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June 25 2010

Summer Glau is a Trekkie. She talks to the Australian SciFi Channel about her love of Star Trek: TNG, scifi roles, acting and which item she would have liked to have stolen from the Firefly set.

I'm re-in love again once more.
Of course she's a Trekkie. When you're asymptotically approaching perfection you're hardly going to fumble it over a tiny detail like that ;).

When people come up to you in the street and annoy you, is it annoying?

could be my favourite question of all time ;).

And she says she hasn't been cast yet in 'The Avengers', internet rumour mill to full-spin mode !
An woman of impeccable taste.
The pictures are photoshopped garbage, but other than that, cute interview. (The photo captions almost made up for what they were describing.)
The pictures are photoshopped garbage

Considering they're all tv show promo photos I'd be much more surprised if they weren't photoshopped to death.
lol redeem147, I had the same thought. Then again she did mention Shatner as her "person I'd like most to meet".

Every time I read an interview by a Whedon cast member I am reminded of Joss' pure brilliance in finding good talented people to work with. Always fun, polite, down to earth folk that you would love to just hang with.

So many interviews are either snarky, egotistical, self-promoting rubbish or near-incoherent mumblings of actors trying their best to say absolutely nothing that can be interpreted in a negative way. Not so with our Whedon alum.

Well done Mr. Joss.
Still, quite a thought, isn't it? Wondering how Picard or Kirk would've handled River's presence amongst the crew?
I've always had mixed feelings about those Fox auctions! My main feeling being "oooh, if I was such-and-such-actor, I'd want to buy back half the clothes I wore". Especially if they'd been tailored! (In lieu of last paycheck, a raid on the wardrobe department, perhaps.)
That girl is way too nice for TV land.
Summer was onstage in the Main Events room at Starfest when someone (I don't know who) tripped the Marriott's fire alarm. Naturally, we blamed it on Summer, LOL.

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