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June 23 2010's ode to Joss' birthday. "Take part in pretty much the greatest and most important poll ever to grace the pixels of, 'What is Joss Whedon's best work?'."

Better late than never! And I didn't realize we were allowed to pelt Buffy non-fans with fruit -- I have a nectarine! And cherries if you count my cherry yoghurt! And the cherry yoghurt has the advantage of stinking (well, stinking more) after a couple of hot hours.
It won't let me vote... I sense a conspiracy...
I HATE having to choose but Buffy is the one I am most emotionally connected to.
Buffy. Easily.
Firefly MAY have taken that slot for me had it had the chance but, as things stand, Buffy holds the top slot in my heart.
Why do these things never have a "why are you making me choose?!?!?!!!!" option?
I went with "Who is Joss Whedon?" It just seemed the most personally appropriate response.
Sorry Buffy, love ya, but nothing beats Firefly! Nothing!
I always go with Buffy on these things because it's always elicited the most emotion from me. There are episodes that make me sob every time I watch them, and yeah, episodes of Angel and Dollhouse can get me to tear up a little, but Buffy's always resonated the most with me.
For me, it's always been Buffy. Truthfully, I love them all, but if they're going to FORCE me to choose: it's Buffy all the way.
I voted for Firefly, but I would really like to vote for them all (I love them all!).
Buffy or Firefly, I can't choose. Buffy's got the longevity and the everything else that makes Buffy great and emotional and funny. I watched it every week and I grew with those characters and it's, you know, BUFFY.

Firefly has the qualities that made me love Buffy (the great characters, the emotional, the funny), but it also has something all its own. Something amazingly, magically unnameable that not even Buffy can touch.

I could say it was the language, the world, the music, the look of the thing, Serenity herself...I could even say it's the combination of all those things...

And still not explain what that something is. But whatever it is, it ties Firefly with Buffy for me, abrupt lifespan be damned.

I enjoy Angel and Dollhouse, but I love Buffy and Firefly.

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Angel ... it's always gonna be Angel for me. :)
I wish it were a harder choice, but it's Buffy all the way for me. Still in many ways the most resonant piece of art or entertainment for me, ever.
Joss Whedon's best work is yet to be.
Buffy, duh! 53%

Angel 5%

Firefly 27%

Serenity 3%

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 9%

Dollhouse 2%

Who's Joss Whedon? And what's Where am I? 1%
Buffy. It's not even a choice- it just is. Then again, I don't like Firefly at all, so...there's that.

Even so...Buffy. Season six alone is one of the most memorable television experiences of my life.
Voted for Dr. Horrible. I think Joss' genious is ever evolving and his future projects will excite and stimulate. Dollhouse was a mis-step despite some gems but no one is perfect. I want to see more projects like Dr. Horrible from the whedon clan. Creativity that has not been filtered by a exec.

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No Astonishing X-Men?
Buffy. You never forget your 1st love.
Wow. Apparently Angel is the least favorite Joss work. That's so strange.

It's my favorite, though.
While Angel will always be my favourite, I had to choose Buffy in this particular poll, which called for Joss' best work. Darn these polls for tugging at my heart strings.
I've no doubt spent more time with Buffy, but found myself voting for Firefly? Huh.

filmchick25, I had to refresh the page. Couldn't vote the first time for some reason, but after refreshing it worked.
As per usual in these sort of polls, I always find it difficult to choose between Buffy and Firefly, and as per usual I always just plump for Firefly. I couldn't tell you why. There is just something about that show that can never really be beaten.
Hard to choose between Firefly and Buffy. I more or less randomly went with Firefly.

Really surprising to see Dollhouse is beating both dr. Horrible and Angel! I always thought dr. H and Angel were generally rated higher. [baseless speculation]Though I suppose they might be liked better by a lot of the people who vote Firefly and Buffy (like me), while Dollhouse appeals more to a slightly different group, that doesn't love Buffy and Firefly so much and thus actually votes on it.[/baseless speculation]

Buffy is still my favorite show of all time, my first Joss show, the show that I miss the most. But it had seven seasons to turn into a habit.

Firefly made a huge impact with only half a season. Imagine what Joss could have done if the show had continued.

So, I voted for Firefly.
Went with Buffy. I feel sorry for Angel though, it's easily my 2nd favourite show but it never does well in polls, Buffy always edges it out.
'Angel'. If absolutely forced to choose it might be my pick anyway (very close between BtVS and Ats with 'Firefly' too short to judge fairly for me and 'Dollhouse' too short and just a smidge too inconsistent) but it being way down on 3% settled it. That's bloody criminal IMO.
Umm? | June 24, 02:29 CET

Glad I'm not the only one with the huge Dollhouse love. I will finally say it - I like Dollhouse more than Firefly - and I love Firefly.
But I voted for Buffy, my deepest emotional connection.
Buffy, no question about it.
Buffy had the highest highs, but also some really low lows, however it was about something bigger than just a girl/woman fighting vampires.
Angel, as a whole, was my FAVORITE, but I don't know if it was the *best* (and, yes, I think there's a difference), just because it was overall darker than Buffy.
Firefly was cohesive almost right out of the bag, but if it'd lasted 5 or 7 seasons maybe there would've been some serious crap during that time, so it's hard to compare that show to the others.
Serenity was great, but it's hard to judge it by itself (i.e., without Firefly).
And Dollhouse was really promising, but stumbled too much to be a best or a favorite.
Dr. Horrible just wasn't long enough to get invested in, though the fact that I cried over the death of somebody I'd known for about forty minutes says a lot for the writing and acting.
I picked Firefly and wondered why Serenity was a choice because to me that is still Firefly. Buffy is a very close second though, followed closely again by Angel, then Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Had to go with Firefly. I believe the question was what is Joss' best work - not which one do I like the most. In my opinion Joss' best work is Firefly. I actually think I like Buffy the best but it's not his best show as far as quality.
Yeah, that's another reason why I hesitated more than I might've. Even if I thought 'Angel' was the best "Whedon" show, is it Joss' best ? Cos of them all it's probably the show he was least involved with.

Twisty turny.
Couldn't choose between Buffy and Firefly so I went with Dr H since that was my first real introduction to the Whedonverse. (Have since caught up, never fear! On 3rd rewatch of Buffy now.)
Thanks Candace!

Firefly made a huge impact with only half a season.

That's why I chose it over Buffy.
Firefly, because it left a hole in my heart.

You never forget your first love.
Buffy everytime, forgive me Angel, you'll always be my second love, but for now...BUFFY!! And Dollhouse a great third choice!!
How did Dollhouse get ahead of Firefly?
Rossum's connections stretch farther than we thought! Now, there are three flowers in a vase, the third flower is green. Go vote!
Dollhouse beating Firefly? Seriously? Yeah, nothing wrong with that poll (cough).
Buffy - then, now, always.

You never forget your first love."

AMCsoldier took the words right out of my mouth.

Weird poll though. I enjoyed Dollhouse a lot. I think that it could well have been Joss's greatest show if he had of been allowed to let it grow naturally. I always felt like I was in the minority for liking it so much.

Looking at this poll though, it seems that Dollhouse was much more popular than I thought. To see it beating Firefly is just bizarre. Firefly may have gotten a much shorter run at it, but it hit it out of the park every time. Dollhouse really didn't and was often just good (I never thought it was terrible.)

Also quite surprised by how low Dr. Horrible is. I would guess it is suffering the same problem as Angel though, in that it isn't many peoples' favourite, even if they do like it a lot. I always feel slightly sorry for Angel with these polls, as it always ends up looking unloved.
It'd be interesting (and maybe more worthwhile IMO) to see the same poll with Buffy removed because we pretty much know Buffy's going to run away with it every time. That might give us a clue as to how many Buffy fans hold 'Angel' as their second favourite (just have real trouble believing it's thought so little of. I mean, 3% ? 3 frikkin' % ?!).

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