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June 25 2010

Voting begins for the 2010 Portal Awards. You can vote each day from now until July 25th. Dollhouse and Whedonesque are nominated (hint).

Done and done.
This is always fun. I just wish that Dollhouse had a Best Series nomination.

The ballot makes me sad also because for the first time in so long, all the BSG usual suspects are gone.

But B5 for the Roddenberry award? I'll vote every day just for that.

Upset I'd most like to see: Olivia Williams for Dollhouse. (Sorry guys, but Enver is so going to lose to Terry O'Quinn). Unless we are even mightier than I think. :)
Check, check and check. I hope something in this fandom wins this year :)
Love Terry, voted Enver (he's remarkable.)

Children of Earth is an odd duck. Not a series, not an episode (thought voted under that.)

Hard choice. Yet Torchwood was also under best series. Went with Doctor Who (always.)
Terry is will get most of the votes anyway, thus my vote went to the remarkable Enver.
Children of Earth should swept off wherever it can cause it deserves so. Still upset it wasn't submitted to the Emmys.
And yes Whedonesque nominated once again.
Anyone else find they couldn't select anything for best actor?
David Tennant for best actor. No problem.
TV or film Ivalaine ? Both worked for me (David Tennant - cos, despite making me cry during 'The End of Time Pt 2' or maybe because of that ;), he was great and cos it's presumably his last chance for a nom - and Sam Rockwell respectively, though Sharlto Copley was also good).

Enver and Olivia were fairly easy choices too.

(and it seems like I have some web productions to check out)
Yay! I love getting to vote for Whedonesque as best website! And I am thrilled that there are so many Dollhouse nominations. But when I couldn't vote for Dollhouse for best TV show I ended up voting for Doctor Who (I do love Doctor Who).
BTW can we vote more than once?

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Done? There's no done until in a month! You can vote once per day. And I intend to do just that. ;)

Enver and Olivia are such easy choices once you've seen them in Dollhouse. They are not going to win, I'm afraid, but I'll try to give them the best result they can have!

In generally, awards suck. I don't need an award to tell me if what I liked was *really* good. We all here know very well what we love, and why.

I will express that love by voting. But since in votings "love" can be defeated by mere "like", the outcome means very little to me.
Piece of cake, everyone knows Whedonesque is the best though the other sites mentioned are outstanding as well. Hey, this is home!

embers my friend, think you just "volunteered" to remind us to vote once daily :)
Anyone else find they couldn't select anything for best actor?
Ivalaine | June 26, 13:56 CET

Me too. Not a fan of David Tennant's OTT acting style (in Dr. Who anyhow) and I don't think Matthew Fox rises quite to that "best" level.

Missing BSG again, Edward James Olmos always got my vote.
Ok, my votes went to the following:

Best Actor: David Tennant - Don't need to say much about this, only that Matt Smith seems to have done the impossible and actually been better than Tennant. "It's a Fez. I wear a Fez now. Fezzes are cool." (slight peak at the last episode, if you haven't seen it yet :).)

Best Actress: Paula Malcomson - Quite a close one between her and Eve Myles, who was great in Children of Earth. Not really had any stand out moments for Karen Gillian, but she has been alright as Amy. I certainly liked her character.

Best Supporting Actor: Enver Gjokaj - Easy choice, although the only other one I saw was Bernard Cribbins. The others would have to be exceptional to come anywhere near though.

Best Supporting Actress: Olivia Williams - Again, an easy one this, but again mainly because I haven't seen the others. Polly Walker was really good though, just not in quite the same league as Olivia.

Best Episode: 'Children of Earth' - Brilliant television event and probably the best thing Russel T. Davies wrote for Whoverse.

Best Special Guest: Felicia Day - Only other one I had seen was Alex Kingston, who I like but don't love as River Song. Felicia is great at everything she does, so easy choice.

Best Young Actor: Chloe Moretz - Brilliant performance as Hit Girl. Kick-Ass was just one of those films that you come out of and can only say "That was so cool." It turns you into a teenager again. Chloe was one of the reasons that happens. She also nailed the emotional moments too. I expect good things from her future. Aaron Johnson was good too and if the option for him in Nowhere Boy was up there (obviously not for a sci-fi poll,) then I probably would have gone for him.

Best Web Production: - Don't know any of these.

Best Website: Whedonesque

Best Actor/movie: Sam Rockwell - Another easy one this. Moon was a brilliant film and Sam was able to hold it all together with only the help of Kevin Spacey's voice.

Best Actress/movie: Chloe Moretz - See above. None of the acting in Avatar was that great and I've not seen Iron Man 2 (never saw the first one,) so no contest in this category. Pleased to see she was was given this, as well as being in the young category.

Best Movie: Moon - District9 would be second here, with Kick-Ass and Avatar a little behind that (I've not seen Zombieland.) Moon was such a simple, but incredibly profound piece. Probably my favourite film throughout the whole of last year.

Best Television Series: Torchwood - Same reasons as above. I assume the option for Doctor Who is for last year's specials and not this year's series. The specials were all quite disappointing, with the exception of 'The Waters of Mars'. Even that was let down by a poor ending. Lost interest in Lost after the first season and only saw bits of the second. I hear it got better after that, but can't really see myself ever trying it again.

Rod Serling Award: Star Trek: The Next Generation - I grew up watching this show and it got me into sci-fi. By far the best series of Star Trek and it still holds up well today (bar the early couple of seasons.) Twin Peaks would be a close second, mainly because David Lynch has become my favourite director and buying the DVD boxset of season one a couple of years ago was my introduction.

Gene Roddenbery Award: Russel T. Davis - I original was going to go with Ronald D. Moore. My reasoning was because of the impact he will have on television science fiction, but this made me think about the impact RTD has already had on the acceptance of genre television here in the UK. Since then, we have had many family genre shows airing, of various degrees of quality and success, as well as some fantastic adult dramas, such as 'Children of Earth' and Being Human. This may be a very British centric reasoning, but RDM has only made subtle changes to style, whereas RTD has made a profound effect to the landscape of British television.
...only that Matt Smith seems to have done the impossible and actually been better than Tennant. "It's a Fez. I wear a Fez now. Fezzes are cool."

I know right ? Well, different anyway, they both play their Doctor brilliantly so it just comes down to your personal preference of styles.

(and not saying much cos of spoilers but how good was it Vandelay ? Pretty fantastic right ? ;)

Broadly similar choices BTW though I voted Eve Myles and 'District 9' rather than 'Moon' (very, very close though). 'Moon' though thoughtful and beautifully written and acted felt very, very slightly derivative of stuff like 'Silent Running' (which was deliberate on the creators' part so in one sense not really fair of me to moan about) whereas 'District 9' was fresher both in look and feel I thought. Basically because I had to choose between them somehow, really, I might just as well have tossed a coin.
It was brilliant. A great round up of everything that has come before and, although it does do a kind of reset (inevitable given the ending of the penultimate episode,) it builds up to it throughout the whole episode, instead of it coming in the final moments. In fact, the resolution was hinted at earlier in the series in a really bold move by Moffat. Very cleverly mapped out. It also leaves a few threads open for the next series.

What I really like about Matt Smith, is the way he captures The Doctor's age. You really get the sense that he is this old man who has seen it all, despite him being the youngest Doctor. There is a particular scene in the final episode where this is shown quite overtly, which is absolutely beautiful. Tennant was a great Doctor too, but after a few episodes of Matt it felt like he had been doing it for ages.

I really liked District 9 too. It would be a very close second to Moon.
I was blown away by the Doctor Who finale, which really did reconfirm my votes (my abiding love for Doctor Who doesn't eclipse my love for Dollhouse however) ... and I just noticed that it is letting me vote for a third time already! I gave Magda Apanowicz the 'Best Young Actor' award for Caprica because she really is doing a brilliant job with it, and I gave 'Best Movie' to District 9.
In fact, the resolution was hinted at earlier in the series in a really bold move by Moffat. Very cleverly mapped out. It also leaves a few threads open for the next series.

Yeah, assuming we're on the same page ( and in general the arc was really complete and richly intertwined.

Smith really is excellent at managing the age, genuinely sometimes looking youthful and sometimes as old as the hills. He's like a batty professor and a student rolled into one. And i'm still not sold on fezes but bow-ties are definitely cool ;).

(I thought Tenant portrayed aged weariness really well too, particularly, obviously, in 'The End of Time' but it's maybe a bit less of an achievement because Tennant himself is slightly older - not an old man by any stretch but still no longer a youth)

[ edited by Saje on 2010-06-27 23:04 ]
Yeah, assuming we're on the same page

Yes, we are. :) Didn't know there was Doctor Who talk over on .org; I would have joined in if I had of known.

and in general the arc was really complete and richly intertwined.

I never really felt like there was much of a continuous story going on in previous years of Who, but that really did feel different this time around (saying "Bad Wolf" every couple of episodes doesn't count.) I imagine they were always wary of requiring viewers to watch every week, particular as it had managed to build a large audience that could easily dwindle away if people started getting lost. I like to think this series was experimenting with something that required a little more attention from the viewer, or at least rewarded those that watched in that way. I hope they expand upon this in the next series.

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