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June 24 2010

Browncoats in the news. It's that time of year when the fandom gets a lot of coverage due to the Serenity charity screenings. The Edmonton Journal spoke to the Alberta Browncoats Society founder about her involvement, The Portland Mercury has a look at what the PDX Browncoats are planning and The Boston Globe chatted to David Adams of the New England Browncoats. And finally, Pink talked to One True b!X about how Can't Stop The Serenity events came into existence.

There's also an interview with me on Pink Raygun about looking back five years, and Portland gets a shout-out on a local news show tonight at 7.
Super. I'll the Pink Raygun link to the entry.
Go, Browncoats, you large doggone protagonists!
One of our larger magazines included the Toronto screening in the 8 great things to do in the city this weekend despite the G20 summit driving most people out of the city. There isn't an interview or anything but given the dip in our ticket sales from previous years, it is much appreciated.
Every year I am so amazed at what we can accomplish and so proud to be a part of the Browncoat community. I love seeing our efforts for charity recognized in the media - I love that we are not only raising money for the cause but helping to bring attention to it as well.
Browncoat Fandom is going strong in the UK and the rest of the world!

CSTS screenings and affiliate cities, including this one :-
We've had a heap of press already this year, and it'll be very exciting to watch the CSTS Press page grow. If anyone spots a media piece about a CSTS event that hasn't been listed on the Press page, please post a link to it in the CSTS Forum.
Words uttered during the opening to Live @ 7 tonight on KGW in Portland: "Are you a Browncoat?"
Cool...I mean Shiny!
What is "event drift" ?

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