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June 22 2010

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon! He's the reason we're all here and today is his 46th Birthday. Huzzah!

A very happy birthday Mr. Whedon - here's to wishing you lots of success. *raises a glass, its party time!*
Gosh, this totally slipped my mind. Happy birthday, at least in Central European Time! Thanks for directing the course of my life (and my favorite episodes of TV, of course) :)
In my time zone there's a couple hours yet, but if anyone deserves 29 hours of birthday, it's Mr. Whedon. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday!!!
May you continue being awesome!
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday to the man without whom I would have no tattoos! :D
Happy birthday Jossir!! Thank you for many amazing tv shows. Can't wait for your next projects.
Happy birthday, Joss! :)
It's a good day to be Purple. Keep doin' what ya do. Oh, and so close to Father's day, too! Huzzah!
Happy Birthday to the great Purple One!
Happy Birthday Joss, and many happy returns (unlike your characters...)!
I hate to pull a Dollhouse grammar nazi in a comment section over here but I'm fairly certain you meant "we're"...

Regardless, have a birthday-y day, Joss!
Happy Birthday -- and it's so close to Bruce Campbell's birthday (22nd) too. That's neat.
Happy Birthday, Joss!!!
Happy birthday, Joss! ^_^ Thanks for all the awesome!
Happy Birthday, Sir! Thank you for all of your fine work!
May your birthday be better than Buffy's were....
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! =D
Happy Birthday, Joss- I hope you have a wonderful day!
If today you experience even a fraction of the happy your work's brought me over the years, it will be a very very good day indeed.
Happiest of birthdays to you, Joss, and thanks for all the gifts you keep giving us!
Somebody lied. There's no way he's 46. I mean, have you seen him lately??

I got it! He's the source of agelessness! That's why none of his actors look their chronological age! Starts to wonder if they have to just touch him, or if there's something else involved....decides not to go there...

At any rate, Lá breithlá shona duit, Your Royal Jossness, Sir!
Happy Birthday, you big beautiful forehead. You rock.
Happy Birthday Joss!! I wish you had another show on ANY medium.

Where are all the vengeance demons when I wish for something....
Happy Happy Birthdayyyy!
I'm sure it'll be an awesome one.
Happy Birthday Mister Whedon! Thank you for all of your content ^_^
Happy Birthday, Master Whedon!!
As a balding guy who just turned 51, I feel less old when I hear from Joss, or watch his shows anyway.
Happy 46th, Joss! Now show Hollywood what you're made of.
Seriously, I did think he was younger. Huh. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Joss! To the man who has given me more hours of pleasure than can reasonably be expected from someone I don't actually know (unless you count the one time I shook his hand, and that doesn't seem like a sensible definition of 'know'): A big hearty thank you sir!

Keep on keepin' on. I would follow you to the moon, or anywhere in the 'verse you'd like to take me. And I would be honored.
Happy Birthday to the Joss!
Happy Birthday to Joss!!! (this weirded me out at first - it's still June 22nd where I am)
Happy birthday to the big W.
Joss. A year ago I had never seen an episode of Angel or Buffy. knew you thru "Dr. Horrible," which I thought was marvelous. When I saw a "Buffy vs Edward" thing on youtube, I became interested in Buffy, so watched 3 seasons on hulu. It became...something I NEEDED to see more of. Despite being laid off, I justified buying all 7 seasons via craigslist. I have become, since, a megafan. Really? Yeah. At Christmas I took down art that I paid $200 for, to place a Buffy-in-a-graveyard-action-figures diorama. In our DINING ROOM? Did I mention that?

What you did/do rocks my world. Happy birthday hon. Thanks for being awesome. Keep that up, k? Also, thanks for being a secular humanist! Just sayin!
It has just become June 23rd in Greenwich Mean Time, so lift a glass to Dublin Joss. Slainte!
Congratulations on another wonderful year, and may there be many more to come! Happy birthday, oh purpley prosed one!
He's still 45 for another six hours in this time zone. Which, since it's the West Coast, is quite probably the time zone he himself is currently in. But why stop at a mere 24 hours? 30 is a nice round number...
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!
Happy (early in Toronto) birthday, cap'n!
My belobed Joss,

I hope today is a very happy day for you. I actually hope every day is a very happy day for you. I don't know that there has been a day in the past 10 years when I haven't thought of you. It has been nine years since The Joss Birthday Project went live. This is absurd to me.

May you live many tens of years (or hundreds, if science progresses to that point) further and during that time keep creating delightful works for me to consume.

Happy birthday Joss, I love your work and look forward to much more!
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday and I wish you many more to come.
I forgot all about Joss Birthday! Yikes! I hope it was a very happy one.... Normally I'm reminded because of all the Serenity Now events being announced, were there any this year? Surely those haven't stopped completely, have they? Just a year ago I was attending a wonderful one in San Francisco!

May you live forever Joss, and never run out of new entertaining ideas!
Happy happy birthday! *confetti*
Happy birthday to you! Hope your presents are as great as the ones you keep giving us.
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!!!!! :) Thank you for gracing the world with your presence.
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Joss! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope your having a great day doing all the super secret things you're doing these days.
Happy Birthday Joss! Here's hoping the next year is very productive!!
Joyeux anniversaire Joss!!!
Joss, thank you for being my hero and the reason I write. A very happy birthday to you, good sir!
Numfar! Do the dance of joy!
Isn't this a bit premature? He should be on PST time at the time of this post.
Have a Fantastic Birthday Mister Whedon! : D
Happy Solar Return Captain Purple.
Happy birthday, your New and Improvedness!

I think it's kind of obvious where I am on my latest Buffy rewatch...
Happy birthday, Joss! May you see many more in the future.
Oh, Happy Day, Mr Whedon. Thank you for Firefly!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday!!! Thank you so much for the wonder worlds and fantastic characters who've created. Your work has significantly impacted my life and I am grateful for it. Keep up the good work!
Happy Birthday, Joss! You still rock my world.
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all that you do
Happy Birthday, O great purple one.
And thanks for all the characters.
Just wanted to join in the congratulations! I will always be grateful for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and everything else, and all that will come!
Happy birthday Joss! You're my favourite writer! I love all of your work!!!
Happy birthday Joss!
Happy birthday, your most hallowed purpleness! Thanks for all the hours of great television.
Happy birthday, Mr. Whedon! May you keep healthy, happy and producing fun for yet a long long time.
Happy Birthday to my own personal Yoda. :D Love you!
Happy birthday Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! You inspire me!!!
Happy birthday, Joss! Thank you for creating Buffy. ♥♥♥
Happy birthday. And thank you, thank you, thank you.
Happy Birthday Joss! Your worlds mean the world to me. Thank you for bringing them to life.
Happy birthday Mr Joss Whedon esq., Biggest of Casinos, Purplest of Posters, most writery of ... writer ... type ... people. Of all the folk who turn 46 today you are most definitely the one I know about.

42 was easy and 44 and 45 are at least a calibre of bullet but 46 ... Hmm, 4+6 = 10 and 1+0 = 1 therefore Joss is alpha, unity, the totality of all things, the Sun around which we fans revolve. Numerology's bollocks of course and "totality" seems a bit much maybe but what I mean is, we're fond of ye Big Dub.

Have a good 'un Joss and then keep having more.

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This day should become an international holiday. Like Whedon Day. If I weren't working today and tommorow i'd totally throw a Whedon Day party.
Anywayy! HAAPPY happy birthday sir Whedon.
Now that it is actually his birthday, you know, where he lives...

Happy Birthday, Joss! Thanks for everything you've created and for what is to come.
Happy birthday and many opportunities to explore your talent to come, Mr. Joss Whedon!
In case no-one has said this yet: Happy birthday, Joss!
Oh my! It's party time! Happy birthday, Joss. Many happe returns - breathing or otherwise.
Happy Birthday Joss!!! Hope you have the best day in the history of the world ever, with lots of awesome presents of course :) Thanks for... everything!!

Time for a celebratory Purple-athon me thinks, now what to start with...
Happy day, oh Purple one.
Birthday salutations, and, as alway, my everlasting gratitude for the worlds he has created.
Many happy returns!

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow,
for he's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny!
Just made a donation to Equality Now in honor of Joss Whedon. Happy Birthday (again)
Happy Birthday Joss! :)
Lá breithlá shona duit, as i'm sure Angelus would say!! Thanks for all the years of entertainment and pain!! Yes, pain! hope this year brings all the awesome you deserve! And money to Equality Now? Hells yes!! Happiest of Happy's!!
Happy Birthday Mighty Purple Dude, and the best ever Solar Year to come.
Maybe there'll be cake!

Thanks for all the brain and heart food. (Lots more, please) ;)
Happy birthday, tanti auguri di buon compleanno, y feliz cumple, Joss!!!
Birthday Greetings to you, Joss. May your life continue to be as rich and as full as the worlds you've created for us. (and enjoy a second piece of cake—you deserve it!)
Happy Birthday Joss! May you have a healthy life and family and the opportunity to make your creative dreams come true.

And congratulations, you share your birthday with Oda Nobunaga, Alan Turing, and Bob Fosse!
Happy birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday Jossir. Thank you for being born. Enjoy your birthday. I'm celebrating by organizing a CSTS screening on Saturday. It's a little late. Sorry. ;-)

[ edited by Lioness on 2010-06-23 13:10 ]
Happy Birthday Joss!
... you share your birthday with Oda Nobunaga, Alan Turing, and Bob Fosse!

Turing's is a good birthday to share. Joss, i'll swap you Johnny Mathis. How about it ?

Thank you for being born.

In fairness, I think his Mum may deserve the bulk of the credit there ;).
Penblydd Hapus from Cymru. Thanks for the memories so far. Onwards and Upwards. Cheers.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy birthday Purple man!
Happy happy birthday Mr. Whedon!
Happy Birthday Joss Whedon! Thank you for all your incredible and inspiring work. Have a great day!
To a very fine fellow with a fine pencil in hand, thank you Joss!

Wishing you a happy birthday.
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Joss. Especially happier than most of Buffy's...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSS! Hope you have a great day! :D
Happy Birthday, Joss! :)
Happy Birthday Boss.
Happy birthday my Master. And I'll be celebrating by seeing Marion Call tonight in my hometown. Well, close to my hometown. I can't wait to hear songs inspired by the "Verse.

Have a joy filled day sir!
Happy birthday, O Wondrous Creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and Dollhouse!
Happy birthday! And thank you for giving us so many wonderful things with which to wile away our precious time.
Dit -yawn- to :-). Seriously, what everybody else said!

I think I've figured it out. In 2001, when I needed it the most, your shows gave me reassurance. Which is why the hurt was so great later.

So, I'd only still be a fan if I hadn't liked your work as much as I did. Is that good?
Yay Joss!! Happy birthday big guy! And many happy returns!
Well, this makes an excellent excuse to rewatch something Whedon-y. Happy Birthday, Joss! Yours is definitely a birth worth celebrating.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon. May you have a great personal new year and many more to come. Thank you for all the excellent entertainment you've created and we've enjoyed. Good luck on your present and future projects.
""Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable... I didn't get you anything."

Happy Birthday Joss! All four universes you created have been responsible for helping me survive my college career - for serious. I don't know where I'd be without you, man. You and those you work with inspire me. Cheers! Hope your day is an excellent one. :)
Joss, to you and your magnificent brain, happy birthday! *noisemaker*
Happy Birthday Joss! Thank you for everything so far and for everything to come! <3
hmm, if I were rich-ish and ahd a house with ten flagstands out front, what special flag(s) would I use to comememorate this day?
Birth Happy Day!
I'm having a Joss Day Whedonverse marathon today. What episodes from all of the shows should I watch? The best of the best.
I like the idea of this day becoming a holiday.

I think we should call it Wheday.
Happy Birthday, Joss! May you have a new year where your creative seeds take root once again!
I like the idea of this becoming a holiday too. Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy birthday Joss Whedon, keep doing what you do best, rocking our world!
Happy Anniversary, Mr. Whedon!

Can't wait to see/hear/read what you come up with next!
To Joss: I wish upon thee a birthday so fantastic, a new word must be added to thesaurus's worldwide to encapsulate how wicked friggin' awesome your day has been.

Keep on doing what you do!
In relation to names for a Joss public holiday, Jossmas is going around on twitter! Happy Jossmas!(?)

Anyway! Happy Birthday to the best brain I know. *mwah*!
Happy (belated) Birthday!!
Happy birthday! I hope yours is at the least better than any of Buffy's, or Cordelia's, or Simon's, or Topher's!
Let me elbow my way into the crowd and say, "Happy Birthday! And many more!"
Happy birthday Joss!
Happy birthday Joss!!
Happy Birthday, Joss!! Thank you so much for being you. Hope your genius continues to flourish and I'm looking forward to some more Joss-awesomeness in the next year.

Have a great day! :D
I wish you have the happiest birthday ever, your purple highness! And yes, let's start working to make this an official holiday
I'm always late to these parties...

Happy Birthday Joss! Eagerly awaiting whatever comes next and yay for 46 and the pen having time to glean the teeming brain and so on. Here's to much more teeming of brain and gleaning by pen. We're lucky to have ya.
Happy Birthday Joss!!

Lots of thanks to his mom for doing all that painful pushing so that we could have our shiny purple leader, without whom we wouldn't have anything interesting to watch or any complex issues to debate.

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Happy Birthday Mr Joss Whedon!
Your works have changed my life in more ways than I can count, all of them Good. If I had a bottle of Djinn I'd happily hand it right over to you because if anyone deserves all their wishes come true, it's you.
Thank you for sharing your brain with the world (not literally because that might get kinda messy)and thank you for bringing us such Wonderfully Whedon-filled Wisdom through your Imagination.
Joss Whedon, you are some special brand of Magic!
Happy birthday, Joss! I hope it's a lovely one.

And even Hart Hanson has gotten into it today: Joss Whedon birthday pondering.

ETA: lol, someone asked Hart if they can make Joss an honorary Canadian; Hart's response.

[ edited by cabri on 2010-06-23 20:25 ]
Thank you, Joss...for everything. For being you, for sharing your gifts with us, for this fandom, for my friends, etc. I could not love you more. Happy Birthday!
Add my congrats : press the link & order goat sacrifice for the celebration
Happy Birthday, Joss! Your SIL is trying to get #happyjossmas trending on twitter, so let's help her out guys :) So cute!! You share your bday with my beloved son who is 2 today!! Yay!!!!
Happy birthday :D
Dusted off an old sea chanty for Jossmas:

The Ballad of Joss Whedon*

Attend the tale of Joss Whedon
His skin was pale, his brain was breedin’
The faces of The Gentlemen
In your nightmares you’ll see them again
It’s ain’t what you want, it’s what you’re needin’
With Joss Whedon
The Demon Writer of TV

He kept a shop in Hollywood
His shows sound stupid, but they’re really good
So what if “the soul” he wouldn’t explain
As long as its absence kept Buffy in pain
With Whedon
With Joss Whedon
The Demon Writer of TV

Swing your stake wide, Whedon!
Hold it to the skies
Freely flows the blood of those
Who traumatize!

*Sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" by Stephen Sondheim.

(Happy Birthday to the Harmalicious sequel, too!)
Happy birthday, Joss! We are very happy that you exist, that you are yourself, and that you don't suck. :D
Congratulations to all of us on this happy occasion, the anniversary of the birth of Joss Whedon. Many we have many more occasions for the celebration of this event and of the fertile offspring of the Master's brain.

"We wish you a happy birthday/a joyous and celebrated birthday/for you dear Joss/we wish you a long long life."

(Thanks to Christine Lavin -

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Happy Birthday, Joss! You changed my life!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!
Happy birthday, Boss! Stay as awesome as you are!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon!
Happy Birthday, Jossir, AKA Chad/Jazz/Josh/Joe, and a new one I saw recently: " "Jod." ("Kneel before Jod" is catchy, ain't it?)

"We are always the same age inside." - Gertrude Stein

(And Happy Birthday to that bunch of whedonesquers who oddly every year seem to have the same birthday as Joss.)
Happy birthday Joss. I would have sent this note before, but I was upconverting my love into 3-D.
Happy birthday, Joss Whedon! Hope you have a better birthday than Buffy ever did!

In honor of Willow ("Hello? Still Jewish.") also - Jossmukkah.
Joss you will never know how much you have changed my life. I am so glad you were born! I hope you had a shiny birthday. You are loved.
Let me chime in too:
Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!
Happy Birthday, Joss...we even had ice cream and cake today...of course it was for my 11 year old who shares your birthday date!
In honor of Willow ("Hello? Still Jewish.") also - Jossmukkah.

Heh. Or in honour of Leah (from "season 8") - Jossmanay.

(OK, technically that'd be the 22nd but ssshhh, Mum's the word ;)
Happy Birthday O Great One-And Many,Many More!
Continue to Rock On !
Loved the song, Pointy :)
Happy belated birthday! (Hey, my own father's birthday was yesterday, I was a bit preoccupied... yes, it's no excuse...) :)
Happy belated birthday, Oh Purple One.
Joss, you share a birthday with my husband - sweet. Sorry I'm late with my birthday wishes. Better late then never, though, right? Happy birthday, I hope you have a fruitful year!

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