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June 23 2010

New Dark Horse comic apps. You can now get Serenity: Those Left Behind and The Guild for your iPhone.

itunes link Serenity: Those Left Behind part 1

itunes link Serenity: Those Left Behind part 2

itunes link Serenity: Those Left Behind part 3

itunes link Guild #3

I'm sure they are shiny...can't phone doesn't do anything like this. It is like a phone.

Might be worth amending the title blurb from 'phone' to 'iPhone' since that appears to be all that's catered for. Pity.
These look great, and it warms to my heart to have Firefly on my phone!
Interesting to see that instead of doing something similar to Marvel and DC Comics, who have a single app that loads separate comics, that Dark Horse have gone with separate apps for each comic.
I prefer the single app route.
IDW has one too, but no Angel comics
20th Century Fox might not have given IDW (and Dark Horse too) the rights to sell that franchise on digital format.
The seprate app for each issue thing is terrifically stupid. Complete misfire from Dark Horse.
Yeah, not very sensible. The only thing that occurs to me is, maybe it makes rights management easier in some way (i.e. it may be easier to stop a complete app running at a predetermined time or on another device than it would be to do the same thing with one app and individual comics files) ? I say that as the one techy left on the planet that's not learning how to write iPhone apps though so it's quite likely i'm talking out of my arse.

Presumably there's some rationale behind it though or else why do it that way ?

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