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June 27 2010

Happy Birthday Felicia Day! Here's wishing her a fantastic day, she turns 31.

Okay she does NOT look 31. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELICIA YOU ARE AWESOME. (duh)
A very happy birthday to you Felicia, queen of the interwebs.
Happy Birthday!
Best wishes on your birthday, oh red-headed princess!
Via @feliciaday's Twitter: "Um I guess the food truck I hired for my birthday party is not showing up?! *sob* ANSWER THE PHONE PLZ!"

Here's hoping the Food Truck shows up and Felicia has the happiest of birthdays! :)
Happy birthday, Felicia!
Happy Birthday! Love your name, it's my mother's as well. Hope the food truck shows up for you.
Happy Birthday Miss!
Just watched the episode of "Lie to Me" featuring Felicia, and it was fantastic. Unexpected singing treat too!
Happy Birthday Felicia! :)
Happy birthday Ms Felicia Day, and many more. Said it before but i'll say it again, at 31 you can relax - 30 under your belt, a good 9 years until you're 40, s'gravy for a while now. Chill ;).

(and next year's a power of 2 and the year after's a palindrome so you've got all that to look forward to ! ... *crickets* ... could be that's just me then ;)

*sends food-truck-arrival vibes to California*
Happy Birthday, Felicia!!!!!!! :)
Happy Birthday to me! Oh, and you too Felicia. :D
Happy Birthday Felicia!

She was just in The Guild chat to thank everyone for the special birthday video that was done for her :)
This is the video we did, that worldofhiglet just mentioned.
We also sent her a scrapbook with the stuff we showed in the video. =)

Again, happy birthday Felicia!
I'm gonna quote NPH here and say it again: "Felicia embodies awesomess!"
Happy Birthday, Felicia!
Hey, you're neat and thus should have an extremely happy birthday, Felicia Day!

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