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June 24 2010

Neil Patrick Harris confirmed for 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas'. Also a quick mention on the status of the sequel to Dr. Horrible and whether Neil would be willing to return to Glee.

It is rumored that this film is being shot in 3D and Patton Oswalt may have joined the cast. Sweet!

The thought of possibly having to wait years for a sequel to Dr. Horrible makes me sad.
was happy until i read about the 3D
I'd heard he'd been written out of the series in the second movie (which I still haven't seen despite rather liking the first). Oh, and the article even confirms that. It's sort of nice both ways to see that they're mutually still on good terms. Oh, and Patton too! I was pleasantly surprised to see him turn up in United States of Tara in a recurring role.
Is this a reputable site? I've never heard of it before. I'll take a huge grain of salt with this.
His return is explained in the script and is completely awesome.
There is also a 20 second scene after the credits of the second movie which elaborates on his fate.
living in michigan I was delighted to see in the article that it was filming so close by- I found this website (that looks kinda creepily like a celebrity stalking how-to guide but cool nonetheless)

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