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June 28 2010

(SPOILER) Slayalive Interview With Georges Jeanty. Talks about The Season 8 art contest at Slayalive and offers some cryptic hints about the final arc of season 8 by Joss.

Sounds like Joss has turned in all his scripts for the final arc to Georges.

It's a wonderful interview by Xi. Fun bits, teases to raise interest for the finale, and I'm hoping more talented folks join in for the art contest.
"Alive or otherwise" has me intrigued. Of course it could just be a reference to the lack of life flowing through Spike/Angel but then again weren't we supposed to see Anya?
At this point, why bring Anya back? What could she bring to the story, with so little left to go? I would assume this mostly addresses Spike, since they can hardly kill off Angel.
Or Warren... kinda dead, kinda not. :)

ETA: Oh, and I second Emmie's hope that more people enter the contest.

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Great interview Xi (wenxina)

Dracula's undead also, but he's the only one guaranteed to survive!
ETA: I was patriotic, nah! In a vampires' world, Dracula is the equivalent of Superman, or he's viewed like a public property anybody can resurrect him for artistic purposes. In this sense I assumed his guaranteed immortality. (If I'm wrong, please correct me)

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Is he guranteed to survive? Isn't he a ordinary vampire now?
As of the end of "WatG", Drac is an ordinary vampire.

ETA: Thanks anca and Em. :)

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Normal yes. Ordinary never.
And this season will end a lot like Season 7 did, with readers going, WTF?!

Umm, who was thinking WTF at the end of S7? I felt a wide and varied set of emotions watching Chosen, but WTF wasn't one of them.

Sound more and more to me that this season won't definitively 'end' at issue 40.
@Sunfire: Touche. :)

@Kaan: I think he more specifically meant Buffy's plan in "Chosen", than the Scoobies standing over the crater that was Sunnydale. To be fair, I did remember wondering what the hell the plan was, and when I finally saw it unfold, there was a "WTF?!" moment, followed by a headsmack that went "But of course..."
I'm still getting the vibe that we're gonna close the last page of #40 and be scratching our heads even more than we are now.
Well, certain elements will bleed over to the next season. For one, Allie has previously said that Simone and her gang will not be further addressed in this season, but she will be appearing in S9. So it probably won't be surprising that certain plot points will not be fully addressed this season. But we've been assured before that S8 will not end in a cliffhanger, and should stand as it's own story. This isn't new to BtVS, though. For example, Tara's supposed demon-ness was first introduced in S4, but only actually addressed in S5.
They're both gonna dump Buffy, aren't they. Spangel all the way!
I'm not talking plot thread's left dangling. Those are in every season on the show. I'm saying that once S8 ends I want the feeling that if I stop reading the comics, forgo any further "seasons", that Buffy's story will feel, if not exactly complete, at least at a point of closure of a particular part in her life. Every season of Buffy has ended in that fashion.

So that of course brings up all the questions of what the main themes are of S8 and all that, and I couldn't really be bothered getting into that, cause everyone will have their own thoughts and perspective of what aspects are more important than others. I'm just hoping that what *I* want to see come to fruition/closure comes to pass, and that it wont feel like I will have to buy S9 to get the conclusion of the story of S8.
Wexi- I do agree, but I'm a slight bit miffed that the Simone issue wasn't resolved. Tara's demon-ness was a minor plot point for a supporting character, while Simone's arc was built up, became a main part of the slayers looking bad, and even had a one-shot dedicated to it. It would be the same as The Trio disappearing mid-Season Six and then just showing up again in Seven. While I think the time has come for the main arc, I think Joss probably should have plotted the entire season a bit more smoothly, integrating all the subplots so they come to a climax at the same time. Pretty much like he did with ever other season.

@Kaan- "Restless" left you feeling that way?

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@Pat: While I agree that the season should've been plotted more tightly (hell, even Joss acknowledges that, and the season's not even done yet), I think the degree to which the Simone subplot will be left dangling does depend on how the season wraps up. While Simone may not be addressed in name, the denouement may yet offer some kinda blanket resolution.
Yeah it kinda did. I mean, when you re-watch it now you can pick out the references to future seasons, but at the time I first watched it it was just all dream-talk cryptic mumbo jumbo. But for me, S4 was about the splintering of the Scooby gang, and Restless was an entire episode devoted on those four character's sharing something extraordinary. Deadly backlash from their spell, yea, but still special. One of the greatest aspects of that episode was the mere fact those four were just sitting around watching videos.
If you take away the Dawn foreshadowing, I would have felt alright had that been the very last episode.
Heh, funny. I might be the only one who still sees "Restless" as dream-talk cryptic mumbo jumbo. Pretentious dream-talk cryptic mumbo jumbo at that.

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