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June 26 2010

"Knight and Day" (starring Marc Blucas) is in theaters now! Marc plays the boyfriend of Cameron Diaz's character, a woman who gets caught up in a CIA plot to kill a rogue agent (Tom Cruise). Get your ticket today!

The trailer looks awfully fun. Tom Cruise's off-screen behavior creeps me out, but I might go see it anyway to watch Marc. He gave the best guest star performance in Castle so far, IMO.
This, Amrita, is why my wife's policy is to know as little as possible about the personal lives and beliefs of most performers. They seldom add to her enjoyment of what we pay money to see them do.
If the S word bothered you you wouldn't watch many Hollywood movies I don't think, a surprising number of actors/producers are followers of old Lafayette (my own pet theory is that relative affluence in a place with no seasons sends you a bit daft ;-).

Saw him in the trailer and thought it might be worth checking out (though his part didn't seem that big). Had mixed reviews as I understand it but it could be fun (particularly if Cruise takes the borderline unstable aspect of his character as a chance for a bit of self-mockery).
I have to go just to see Marc sporting that Wash-like mustache! Awesome!
No-one should care about the personal lives of the artists. When I go to a restaurant, I judge the food, I don't ask if the Chef is a scientologist.
This is a fun movie. It's stupid, but stupid done right (unlike, say, the recent Ashton Kutcher film Killers). Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are charming, stuff is blowed up, and Marc Blucas in his small role is funny.

I enjoyed myself. If this had come out in the 90's, it would've made approximately 50 kajillion dollars.
Quite fun actually. Saw it a couple days ago. It is pure cotton candy with hugely unrealistic fight scenes, but it never takes itself too seriously so you don't mind. For a storyline that has been done ad nauseam it delivers some clever original "gimmicks". You won't mistake the dialogue as Whedonesque but you won't be cringing either.

Overall a fun movie, and I believe it would have been reviewed much better if not for the anti-Cruise sentiment.
Just to clarify, I've got nothing against Scientology. I've got a couple of very level-headed friends who enjoy great benefit from it. They don't try to convert me, and I don't try to convert them. I didn't say I was creeped out by his religion, but by his behavior off-screen. Filops makes a good point that often, the less we know about actors' private lives, the better. Problem is when creepifying behaviors are very public. Then it's distracting to me.

But the movie looks really fun and from the reviews here, I'll go see it when it hits the $2 theater nearby.
Settled then, gonna take a look when it's out over here (early July I think).
I have an idea! How about a movie about some other intelligence agency for a change? The Russians have a bit of a history there, as do the Chinese and even some UN groups. I'm really freakin' tired of all of this "rogue CIA agent" stuff. Blah. Do something original, will 'ya?
It's a really fun film. I saw it on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't think I would ever like another Tom Cruise film, but this one is very entertaining. It doesn't take itself too seriously and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
Glad to hear all the funny stuff was not just in the trailer, that happens a lot. It is the first movie that has Cruise in it that I have wanted to see in a long time.
I saw the trailer for Knight and Day for the first time last night, looked enjoyably silly, which seems to gel with what people here are saying.

But if you want to enjoy a film with awesome action sequences, a lot of laughs and some very snappy dialogue, go see the A-team - haven't enjoyed myself that much in the cinema for a very long time. What made it even better was that I was expecting to laugh at the film, not with it.

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