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June 22 2010

Fourteen Cities in four countries holding CSTS events this week. One already Sold Out!

June 23
Logan, UT Affiliate City event

June 24
Des Moines, IA

June 25
Arlington, VA

June 26
Arlington, VA
Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Gloucester, England
Portland, OR
Sydney, NSW Australia
Toronto, ON Canada
Vancouver, BC Canada

June 27
Edmonton, AB Canada
Ottawa, ON Canada
Raleigh, NC SOLD OUT!

>.> This makes me quite upset.
Going Friday and pondering Saturday night in Baltimore. It's possible.

Is this at one of those cinemas that allow drinking? Has to be "ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT"...not just an adult?

Did you check on getting a refund or selling or giving your ticket away?

Hey, wait a any parents to drag along? Tell them that some anonymous person on the internet said they just have to go with you.
I feel I must take a moment to mention that amongst this weekend's events is Portland, the CSTS founding city, and one of the seven cities selected to screen the full rough cut of the fan-film Browncoats: Redemption. I've watched the first twelve minutes already, if anyone's interested in my reaction.
@ Anon:Thanks, I did check, they said I'd have to wait till another event that a parent wants to come to with me and then just use the ticket then. My parents won't go see it. I've already asked. =(
Whatever. I'll go in a couple years when I'm old enough, I suppose.

Thanks for the review of the first twelve minutes. I was a little scared to check Browncoats: Redemption out (whenever it became possible for me too) and was thinking of just ignoring it. But, you've changed my mind. Thanks. I'll be definitely checking it out.

Do your parents like murder/mystery/crime shows? Get them watching Nathan Fillion's Castle. Romance/comedy/baking shows the movie Waitress.


Super-heroes? Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

etc etc.

And then maybe it won't have to be years.
In fact, this weekend, three cities will get to see a rough cut of Browncoats: Redemption - Charlotte NC, Portland OR, and Vancouver BC.
No dates in MI . . . again. *cry*

Maybe talk about an Affiliate Event with Michigan yahoo group. or any Browncoats you know. says "Affiliate Event Ė If you canít organise a Screening Event, an Affiliate event may be the answer. This can be any kind of event, such as a BBQ, dance party or trivia night. "

For example

Logan, UT Affiliate City event
Says this
"Logan CSTS 2010 Affiliate Event - June 23rd

Join us on Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:30 PM for a night of food and fun as we celebrate all things Firefly in support of Equality Now. Please bring a dessert and drinks to share. Dress will be casual or costume. We'll be collecting cashy money to donate to the cause, so come out and tell your friends!

Date: Wednesday, June 23rd
Time: 6:30 until we pass out from laughing
Location: 143 South 400 West in Logan, Utah
Cost: None, but we're collecting donations for Equality Now
Please feel free to dress up and bring a dessert

6:30 until we pass out from laughing...
Actually, there are four cities showing Browncoats:Redemption this weekend, because Edmonton is showing it at their CSTS event on Sunday.
Right, misread my note.
I was in Sydney for Supanova last weekend, sadly have had to go home due to work so can't attend CSTS. My girlfriend, however, is going with people we met in the line for Summer Glau's autograph.

You Whedon fans are alright.
Here in Toronto we are having trouble attracting attendees because Toronto is hosting the G20 summit this weekend. It's way downtown and the Bloor Cinema is not but try telling that to anyone who lives outside the city!
I've got tickets for the Edmonton showing but my husband has to work and I don't want to go without him. Oh well, maybe another year.
No showing in Brisbane? Now... that's just plain mean!

Hey Sydney-siders... I hope it rains. *grumble*grumble*

If you want one in Brisbane, organize one. That's the only way any of these ever happen. ;)
I'm headed to Toronto with my sister and niece. :) It's going to be a wonderful weekend with both CSTS on Saturday and Marian Call on Sunday. Plus we get to stay with Lioness for the low low cost of a couple boxes of Cheez-Its! ;D
Way to go money raising, charity supporting CSTS people!!! Woohoo!

What a nice post on Joss' birthday!

(btw, echoing Anonymous1's sentiments, thanks b!x for the link to your first 12 minute review--quite helpful)
@ Anon: Yeah, I made my mom watch the pilot of Firefly a couple days ago. Hopefully next year she'll WANT to go with me. xP
There are plans afoot for Brisbane, fear not! Keep an eye on for more info...
Aww yay! Will do JenskiJen!

@b!x - I would love to organize/help organize one. Sadly though, my current circumstances don't allow me the time needed to organize anything larger than a trip to the grocery store. Perhaps next year things will be a lot less hectic and I can help. Would definitely love to support CSTS though, and am looking to give my money to a worthy cause.
how awesome. Nashville is having their camp out in Kentucky. They should have one in Land Between the Lakes area! *hint, hint*
Portland's event going well. I love my fandom.

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