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June 23 2010

Fran Kranz will be Off-Broadway for four weeks in 'Bachelorette'. I wish I was going to be in NYC in July, because I would love to see Fran Kranz live onstage: Bachelorette looks like a lot of fun.

The play is running from July 12 through August 7, 2010, and ticket prices are pretty reasonable for New York.

This plot sounds horrendous. I will have to finagle free press tickets somehow.
Ditto. Only student tickets in my case. Or I'll just loiter by the stage door. :)
It makes me a little nervous not seeing Fran's name in the cast list.
angiesteg I'm not sure what you are talking about, he's right there, as "Joe" (my guess is he's one of the party crashers). Its fun to see Dollhouse listed under his bio. Wish I could figure out an excuse to go to New York to catch this, alas, not this time.
Maybe angiesteg was referring to this link under "Cast and Creative Team" and hadn't clicked through yet to this link.

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