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June 25 2010

The top 10 evil twins. Vampire Willow appear on it? Of course!

As much as I love the original Star Trek, and that episode totally rocks, I would put evil Willow at the top of the list. She was amazing.
So... the main qualification for an evil twin is to embody the unleashed Id.
I know right ? And here's me thinking it was "being a twin" closely followed by "being evil". How wrong I was.

Heh, Face-Hoff. Genius ;). Garthe/Michael and KITT/KARR are among the best cheesy evil twins on TV.

Bizarro Clark is pretty naff, red Kryptonite Clark is actually a better evil twin IMO (except technically they're the same guy and he's not actually evil, more Breathstory's id unleashed). And the evil leaper isn't an evil twin, she's an evil counter-part. Similarly, in breaking news (**spoiler alert**), God and the Devil aren't twins either. Lore was a classic evil twin in that the true test of an evil twin story is "Does the evil twin impersonate the good twin in order to nick his or her's stuff/friends/spaceship at any point ?" (Trek did them really well) and The Intendant, ah The Intendant ... *drifts off into catsuit revelries*. The great thing about the mirror universe is how ALL the actors really got to let rip and chew some scenery (rather than just the few that always did) and Nana Visitor didn't waste the opportunity. More evil than evil, great character.

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