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June 23 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel Aftermath #34. Talk as things heat up in the Hyperion and as things behind the scenes progressively get weirder.

In the Angel family 'like father, like son' takes on a whole new meaning. With prophecies practically falling from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out how to work together without getting back into bad habits. Meanwhile, Illyria's newfound interest in the prodigal son starts to get a little weird and the rest of the team wonders just what to do about ex-watcher Laura Kay Weathermill.

This issue was just balls to the walls … absurd. It starts off with Illyria trying to get it’s sex on with Connor. How? I’m not sure since I recall a statement about Fred’s organs getting all liquefied during the change. I’m a little discomforted by the idea of Illyria reading a manual on “the most desirable ways to proceed during the foreplay phase of intercooperative human coitus.” Spike confronts Laura about the meaning of prophecy, who writes it, what is their purpose in writing it and why, why it’s never really specific, and what it means to those who fulfill it. Elsewhere in the city we find the mysterious army of women sworn to aid Connor in a candid off moment discussing their progression in the realm merely in the manner as a talent contest for them. Back at the Hyperion Kate enters Angel’s room hoping to talk to him about what is going on, his plans and why Connor is still in charge. However, since Illyria is in heat it is releasing super strong pheromones in the air and everyone is becoming affected by them. Kate winds up stripping and getting into bed with Angel saying it would help get rid of the sexual tension they’ve had since season 1. Spike as well finds himself under the sway of the pheromones and is seen standing just in his hearts boxers before Laura discussing the difficulty of intercourse with a person with an arm and leg in casts. But this wouldn’t be strange enough yet, no, Dez then proceeds to prowl into Angel’s room while he and Kate are mid sex and propositions them for a ménage à trios. The only ones seemingly unaffected is Beta George and Polyphemus the floaty wiki orb thing. To my relief Illyria and Connor do not consummate “breeding” as Illyria’s breeding cycle has pasted and subsequentially everyone sobers up from the thrall of the pheromones, to which everyone stops abrupt and makes swears that it never happened. I am also disturbed by the fact that Illyria says it would choose Connor to mate with for breeding purposes but would not choose him for “recreational fornication.” As the issue closes the new big bad lady, whom I forget her name, devours the soul of a Angel Investigations client to pose as his daughter.

In the Eddie Hope back matter Eddie has tied Gunn to a chair in some warehouse or another and argues whether or not the Hell A experience happened and if Gunn was really Gunn when he was a vampire committing his atrocities. Towards the end, Eddie cares not for Gunn’s reasoning and leaves him with a choice: either bullet to the brain-pan, or a stake to the chest.

So … I liked the Eddie hope part. I liked the Beta George and Polyphemus part due to a pon farr reference from Star Trek. I also liked how every scene started with a “What are you doing in my room?” line. But everything else is just too much. Funny, but too much. I think I would enjoy this story if it wasn’t about Angel and it’s characters. If this was part of a different U I would prolly dig it. IDK. Oh, and the colors got fixed before printing, btw, as we discussed this in the five page preview thread.
Just read your description and, um .... woah.
Seems like all the writers are getting a little sex crazy in the Buffyverse ain't they...
Ok - that was fun:) I really enjoyed this one, I have read a lot people say that it seemed like an episode, and it did for me too. I really silly comedy episode I could almost hear that music that Kral used to use for 'comedy episodes'.

The escalation of the 'sexcapades' was hilarious. I could just imagine Boreanaz doing 'uncomfortable' Angel , and Marsters doing 'charming' Spike - I think there is going to be a lot of uncomfortableness in the Hyperion for the next while!

I liked Spike's questions about prophecy. Nothing he was asking was wrong. Just who is in charge of doing prophecies? And who determines how they come true? This could be a very interesting look into the nature of prophecy in the Angelverse. So many characters are ruled by them.

The Eddie Hope/Gunn scene was definately intense. I can understand how Gunn would try to distance himself from what went down in Hell....and it is back to the old argument of how much blame does the souled vamp (or ex-vamp) hold for their actions without a soul. I doubt Gunn is about to get a bullet in the head...but good cliffhanger!
Yeah,I liked the issue too.
Popped in to read this and see if I was missing anything. Glad I stopped reading at issue 30.
From the sound of things, I am SOO glad I gave up on this a few months ago after getting sick of the terrible characterization. I can't wait for Brian Lynch's new series! Now, time to stop putting myself through the torture that is Buffy season 8. All it does at this point is strongly annoy and disgust me, but I can't stop because Buffy is my favorite piece or entertainment ever and Joss is writing the next few....*sigh*....

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