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June 22 2010

Fox TV releases details of panels at Comic-Con, including Bones, Terra Nova, and Family Guy. Panelists to include David Boreanaz, David Fury, Seth Green, and many many more.

(OT: Glee and Sons Of Anarchy, back to back. I'm in some kind of weird TV heaven.)

I wonder if there will be any comics at the world's largest comic convention...
alexreager, there will be more comics and more rare comics and more comics panels than any other convention in the world is my (not so very much) educated guess.The TV panels get regulated to 2 or maybe 3 rooms of the entire convention center. There are dozens of rooms. The TV and Movies are just in the biggest rooms because way more people are interested. Too bad that sdcc panders to what the fans really want. :)
As TamaraC just scooped, there are tons of comic things, alex. Usually smaller-scale and in the less capacious rooms, thus less headline-worthy, but tons of them. (Last year, one of my highlights was sitting in a small room watching former Sandman - amongst other works - artists Jill Thompson and Charles Vess painting original watercolor pieces. In the middle of the C-C craziness, it was a splendiferous oasis of creativity and calm.)

There's also the vast main floor of the convention, a.k.a, the Bear Pit (no, I just made that up), which is over 50% comic-related stuff, I'd guess. The floor can be frenzied, but you can find pockets of delight there too, and comic writers and artists are usually wonderfully approachable. I had a lovely long chat with Batton Lash, creator of the very very funny Supernatural Law books, who's been coming to the Con for eons and so has juicy tidbits to relate about Con history and gossip and so on, and whose wife Jackie Estrada is the administrator of the Eisner Awards, among her many other talents . . . You could probably even stop for a chat with the legendary Bros Hernandez, if you're so inclined. :-)

Should probably note the blogger's addendum that this schedule pertains only to shows made by Fox, rather than shows that air on Fox but are made by others.
I've heard from a handful of sources that the show (like most everything in life) has been co-opted by Hollywood. I've heard about mistreatment of the comic dealers and creators and I've read about the posh receiving rooms the Hollywood set enjoys. I recall Heidi Macdonald blogging about how she couldn't get into any of the fancy (air conditioned and catered) salons because they were full of producers and actors. I've also heard the show is a, "5 day commercial for movies and tv shows."

I don't mean to sound angry but its disappointing to hear about the apparent decline of such an important pillar in the comic fandom.

Here's an article on how the show is trending away from their namesake.
I'm not going to dispute that (though I don't know the truth one way or the other; and I'm wary of such overarching explanations in general). I've said before that, personally, I'd rather C-C be more focused on what was its "core" . . . but that's progress, or development, or evolution, or whatever you want to call it.

As for fancy receiving rooms, or salons, or after-hours parties: it seems to me that that's how the movie/TV industry has always done for its stars, and I wouldn't expect it to do anything different at C-C. If you want to get the "big names" to come, you have to make it cozy for them, I imagine (and, honestly, wouldn't you want to talk one-to-one with *creators* - artists, writers, visionaries, - instead of standing in a crowded "salon" with a bunch of money people, producers, and stars so big that you can't get near them? Maybe it's just me . . ..)

The point I was trying to make is that one can go and immerse oneself in comics, pay relatively little attention to the more hyped multimedia stuff, and still have a very good time, if one chooses. And I can't help but think that C-C, on balance, has likely been beneficial to the comic-book business.
Comic-Con is amazing. I fly to it every year from the UK. Comics are absolutely at the core of the thing. The attention it gets is because of TV and movies. They just need a bigger venue to ensure everybody is catered to.
this schedule pertains only to shows made by Fox, rather than shows that air on Fox but are made by others.

Very true, an important detail for this anal-retentive crowd. ;)

I've heard from a handful of sources that the show (like most everything in life) has been co-opted by Hollywood.

Maybe so, maybe so. But given that this community was started by a group of people so in love with the work of a single TV/film writer, it's rather ironic to bring that up here... isn't it? :)
On the flip side, it also draws more people to comics in general. For example, I went to CC for the first time a couple years ago when Joss had the Dr. Horrible panel. My friends had been going for years but I was never interested - I didn't read comics, didn't think I would like them. Well, I went and I've since bought a ton of comics at CC and online. I also converted my friend - she came out last year because she wanted to see some of the panels, and ended up buying a number of comics herself, even though she had never read them before.

There are always those who see both sides, and it gets especially contentious when it comes to panels like Twilight and even Glee, and I can understand that. But I'm still going this year and I can't wait!
Yep, I had no interest in comics before going to Comic-Con the first year. I went for the TV shows. I mean, last year I was in the queue to see Glee - also in the queue, Joss Whedon.
The exhibit floor is HUGE and if you stick mainly to the upper central and northern half you will see more comics and comics-related merchandise than have been dreamed of on heaven and earth. My favorite scene in all of Comic-Con was watching two extremely hot, extremely charming young Brits persuade my 40-something sister to buy their comic Tozzer (featuring Peckerwood). Not her usual thing. ;)
This year will be my second coming over from the UK for it and I'm not a comic fan. I come for the TV stuff. I have a brain malfunction that doesn't let me read comics - they just don't go in! When I told Georges Jeanty he told me he'd give me comic reading lessons but even they didn't stick!

I fly to it every year from the UK.

Isn't this just your third year? :P
Do we know yet if Joss will be on a panel - e.g. a Dark horse-centric one?

I'm not going, so I haven't been keeping a close track on what's known/not known about the panels. I do understand that he's likely to be going though, because of his involvement in the documentary. :)
The entire convention center is air conditioned and I've been in these "green rooms" which are simply a staging area for the people on the panel. They aren't posh at all. A couple cafeteria round tables and folding chairs in which cast and writers of at least 3 different shows are crammed into. There may be some bottled sodas and water on ice along a wall, but people are eating take out pizzas and burgers that a PA ran and got.

The parties (that the likes of lowly me never gets into) are completely separate, off the property and 100% paid for by the studios/networks.

I take that back. I did get to go to the Stargate party a couple years ago. After watching the free premiere of Stargate Continuum DTV with about 300 lucky con-going fans there was a small private party. About 40 people eating modest finger food and drinking MGM's booze. Paralyzed with introversion, I didn't talk to Ben Browder, Claudia Black or Michael Shanks, but a co-worker did force me (literally with her hand pushing at my back) to talk to Jewel Staite. She was of course, wonderfully warm and charming.

I've yet to see this grandiose special treatment that the studios gets from the con. They even took away all the reserved seating for studios at panels. We stand in line for hours just like everyone else.

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Oooh, what if Joss ends up on a Marvel panel? Is that too much to hope for?
I'm not suggesting the show is good or bad, just that it's not a "comic show" anymore. Its much more. Maybe I'm just a comic snob. Or maybe its just nostalgia for the days when I used to attend shows that were literally nothing but comics. (I've got this awful mental picture of San Diego with mobs of people jockeying to get into panels or fighting for freebie give-aways.) Maybe it's just the name that bothers me. I guess if it was called Pop-Culture Con or something more generic, I'd be more accepting.

ProgGrrl, I see what you're saying and it does seem a little ironic. However, I think its appropriate to raise those concerns here on Joss' home turf. I know I've read Joss and other Mutant Enemy writer interviews complaining about studios overstepping. Throwing their weight around a TV show. We've all seen the stories about studio "notes" with suggestions of what would make the show better or things like deciding what order someone else's creation should air their episodes (sound familiar Browncoats?) etc. And it sounds a lot like what the studio's are doing with this comic show.

TamaraC thanks for that note, I've never made it into one of those shee shee parties but lots of bloggers wrote about them last year. (My issue isn't really about "grandiose" treatment the studios receive, rather, its about the treatment the comic people receive. The idea is that, its THEIR show and they are not treated accordingly. Read the article I linked earlier, it might help explain.)

I think Jobo's post brings up an interesting related thought...if Joss were on a Marvel panel, would anyone BUT Joss fans be in the room? Sure the average Marvel fan could get in too if they sat and waiting in line for hours and hours...but a typical marvel fan isn't doing that. Someone dying to see Joss would do that. Not someone who wants to hear about Spiderman's new story arc.

And btw, I'm THRILLED to read how many new readers the con has sucked into the medium. I love it!!
Alex, have you actually been to Comic Con?
And it sounds a lot like what the studio's are doing with this comic show.

The studios don't have any control over Comic-Con in the way that a network throws its weight around with show notes (important distinction, since, in general anyway, the studios have let Joss do what he wants, but the networks interfere). So there's really not a comparison here.

The reality is that judging by constantly shattering atendance records and sell-out dates, obviously there is a market for what Comic-Con has evolved into. No one is forcing me or anyone else to line up for television panels.
The reality is that judging by constantly shattering atendance records and sell-out dates, obviously there is a market for what Comic-Con has evolved into.

Well if its emphasis broadens then it's going to attract more people, that surely stands to reason ? Doesn't say much about whether it's a net positive (because more people like TV - even "cult" TV - than like comics).

Never been and likely never will (crowds are not my favourite thing ever, huge indoor crowds even less so. I can deal with rush hour on the tube for half an hour or so but only by a) sweating profusely - it's a coping strategy ;) - and b) mentally trundling off to my happy place) but from my distant perspective I don't have too much of an issue with it. If it gets to the point where comics are no longer being catered to (and it doesn't seem to have yet) then someone will start a new con for comics only and Comic-Con will presumably change its name (early cons maybe specialised in e.g. Star Trek then broadened out to other sci-fi, RPGs etc., the folk not happy with that started Trek only cons). Success means commercialisation. So it goes.

Of the shows mentioned not many exactly leap out. I'll be checking out 'Terra Nova' and continuing with 'Bones' (despite increasing reservations about the show at least they're trying to shake things up a bit, depends how they progress from the season 5 finale). And is 'Futurama' back as a proper series then ? Cos yay.
Gossi I haven't been to Comic Con in a very long I'm strictly going on hearsay.

And with all this hubbub, I feel I should admit that if I were to go now, I would no doubt enjoy some of the non-comic attractions...I mean really, if Felicia Day and her merry band of guildies were in the room, how could anyone resist walking over? It seem taht would simply be out of my hands. heh. (always a loophole)

And b!x, I don't doubt the popularity of the tv and movie panels. Obviously there's a market. My thought was that the studios have the cash and prestige and are a key component of the show's success as they also control the stars. That must provide them a certain level of political power with Con organizers. That seemed like a reasonable comparison to me.
Not sure if anyone's still looking in here now but I just heard from a source I trust implicitly last night, that an Avengers movie panel (or a Marvel panel that includes Avengers) is HIGHLY LIKELY this year. No word on Joss attendance... but... DUH NATURALLY. ;)
I was counting on it, PG. :-D
Although the rumors/claims on this item posits the possibility that Joss might appear via satellite due to Captain America filming.
b!X, that link didn't work for me... but are you talking about this source?

Meanwhile I got another tip yesterday from a little birdie that Joss is coming, Marvel or no Marvel, to do comic book related stuff.

@SNT: I think we've got a very good chance... :-D Ooooh can't wait to go!

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I assume it's the same source, yes. The reality is that I would tend to think something rather drastic would have to be going on for Joss not to be at Comic-Con in some fashion, all the more so given the documentary he's an executive producer on.
Comic-Con on Twitter just now:

"2 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! #1: MON. 6/28 10am PDT Additional Hotel/Badge packages go on sale! More info on Monday"


"ANNOUNCEMENT #2: MON. 6/28, 12pm PDT Additional badges will go on sale! More info on Monday"

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