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November 27 2003

The 3rd time is a Match made for Charisma. From by way of Charisma has been asked to appear in her 3rd episode of ’Miss Match’. If it goes as plan filming will begin on Dec 12, 2003 for the episode.

[ edited by RavenU on 2003-11-27 14:25 ]

If you look three posts down you'll find we've already covered this news. I'll be deleting this post later today. Sorry!
Actually, this is saying that there will be ANOTHER episode done with Charisma. The post a few down talks about the second episode, this one is the third.
Oh, sorry. But are we going to post this for each episode now?
Hopefully not. There's only so many things you can say about a former Buffyverse actor appearing in another show. The exception I guess would be if she was made a cast regular for 'Miss Match'.
Glad for Charisma to be working, though. I always enjoy seeing her sparkle, even if it's a crap show.
It's not on in the UK yet but I've no incentive to download it and yes it is nice to see her working.
I live in the States, Simon, and your lack of incentive is altogether appropriate...Prolific is totally correct in her assessment of the show. Painful.

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