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November 27 2003

Adam Busch interview - about being on BtVS, and his music A personal interview given to an Israeli Buffy portal (English version). Adam Busch talks about working on Buffy, and also about "Common Rotation" and their music. (contains spoilers for Season 7 that come with a warning)

I really enjoyed that. Made a nice refreshing change from the usual bog standard journalist talks to actor article. I have seen Adam at a Buffy convention and I totally relate to what the writer was thinking. It is hard to tell if he is joking or not but he has a very deep side. Plus his band isn't too bad either.

And I took the spoiler tag off since the show is over.

Plus this is the first Israeli site I have ever been on.
Well, I wasn't sure what the spoiler policy is, and since not everyone who reads the site is from the US, thought - better safe than sorry.

Congratulations on your first time on an Israeli site :). It's the first time we've had English content, and therefore the first time I had a link to offer. Hopefully, more exciting interviews soon.

Adam really comes across as a great guy, very funny and nice. It's to his credit as an actor that he's managed to create such a hateful, evil character.

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