watching Justified that the cats won't get on my lap.
As for Nathan propping, well: props to him. He can prop me any time.
Your assignment for musing this afternoon is to imagine an episode of Firefly guest-written by Elmore Leonard.
Castle is a great show. It's formulaic at times, but it strikes me as basically being: 'Bones'+Nate=Castle.

Roland of Gilead would clearly win, though.
Pre lobstrocity, definitely. Post lobstrocity ... yeah, kinda definitely then too. He's like an All Star team of fictional gunslingers combined into one man.

Your assignment for musing this afternoon is to imagine an episode of Firefly guest-written by Elmore Leonard.

I'd pay folding money to see it, fer sure.

(good series 'Justified', glad it got renewed)

[ETA: clarified my post above per Saje's reply]

Fair enough, CellarDoor, that perspective I can understand (and I pretty much agree re: Megan Fox too BTW - anyone that doesn't sit down and reappraise their career after the way she was portrayed in 'Transformers 2' - i.e. basically a blow-up doll that occasionally talks - probably doesn't have much reappraising in them).
I'm *thrilled* about the renewal of 'Justified'! Per-maybe-haps some of the viewers who only saw the first few episodes and forsook it as just another procedural will give it another shot. I may have to pick up some of Elmore Leonard's works if the depiction of Raylan in the show truly does match the vision the author had while writing that character.

...FloralBonnet, that assignment has so much potential shininess my brain might undergo a gnab gib if I try to complete it.
Per-maybe-haps some of the viewers who only saw the first few episodes and forsook it as just another procedural will give it another shot.

Probably my favourite thing about it is the way it subtly reveals his character and gradually teases out the difference between his image of himself and other people's image of him. There're no "Moments of Revelation !" (imagine dinn dinnn dinnnnn ! music ;) as you often get in fiction but just by watching him go through his life, interacting with Ava, Winona, his father, Boyd and so on you really feel like you know him by the end of it. Even the bad-guys feel like real people (which, from my UK perspective, isn't something i've see too often in depictions of the American south).

They also balanced the episodic and arc elements really nicely for the most part. Kind of reminded me of 'Life' in that respect, another procedural that had more going for it than a cursory glance might indicate.

As to Elmore Leonard, not read much of his crime fiction but I can recommend two of his Westerns, 'Hombre' and 'Valdez is Coming' both of which I enjoyed (and both of which were made into pretty decent films too).
Walt Goggins, who played Boyd Crowder, is a genuine Southerner, and is reported to have been worried that the portrayals would be stereotypical and overly red-necky. He was happy with it and we with him! I think Elmore Leonard gets it. UKers would understandably be unfamiliar with our Southerners. Complicated, complicated. And I am a damnyankee.

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