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June 25 2010

Brad Meltzer talks about Joss Whedon and Buffy Season 8. If you haven't yet read his Twilight arc (issues 32 - 35) and are waiting for the trade paperback, you best stay away.

Haha, when I read your description for the link saying that 'If you haven't yet read his Twilight arc (issues 32 - 35) and are waiting for the trade paperback, you best stay away.' I thought for a second that you meant you should stay away from reading it because it was so awful. In my opinion, that would actually be pretty great advice. Anyway, off to read the interview.
I'd really like to read an interview with Meltzer by someone who'd push him harder on the stuff that hasn't played well with so many. Like, "Brad, people can't figure out what is really going on here. Could you clarify?" "Brad, Angel seems to be completely off his nut. Is that intentional? When did he stop caring about Connor?" Things like that.
I second what Maggie said. If Angel is supposed to be 'in-character' or 'redeemed' in any way that is just ridiculous. It's like Ats never happened.
Interesting that Meltzer pitched Buffy with superpowers to Joss. I thought that was a big enough character turn that it would have been in Joss's outline.

I second the request fort a non-softball interview. The problem is, there is almost no real comics journalism out there, it's all just press releases and fluff pieces. What there is (The Comics Journal) has its own problems.
This interview was completely pointless to me. First, the interviewer's introduction was rambling and seemed naive. Second, he didn't ask anything of any real all. I'd never heard of Brad Meltzer until his run on Buffy, and I think I already know far more about his career than the interviewer! Disappointing.
Yes to all of the above. Question I'd liked to have seen would be

"Brad why did you think the 'shagging in spaaaaace' idea would be taken at all seriously? I mean come on. *g*"
Yeah, Brad seems like a nice guy I guess but I wish somebody would ask him some questions a little less softball.

And his saying that Citizen Kane doesn't hold up, after writing the arc that he just wrote, doesn't exactly endear me to him further.

But yeah, probably a nice guy.
"Citizen Kane" doesn't hold up . . . wow. I mean, WOW. And being 'proud' of his little schoolboy prank . 'and then, and then, heehee giggle giggle, see I showed I wuz a ADULT giggle giggle coz hee hee I got to show them like, hee hee, doing it' except, of course, keeping a straight face to show that he's adult about sex . . . truly, truly awful, pathetic business.
I re-read this interview and am even more irritated. My next reading of the Twilight arc is going to be completely spoiled. Ugh.

Also, how fitting this arc was called "Twilight"?

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