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June 26 2010

Top 5 Movie to TV adaptations. Yahoo! list of top movie to TV adaptations with our favorite Slayer making the list.

Wow, a top 5 list - not even sci-fi/fantasy focused - but with Joss making the list, erm, well, somewhat twice. :-) 1.5 out of 5. Not bad. ;-)
I didn't even catch the "somewhat twice" part til you pointed it out... nice.
That extra 1/2 would be the one canceled after one season? :(
There's also a link for TV to movie adaptations. Serenity comes in at 16.
Eh, it wasn't the Parenthood sitcom but the drama that was a success. More like 1.25 out of 5.
Really, would it be possible for a "movies remade as TV shows" list not to feature Buffy? It pretty much established the genre. No example has been as comparatively successful before, or since.
Except for MASH and Stargate?
Except for MASH and Stargate?

Ow! Tasking my one brain cell again. Possible cheap shot, but "The A Team"? Yeah, doesn't count. Hmm?!
Except for MASH and Stargate?

Yeah, well, you can prove anything with facts ;).
How about The Virginian? (Iz old.)
The French film Nikita is a good one. Remade into the US film Point of No Return (aka The Assassin), then the t.v. show La Femme Nikita, and now there's a new Nikita show about to start on the CW network.
Yes, Nikita was a great show. Good example.

And Topper. I loved Topper when I was a kid.
I'd imagine toppeR (b4 my time) and The Virginian (past my bedtime) were book-to-TV with the movies intermediary blips.

A MASH miniseries; Seth as Radar, J to the A as Sp**rchucker, and ALexis as Charles?
The show Topper is much more like the movie than the books. For one thing, Topper doesn't end up with Marion in the movie and the show (spoiler)

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