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June 24 2010

TV Squad's TOP 20 TV's Sexiest Scenes. TV Squad gets a TOP 20 listing of sexiest scenes in television history and there's some Buffy in it.

weird. i just watched that video early this morning. 'tis a shame the dailies aren't still available.
Shocked that none of the Wesley/Lilah scenes are listed. That was some mighty perverse stuff. (And according to Vern Gillum on the commentary for Apocalypse, Nowish, those scenes went on a good long while in dailies. :O)
Angel stuff almost always gets left out. It's definitely the most overlooked Joss show.
Also the Willow/Kennedy moment is missed, and it's Buffy... It's a pity Angel so overlooked being the best Joss's show, imho.
I would take the Wesley/Lilah phone sex in "The House Always Wins" over any Buffy/Spike sex scene ever.
Yeah, Smashed is an obvious one but it's pretty fair. (I'm tempted to say "any and all of 'Who Are You'"--from Faith's sensuous bubble bath in Buffy's body to her come-on to Spike to Willow and Tara's orgasm spell, as the sexiest Buffy episode ever, but I digress.)

Really nice to see the M*A*S*H episode listed, though part 2 is always my favourite, with Hawkeye's nervous reaction to Margaret's, er, enthusiasm.

Margaret: "There's one thing, though. What are we going to tell Donald?"
Hawkeye: "Well, um, what do you usually tell him?"

Perfection. The Cheers moment is pretty good too.
Some missed BtVS sexy scenes:

1. Buffy sexy dances with(?) against(?) Xander with Angel looking on.
2. The balcony scene
3. The Spike/Faith S7 basement flirting scene
4. Faith in Buffy's Body teasing Spike

5. But the sexiest thing ever on that show was Vampire! Willow (Sorry, Spike.) It's not a specific scene, but then Vamp Willow could say or do anything and have it be sexy: boredom, torture, whatever... Does that make me sick?
Hmm, guess I have to re-watch S-3, and were Wes and Lilah still "on" in S-4? I know it was emotionally twisted.
I dunno what it is but there was always something so sexual about that scene (daydream? I forget) when Darla mounts Angel in the Hyperion.
Yeah. Smashed was not only super hot, but was the biggest "OMG! WTF!Fall-off-the-couch-in-shock!" moment I ever experienced in Buffy or any other show.

Obviously I wasn't spoiled.
Smashed is perhaps the most intense sex scene of the 'verse. I wish the list had a better vid than that one, though.

The Wes/Lilah stuff was pretty hot, too.

But I have to agree with WilliamtTheB: "Who Are You" is extremely charged.
I would go with Angel and Darla for Angel and probably Joyce and Giles in Band Candy...nothing hotter than doing it on top of a police car, in public, TWICE!! But never really went in for the self hating S&M type sex, to me that wasn't intense, it was disturbing. I almost ran away to a nunery when that was going on!!
Ah, the self-loathing is what makes the Buffy/Spike scenes so potent!

I had to go back and watch the end of "Smashed" just now. Still so wickedly intense...
And yet that's the part that kinda sickens me, yes, like an illness! I just hate seeing Buffy become almost ruined the character for me, and pretty much destroyed Spike when he went all love sick for her!
I don't think it was all about self-loathing. I think there were some orgasms in there. ;)
Ya gotta give Joss some props for including so many powerful sexy scenes in his shows - especially considering.. well, just look at the guy. I mean, not to do him any disservice, I'm sure he's loved.. but um. Well... For example, high school could not have been much of a... and... well... (I kid. I kid! And only to maybe to cajole his purpleness to return to the black and post something (*anything*), if only in his own defense... ;)
BLueSkies: That's why I'll always have a bad spot for Spike. With the soul, he no longer is a mruderer, nor would he re-attmept the Attempt. But the way eh treate dBuffy and Harmony in sexual and related siutaions, is that gone? dunno.
So Blueskies and Daddycat, just curious, how'd you feel about the space f&*king?
Well .... duuh. ;) Should be #1 though, as it was in last years TV Guide poll. Really dislike that video though. Glad I got a good vid of the original (with all the Willow/Amy stuff edited out), long ago on YouTube.
No added music could be as powerful as the sound, as it was filmed. Some great directing/sound editing there.
Not an insane list as it goes, of those i've seen I agree that most deserve a place.

I agree with WilliamTheB too, "Who Are You ?" is charged from start to finish, that'd probably get my vote from Buffy (but then that frisson was there more or less whenever Faith turned up, whichever body she was currently occupying ;). 'Smashed' was good too. Buffy and Angel in bed in "I Will Remember You" is quite sexy IMO, just because they're so happy and relaxed and clearly into each other. Wes/Lilah was hot partly cos it was so wrong and twisted (but not so wrong and twisted that it became disturbing rather than hot as with the balcony scene in 'Dead Things' for instance).

Since it said "prime-time" I wondered if they were excluding cable shows then it got to 'The Sopranos' entry so clearly not. Given that cable is eligible, i'd have to nominate Dexter/Lilah's first sex scene from season 2 of 'Dexter'. One of the hottest scenes to make it to TV IMO.
Xane, for me the difference was that I assumed they were compelled into that sexual activity and that they had had a previous relationship and were very much in love. Yeah it stank of gratuitous sex, but it was dealt with in a more lighthearted kinda way. Spike sex was all about the pain and the emotional s&m and that's more disgusting and wrong to me than Cordy and Connor!!
Xane: I've been largely disconnected from the comics since just before the "Harmony Bites" story; it made sense in the context Dr. Joss and His "Bunche" had established but I was no longer taking it seriously so I didn't really care much.
I'd say the scene with Inara and the Counselor in War Stories beats them all.
I'll be in my euphemism for masturbation.
>>(but not so wrong and twisted that it became disturbing rather than hot as with the balcony scene in 'Dead Things' for instance).

You say "wrong and twisted" like its a bad thing there Saje ;) I think it ranks pretty high on the list of hot scenes. But Smashed is still nr 1. Speaking of disturbing, in my world the scene where Vamp-Willow and Vamp-Xander "share" Cordelia ranks as hot as well.
I guess one person's incredibly hot is another person's disturbing.
I think it would be hard to be a fan of any Joss show, or any vampire show, if you were one of the easily disturbed.
Puhlease, Buffy (or any other Joss show) is incredibly tame (what with being on US network TV), watching it says nothing about how easily disturbed (or not) you are. From the vampire perspective there's nothing to be disturbed by (BtVS is horror light and no worse off for it) and in general, even the most arguably disturbing vampire show around at the moment ('True Blood') resorts to simple gore for its horror. Vampires themselves are only disturbing if the extent of your horror exposure amounts to the old Universal pictures (they're safe horror within very clearly defined boundaries, horror to be titillated - not disturbed - by).

But sex with one party crying and clearly not into it, sex that really is all about self-loathing (at best) ? That's more disturbing than hot to me. Mileage obviously varies though.
Was one party crying in Smashed? I don't remember anyone crying.
Quite a few good points there Saje. And I had totaly forgotten about "I Will Remember You", which incidently also is one of the most heartbreaking episodes and SMS does a great acting job.
I don't recall any crying in smashed either. I did find it hot, and only found later sex scenes between Buffy and Spike increasingly disturbing as she was so clearly abusing his affection for her and it made me really dislike her.
I cried...does that count? And I saw it more as Spike taking advantage of Buffy's desperation and discontent, then it just got out of hand.
Nope. Doesn't count. And I see Spike enjoying a nice brawl, until Buffy slammed him up against a wall and jumped him. Not saying he complained, but he definitely wasn't the one instigating or taking advantage by any stretch.
Was one party crying in Smashed? I don't remember anyone crying.

Maybe they meant Wesley.

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I dunno...he didn't exactly turn around and say...listen here, you're only doing this cause you feel like you came back wrong as a result of my being able to hit you. Sorry, but I'm just a douchebag and shouldn't have brought it up! Now had he stopped her and not continued to pursue her as it got worse and worse (Dead Things) then maybe it would have been okay, but it wasn't.
Oh it's okay that you brought it up. We are here to discuss after all.
How glad am I that my new cable package comes with On Demand?


Eric Northman 2010.

P.S. Viva la Spuffy, but 'Smashed' is not the sexiest scene Spike and Buffy share; for me, it's the scene in the basement in 'Sleeper' when Spike tastes Buffy's blood.
P.S. Viva la Spuffy, but 'Smashed' is not the sexiest scene Spike and Buffy share; for me, it's the scene in the basement in 'Sleeper' when Spike tastes Buffy's blood.
tjbw | June 26, 07:56 CET

Yes! Well, Smashed still gets my vote for #1, but that scene in Sleeper is a close second. The power of the connection between them was such that it broke the hold of The First on Spike, and all the memories came rushing back. That was a breathtaking moment from what I think is possibly the most underrated ep in the entire 7 years of BtS.
In large part because it features some of the best acting ever seen by both JM and SMG, in addition to their always explosive chemistry.
And I saw it more as Spike taking advantage of Buffy's desperation and discontent, then it just got out of hand.
BlueSkies | June 26, 00:41 CET

Excuse me? Who threw whom up against the wall and initiated that first kiss? Who unzipped the "zipper heard 'round the world"?

We get it, you hate Spike. You can give it a rest now.
Was one party crying in Smashed? I don't remember anyone crying.

Err, i'm not talking about 'Smashed' Xane, as evidenced by my, y'know, posts. To save you trawling all the way back upthread here's what I said about 'Smashed'.

"'Smashed' was good too."

The comment about crying was after your response to Satai (with Punsch), who (quoting me) said:

">>(but not so wrong and twisted that it became disturbing rather than hot as with the balcony scene in 'Dead Things' for instance).

You say "wrong and twisted" like its a bad thing there Saje ;) I think it ranks pretty high on the list of hot scenes."

That being directly above your post about how "one person's incredibly hot is another person's disturbing" so I (not unreasonably IMO) assumed you were responding to that, implying that you found the balcony scene in 'Dead Things' "incredibly hot" where I found it more disturbing.

If you were actually replying to someone else further upthread can I suggest/request that you stick the quote you're replying to in your reply ? Just saves misunderstandings ;).
Shey that was my point in the last post, Buffy in a fit of desperation sought to find grounding in the world, she thought she was physiologically wrong and (as per OMWF) just wanted to feel alive, Spike could have just stopped knowing that the only reason she was doing that was because he made her feel inadequate.
Now compare her reaction to a random drunk girl that feels rejected hooking up with some guy she meets in a bar. Or even Riley when he goes to get bitten. Both feeling lost and both getting used. None of them (the drunk girl, Riley or Buffy) seem the least bit 'hot' to me, it just looks sad and I wind up feeling like they lost a lot of dignity on the way.
I used to like Spike, I used to love Spike, but stopped when he became used as a love sick sap and lost his cool, then only used as an annoyance in Angel.
BluerSkies, you and I are not making any of the same points and not in agreement about Spike or the B/S relationship, in any way. I've read all your comments, on lots of different threads, and I stand by my statement. Your hated for Spike (my favorite character, start to finish) is palatable and obviously based on shipper sentiment.

[ edited by Shey on 2010-06-26 15:38 ]
Woah, not shipping, if Spike had stayed like the bad bad man he once was everything would have been fine in my books but being as inconsistent as he was I just gave up on him, like Angel from season 3 to 4. I just can't stand when they turn those characters that once had such strong stands; Spike as an ass and Angel as a guy willing to give it all up for the greater good, and they just lost all agency for me, both led by foolishness. My hatred of Spike comes from him becoming a lackey instead of a neutered villain or just a villain!!
Had evil s2 spike been doing Buffy like that it would have been more acceptable than being a half spike that he was. That's my point, I'm not trying to sway your feelings, or pretend to agree, only to explain why I disagree with any part of post season 4 spike being relevant. His saving Sunnydale was like a desperate attempt to make him seem like more than Buffy's sad puppy. And none of their violent twisted relationship was attractive from my perspective. I started posting on this thread to point out that there were many other moments between other characters that were far more aesthetically pleasing than anything that ever happened between them. Sorry if you thought differently.
We get it, you hate Spike. You can give it a rest now.

Actually you're the only poster I see bringing nastiness into this thread. Everyone else is treating a potentially volatile topic pretty decently. Kindly knock it off.
OK, if that one sentence of mine is going to be interpreted as "nastiness", after all the bile heaped on one character by the person I was responding to, then I will gladly drop out of this discussion.
Over and out.

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