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June 25 2010

Charisma Carpenter talks fandom. It's always interesting to hear what actors think of the fans. She also chats about Joss and Wonder Woman and trying to change her pic on IMDB.

This is awesome - I met her at the airport on Monday (she is extraordinarily nice in person, by the way) and her mum actually took this for me. Her story checks out - when I went to show her the photo I pointed out that my hands were shaking a fair bit, and indeed she just told me to relax.

Just glad I didn't wet myself now.

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She's sweet. :) That's not the worst idea I've heard for a fan campaign either -- let's get Charisma's picture changed! Who's with me? Let's gooooooooo!
LMAO!!! WonderMILF! Who's with me that THIS is a concept in need of a movie?
Theres something incredibly warm about Charisma. I don't really say that a lot about actors, but she's very....personable.
Why isn't she in more stuff? Seriously, she's amazing.
Wow, she's just so lovely. I'm in love. Probably a good thing I'll never meet her going on the descriptions of what some people have done.
What a fun little interview! Makes me double-bummed that I was out of town last time she was here.
Cabri -- I'm so there --
If Charisma wants us to fix it, then by golly, let's!! :)

I think we need to establish the following:
1. How does one go about changing those pics?
2. Which picture would she prefer?

Who knows anything about these things?
Met her very briefly at Collectormania several years ago and she seemed really lovely and much, much prettier in real life, which hardly seems possible. She's great and I agree with Jesse, why isn't she in more stuff????
Wow, I haven't watched a ton of interviews with her,and that really left an impression on me. She just seems so genuine, and funny to boot!
We were lucky enough to meet her at Dragon*Con last year. She's very sweet, very upfront, and very personable. I was so pleased that how she seems in person--is how she is in person!
"WonderMilf" would be an awesome character, and she would play the heck out of it.
The lass isn't even 40 yet, as much as I hate that abbrev. to begin with it bothers me even more applied "her"abouts.
I think the ability to change IMDb photos might have to do with whether or not you have a premium (pay $$) IMDb resume account.

I don't know whether Charisma has an resume account with IMDb but if she does, then they have instructions on changing the main photo.

I have no clue what kindof rate they have for these accounts, nor if it's an industry standard kindof thing to do. For all I know, they put crappy photos of you with your free listing just so you'll have a strong inducement to open one.

I like seeing Charisma interviewed - she seems so gracious and straightforward, which is a difficult line to walk.
I'm enjoying the interview, but, goodness was it shot through a screen door or something?

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